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Washington Mystics at Dallas Wings
Event on 2017-06-06 19:00:00

at College Park Center
601 S. Pecan St.
Arlington, United States


Paul Varghese (Dallas Comic) at Opening Bell
Event on 2017-02-22 20:00:00
Back after last month’s success!.. Paul Varghese is a Dallas, Texas, comedian of Indian descent who appeared on the hit reality show Last Comic Standing 2, where he made it to the semi-finals. He taped his first full-set for national television on March 8, 2007, for Comedy Central's Live at Gotham which aired July 13, 2007. He was a regular on the Pugs and Kelly radio show, noon-3 p.m. weekdays on Live 105.3/Free FM in Dallas when that radio station and show was still on the air. Central Track interview:

at Opening Bell Coffee
1409 South Lamar Street #012
Dallas, United States


The stunning Rhodes Island is one of Europe’s most favoured options for summer holidays and has been for quite some time. You will find that Rhodes is much closer to the shores of Turkey despite been a Greek island.

In and around Rhodes you will quickly come to realise why it is referred to as the ‘Island of Roses’, the beautiful flora and fauna can be enjoyed by simple walks around the countryside. Brisk walks might not be at the top of your agenda, but that is the best way to discover many hidden gems that the island has. Make your way right off the beaten track and enjoy your Rhodes holiday discovering as much of the island as possible, whether that’s in the towns and resorts or across the landscape.

One thing I haven’t yet mentioned that you should certainly look forward too is the great beaches right along the coast. A day at the beach could have you relaxing and soaking up the sun, or better still enjoying one of the many water sports on offer over summer. The best way to enjoy both world is alternate every other day giving yourself the chance to relax and enjoy your time on the island.

Families and couples are the most frequent travellers to Rhodes as the island offers a very relaxing atmosphere for tourists to enjoy and there is also a fascinating history to the island which is intriguing to learn about. The island wouldn’t be complete without the chance to enjoy a lively summer experience on, and that’s where the party resort of Faliraki comes in.

Rhodes is a place which manages to cover most bases, which enable all types of people looking for a holiday for various reasons, the chance to come here. While many of the UK tourists will be drawn to the coast of Ibiza & Mallorca for great nights out, Faliraki was once the leading resort for wild summers. The resort is filled with lots of pubs, clubs & discos events each summer. If you aren’t aware of the lively nights available in Faliraki, then you are certainly missing out.

If Rhodes holidays weren’t on your list of options for this summer or next, then maybe you need to go back to the drawing board and re-evaluate things. Rhodes has been a top choice for many over the years and it will continue to do so for many to come.

Click here for cheap convenient and package Rhodes holidays.

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Dallas Baptist Patriots at Evansville Purple Aces Baseball
Event on 2017-05-20 13:00:00

at Braun Stadium
1800 Lincoln Ave
Evansville, United States


A few nice radio images I found:

Image by Muffet
A friend recently bought an old Studebaker and gave me a ride. Even the numerals on the radio look classy.

Image by EvasSvammel

Image by IlIIIl
my radio and some thing.


BLS Healthcare Provider CPR Skills Check
Event on 2017-02-18 10:00:00
This is an BLS Healthcare Provider class following AHA guidelines and taught by AHA certified instructors.  Class Notes: This is a skill check off class only. Once you have completed the online portion (AHA website) of the class please bring your completion certificate to class.

at Lake Dallas, TX
309 Owenoaks Drive
Lake Dallas, United States


I  love the great old radio shows.  I have since the time I was a kid in the 50’s.  In fact, I still remember my first encounter.

I was barely old enough to stand in my crib, but I can remember staring across the bedroom at the big, green hypnotic eye — and finding it staring right back at me.  The green eye was right above a big knob and both were located on the front of a large brown box.

The green eye glowed in the dark.

Much to my delight, whenever I could get my hands on the big knob and turn it, the big green eye would open wider and then partially shut again.

Wow!  I was fascinated with radios before I ever even heard any of the great old radio shows.

That memory goes back to the days when I was still in my parents’ bedroom.  Later, when I was old enough to have a room of my own, that radio went with me.

When Mom or Dad tucked me in at night, I always asked them to turn on the radio.  I was probably 5 or 6 years old.

I can remember laying in bed in the soft green glow of that radio, listening to The Lucky Lager Dance Party. They played songs by Patti Page and Perry Como, Theresa Brewer and Eddie Fisher, Rosemary Clooney and Frankie Laine. Oh, and they played the song “Dream” by Johnny Mercer at the end of every show.

The real magic started one night when, for whatever reason, I couldn’t sleep.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I stealthily climbed out of bed and tiptoed across the room to turn the big dial that made that magical green eye flicker.

With one turn of the knob, Artie Shaw’s orchestra was suddenly transformed into the sound of horse hooves clip-clopping at a gallop. I heard a cowboy on one of the horses yelling to another to stop! — or he’d shoot.

What was this?

Leaving the knob in the new position, I hurriedly scampered back into bed, pulling the covers up to my chin.

There in that semi-dark room, illuminated by the glow of my radio’s magical green eye, I clutched my covers to my chest and became totally mesmerized by the my first true old radio show.  I heard the voice of  Marshall Matt Dillon as he climbed down from his horse and ordered another cowboy, whose name was Raimey, not to draw his gun.

It got real silent –  except for the sound of the mean breathing.

The cowboy named Raimey said very slowly he wouldn’t be hanged.


Suddenly Marshall Dillon was yelling:  “Don’t Do It, Raimey! Put down your gun!” but the sounds of gunfire exploded into the room.


What happened?  Who was shot?

Next a man named Chester was running and yelling.   When he stopped, I could actually hear him looking down at the cowboy laying on the ground.

“You got him, Mr. Dillon.  He’s gone.”


Wow! How great was this?!!

The very next year I saw my new friend, Matt Dillon, on television – obviously not the same Matt Dillon who was on my radio.  Radio Matt was the real Marshal Dillon.

As far as I’m concerned, he still is.

That was my first encounter with old radio shows — but it certainly would not be my last.  In fact, some of my fondest moments growing up were in front of my radio.

Bob Bro has a collection of over 7,000 old time radio shows. He shares his passion on his blog:, where he invites you to drop in anytime and listen to some of his favorite great old radio shows! You can also hear Bob on his daily one hour radio show on Yesterday USA the non profit internet radio station that has been playing commercial free old time radio shows 24 hours a day for over 25 years.


The Lion King Dallas
Event on 2018-06-13 19:30:00

at Music Hall at Fair Park
909 First Avenue
Dallas, United States


Image by Francesco Ugolini
October 2010


Refugee & Immigrant Leaders Forum
Event on 2017-02-16 12:00:00
I want to extend a personal invitation for you to join community leaders who are actively involved in refugee and immigrant care in the Dallas area – at the   Refugee and Immigrant Leaders Forum THIS Thursday, February 16 from 12 noon until 2:00 pm Great Hall | Park Cities Baptist Church 3933 Northwest Parkway | Dallas 75225   We’re gathering members of our local government, clergy, business leaders, nonprofits, legal and professional entities to hear from each other to better understand the refugee situation in our community and take steps forward together to address the issues – with the primary goal of providing the most comprehensive information and help to those coming in and desiring to build a new life in Dallas.   Please RSVP below and let me know that you’re coming and if you would like to order a lunch. I look forward to meeting you and working with you for the sake of those among us who can benefit from our help and services in the most effective way.   I look forward to seeing you,   Dr. Jeff Warren Senior Pastor, Park Cities Baptist Church Planned Program 12 – 12:55 pm Rabbi Debra Robbins – Blessing Dr. Jeff Warren – Welcome & Comments Dr. Albert Reyes – Voice of the Immigrant Imam Omar Suliman – Voice of the Middle Eastern Refugee Clay Jenkins – County of Dallas Resources Heart House – Community Partners for Refugee Services Refugee Services – "How they get to Dallas" Catholic Charities – "Once they are here" SMU Law Center – "Legal Rights in the US" 1:00-1:30 pm Breakouts for Q&A Sponsoring Partner Organizations Temple Emanu-EL & Park Cities Baptist Church Unite the Church Faith Forward Dallas  Clergy Mobilization Group Initiative  Dallas Baptist Association Dallas Leadership Foundation Greater Dallas Movement Day

at Park Cities Baptist Church
3933 Northwest Parkway
Dallas, United States