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Civilian Response to Active Shooter presented by Sheriff Jim Skinner
Event on 2018-03-28 19:00:00
On average, it will take law enforcement at least three minutes from the time they are notified before officers first arrive on scene and move in to isolate and neutralize the gunman. Although American law enforcement has the quickest response times in the world, a gunman can still wreak havoc and murder many innocent people before help arrives. There are several simple steps that those trapped by the gunman can take to assist the inevitable law enforcement response and limit the number of potential victims accessible to the shooter. Would you know what to do if an Active Shooter walked into your building and began killing people? How do you survive? How do you protect yourself and your family until the police can arrive? Civilian Response to Active Shooter is a 90-minute presentation given by Collin County Sheriff Jim Skinner which will empower you with the knowledge of what to do in the event you encounter an active shooter. What you do matters… Collin County Sheriff Jim Skinner is a 27-year law enforcement veteran, trial attorney and former prosecutor. In order to pursue his law degree, Jim Skinner resigned in June 1998 as Chief Investigator for New Mexico’s Ninth Judicial District Attorney's Office, after serving for 19 years as a police officer, experienced in homicide, robbery, narcotics, burglary, complex white-collar and public corruption investigations. After receiving his Juris Doctorate from the University of Houston Law Center in 2001, Sheriff Skinner worked as a civil lawyer in Dallas, representing numerous child victims of sexual abuse from across the United States against various institutions. In 2007, he became an Assistant District Attorney and Special Prosecutor for the Collin County Criminal District Attorney’s Office. In 2008, Jim Skinner prosecuted a District Attorney from the DFW Metroplex for public corruption crimes that resulted in a fifteen-year prison sentence. Afterward, he re-entered the private sector where he consulted for complex civil litigators and corporate entities on the discovery and investigation of financially motivated criminal activity. In 2011, Sheriff Skinner again returned to the public sector and served as Collin County’s Second Assistant District Attorney and Chief of the Special Prosecution Division. Jim Skinner was elected as Collin County’s 39th Sheriff in the 2016 General Election and his term began on January 1, 2017. Sheriff Skinner is a former member of the Board of Directors for the North Texas Crime Commission, and currently serves on their Law Enforcement Training Committee and its Legislative Committee. Sheriff Skinner is active as an honorary member of the North Texas Police Chiefs Association. He is a member of both the National Sheriff’s Association and the Sheriff’s Association of Texas, where he serves as a member of the Legislative Affairs Committee. Jim Skinner is a member of the Collin County Republican Men’s Club and is the Judge Advocate for the Bill Bryant Post 110 of the American Legion located in McKinney. Sheriff Skinner also served our country for eight (8) years as a US Air Force Security Police Dog Handler, Investigator and EST (SWAT) Team Leader/Operator, stationed in Southeast Asia, New Mexico and the Middle East.

at McKinney Performing Arts Center
111 North Tennessee Street
McKinney, United States


Cleveland Cavaliers and Shopping
Event on 2018-04-01 11:00:00

A full day of shopping and NBA basketball action in Cleveland, OH! Tickets are just and include shopping at Crocker Park (1-4:30 p.m.) and a NBA game between the Cleveland Cavaliers vs Dallas Mavericks (6 p.m.).  

The bus will leave BGSU (Lot A) at 11 a.m. and will return at approximately 11 p.m..  Tickets can be purchased here:

at Bowling Green State University
220 Mcfall Ctr
Bowling Green, United States


by kengo

Whether we admit it or not, we all think were going to fall in love with Prince (or Princess) Charming and live the rest of our days together in a Disney fairytale happily ever after. And we take the words happily ever after literally.

Truth be told, I dont know anyone who has lived happily ever after all day, every day, day in and day out as the Disney fairytale romances suggest. However, you can live happily ever after if your relationship is based upon realistic expectations. Here are few examples:

1. No two days of your relationship will be same.
Just like no two snowflakes are the same, no two days of your relationship will be exactly the same ever. Dont fall into the trap of thinking every day our relationship is going to be a fairytale come true.

2. Great relationships endure stretches of less-than-great moments.
Just as a beautiful garden requires days and weeks of rain without any sunshine in sight great long-term relationships endure hardships. During these stretches of less-than-fairytale moments in your relationship, remember there cant be a rainbow without the rain. When your relationship appears to be experiencing a drought of special moments and sunshine, remember your garden and the fact that it requires many sunless days until it finally blossoms too!

3. Relationships undergo seasons of change.
Just as we experience rainy seasons throughout the year, our relationships also undergo seasons of change as well. Its just not as easy to predict when these changes will occur or what they will look like. Therefore, it is important to remember that true intimate relationships do not just happen and they do not just remain the same. Relationships are constantly evolving and they require attention and nurturing throughout their evolution!

4. You will go to bed angry at times.
In spite of what other relationship experts tell you, you will go to bed angry with each other at times. Dont think your relationship is doomed the first time this happens. Its okay. Sure, you dont want to make it a habit, but its certainly not the beginning of the end either. Sometimes we do more harm than good if we try to talk about issues that are upsetting us and the distance a good nights sleep provides often puts things in a much needed and better perspective.

Life isnt a fairy tale, but if you have realistic expectations about your relationship and your significant other, you can live happily ever after.

During the past 25 years, renowned relationship expert Dr. Patty Ann Tublin has helped hundreds of people rekindle romance and reignite passion in their relationships. The solutions in her Relationship Toolbox help couples re-build romance so intimacy inside and outside the bedroom can flourish. Through her successful 25-year marriage and her experience of raising 4 children, Dr. Patty Ann has earned an international reputation for saving relationships. To reignite your flames of passion, visit her site at


Sketch Showcase: Ryan’s Level 2
Event on 2018-03-01 19:30:00

Come support your favorite up and coming comedians!

DCH is your best source for improv, sketch and standup comedy in Dallas!  Shows 5 nights a week and classes always registering!
@Dallascomedy on Twitter
@Dallascomedy on Instagram
Outside food and drink are NOT permitted inside DCH.

All tickets are general admission, so seating is first come, first served.  Cast of show subject to adjustment without notice.  Seating begins about 30 minutes prior to the show.  


3025 Main St
Dallas, United States


Tutto il Mondo Cuccio Nails
Event on 2018-02-26 10:00:00
EVENTO INTERNAZIONALE: CORSO NAILS CUCCIO ITALIA25 febbraio 2018 Bologna26 febbraio 2018 Napoli Certificazione U.S.A./Europa/Asia per ADVANCED NAIL SYSTEM con Jacqueline Yeung. Uniche 2 date in ITALIA con Jacqueline! Essere CERTIFICATI per il proprio lavoro e la propria attività ci differenzia dalla massa. Le persone si affidano più facilmente e volentieri a chi è riconosciuto come “specialista” nella propria attività. Cambia la percezione del prezzo di “vendita” se, oltre ad essere qualificata, usi prodotti certificati e riconosciuti come “unici” e non quelli da supermercato che rovinano le unghie delle clienti, Se vuoi prenderti cura al meglio delle tue clienti e vuoi essere riconosciuta come Specialista Certificata utilizzando i migliori prodotti presenti sul mercato, oggi hai l'occasione per farlo. Cosa otterrai dal corso: Certificato Master Nail Specialist firmato da Jacqueline Yeung e da Tony Cuccio fondatore Usa. Kit colmo di strumenti innovativi per svolgere da subito l’attività. Iscrizione nell’Albo NAILEVO degli Specialisti in Advanced Nail System. Prezzo agevolato a soli 99 € ALL INCLUSIVE con il solo acquisto del KIT. Questo corso NON FA PER TE SE: Se vuoi continuare a fare la guerra del prezzo più basso, senza guadagnare mai nulla… Se vuoi essere un'operatrice “qualsiasi” che possono trovare anche alla fiera del paesello. Se preferisci utilizzare prodotti che potrebbero essere nocivi per la tua salute e quella delle clienti. COSA IMPARERAI DURANTE IL CORSO?Utilizzare al meglio il semipermanente Veneer, la Dipping Powder, il Gel Led e realizzare Nail art semplici e di sicuro effetto. Imparerai a farlo in solo 15 minuti! SPECIAL EDUCATOR JAQUELINE YEUNG.Nail Artist Internazionale che ha studiato a fondo il mercato nails fino a diventare il DIrettore Commerciale di tutto il continente asiatico per il marchio Cuccio.Oltre ad essere una tecnica di grande talento, il suo contributo sarà fondamentale per comprendere i trend di mercato, il futuro di questo settore e i trucchi per rendere questi servizi altamente redditizi. Acquisto Kit € 99,00 + IVA per accedere gratuitamente ad una formazione straordinaria ENTRO IL 31 GENNAIO 2018 poi il prezzo passa a € 149,00 + iva. Il pranzo è INCLUSO nella quota di partecipazione. Sono previste delle agevolazioni per i centri con più partecipanti all'evento. Termine ultimo per le iscrizioni 10/2/2018. Non perdere l'opportunità di offrire servizi nails che faranno la differenza nel tuo lavoro. Contattaci per info e iscrizioni:Via mail customer@nailevo.comWhatsApp 331 6704599Telefono 0143 889662

at Napoli
Piazza dei Martiri, 58
Naples, Italy


For four decades I rolled around threw pity parties one after another and just lived in a low level depression – Through choices made life just became worse as time marched on and when thinking this has got to be the lowest level of life – it just became deeper and thoughts of suicide crept in and overtook my mind, body and soul. I didn’t even know that you could live a life cloaked in absolute depression and that’s what it was complete and utter clinical depression.

What do you do to over come depression? You quickly and drastically change your life – You literally rip of that mental handicapped Band-Aid and change yourself immediately and with no looking back. First things first – start some daily activity the completely engulfs your mind and body. Something that will not give you time to think about anything else but what is in front of you at that moment.. Things like learning to ride a motocross bike, rock or mountain climbing, kick boxing, or karate. I chose motocross because it requires the most physical abilities that you can muster and you have to be laser focused at all times to stay up right cross the finish line. Not to mention the flat out thrill you get from making thirty to fifty foot jumps and catch some air to boot.

Change your eating habits to one that will fuel your new activities properly. Eating lots of carbs and sugars and caffeine will only keep you in a cycle of being a loser. Drink tons of water and take plenty of vitamin supplements. Eat more seafood, raw veggies like broccoli, carrots, bell peppers, onions, etc.

 Get out of yourself and help others – Join organizations like Habitat for Humanity, get involved with your neighborhood charities and church. Helping others helps you by seeing that you really do not have it that bad at all.

 To recap: Plenty of Activities, Healthy Diet, Help Others and you have to make these three things a habit – “Thirty days makes a Habit” they say. In the past we have made a habit of doing and thinking negative things and this had become our life – You can chose what your habits are in life. Getting rid of depression starts by ridding your lifestyle of unneeded mental and physical handicaps we have imposed on ourselves.

Another must do is get professional help – Shop around for a therapist – not all are a good match – and believe it or not some therapist live in depression and do not even know themselves. So find a positive up beat person that you can see weekly or even daily if need be at first. Get everything out on the table with them – no secrets – cleanse your mental inventory and let them help you rebuild and reclaim a good healthy happy life without depression.

The above sounds good and in a perfect world we could just do it and there would be no problems – but our body and mind reject change a lot of times and this is where the fight for a good life comes in and must be paid close attention to. When it’s time to exercise, eat, work, or interact with family and we “don’t feel like it” – that’s the little guy or gal inside of you that holds you back and wants to keep you in your funk or depression. You literally have overcome all obstacles and get out of your comfort zone to accomplish this mental health miracle.

Changing your career may be a part of you healing yourself. For years I worked in a office and gained weight until I was almost 500 pounds of depressing blubber who only thought about the next break to get more food. Changing to a job that required lots of physical activity and being outside for eight to twelve hours a day was a huge key in getting rid of depression for myself. I slept better at night from being physically exhausted from a hard days work.

Sadly my spouse had to go as well – she was in the same boat I was in but did not want to overcome her depression. For several years I tried helping her to become a mentally healthy person – but her misery was her best friend and she did want to let go – Even though leading by example and showing her how my life had turned around, she only wanted the comfort of her helplessness and shroud of misery that was kept alive inside of her. Her eating habits also had her teetering at the four hundred pound mark and her heart problems and diabetes were caused by this unhealthy lifestyle.

Folks it not easy for everyone on this rock we live on – But it can be better by the simple choices we make. A woman that works for the same company as myself is one of the most positive and happy people that I have had the opportunity to meet in my life. Quite honestly we all thought she was on all kinds of medications to make herself this way. But getting to know her by talking on our lunch break, it turns out that she long ago decided to be happy no matter what life threw her way and it became a habit. Her mother suffered from severe depression and she decide that she was not going to live the life her mom had chosen.

Yes there are things that happened to us in childhood that deeply scar and crush our want to live or even survive. Some of us hang on these memories like a badge of honor as so to explain away why we are the way we are and live. “Stinking Thinking” is a habit of depression that helps us perpetuate the downward spiraling lifestyle.

Changing one’s life is a fight or flee type of feeling you get – In the past I would flee when change came upon my doorstep. Now, it gets a mental black eye and is not allowed to loiter in my mind. Constant change for the better can be made a great habit in it’s self to help you overcome depression and it will if you so chose to let that be your truth today.

Jonny Sterling is an Online Marketer – Seafood Chef – and a Seasoned Sales Veteran with over 30 years experience. Signs of Depression


Boots and Hearts 2018 – Friday
Event on 2018-08-10 00:00:00
Featuring Florida Georgia Line, Alan Jackson, Thomas Rhett, Billy Currington, Dallas Smith, Brett Young, and many more to be announced!

at Burl’s Creek Event Grounds
180 8th Line South
Oro Station, Canada


2018 Winter Intensive
Event on 2018-01-05 17:30:00
Come and experience dancing at its best with three days of classes taught by 8&1 company members and friends. Some of DFW's most innovative teachers gather for a weekend full of disciplined technique classes and inspiring choreography. Bring your passion and energy! Get ready to work and sweat with 8&1 Dallas!Classes are designed to celebrate the freedom of movement and the expression of emotion, disciplined by work ethic and training. We encourage students to ask questions and push themselves to new levels.Student safety is very important to us! If a student must miss a class or leave the premises for any reason during the blocked intensive hours, and is under the age of 18, we must be notified in advance by a parent or guardian. For up-to-date workshop class schedule visit! Schedule subject to change! What to bring: Please make sure to bring plenty of water and healthy snacks. It will be a very challenging weekend and we want to make sure we are taking good care of our bodies with proper nutrition and hydration. We will also be sending over two documents to you via email. Students over 18 and parents/guardians of minors-please sign and scan (or snap a pic!) and email back to us OR print and bring to the intensive with you on Friday Jan 5th. Students must have signed paperwork in order to partake in classes.Dress Code: There is no specific dress code required for our intensive, however we recommend dancers dress in appropriate form fitting attire for technique classes so we can easily see and correct student alignment and body positioning. During warm ups, any baggy clothing or excessive jewelry will be asked to be removed.Hip Hop: Baggy clothing and street shoes are acceptable!Shoes: Dancers are encouraged to bring appropriate dance shoes for each genre of dance, however if they do not they WILL STILL BE PERMITTED to participate. Photography: We will have 8&1's professional photographer, Sarah Beal onsite throughout the weekend. All Photos can be viewed at Sarah Beal’s website NO PERSONAL CAMERAS OR VIDEO WILL BE ALLOWED.Yoga: Please bring a mat or towel. Audition: AN OPEN AUDITION WILL BE HELD AT 7pm on SUNDAY 1/7 …THIS AUDITION IS AVAILABLE TO STUDENTS AGES 12+ FOR OUR APPRENTICE PROGRAM AND PROFESSIONALS AGES 17+ FOR OUR PROFESSIONAL COMPANY, BUT IS NOT REQUIRED.More information on apprenticeship and company positions will be provided upon casting.Students who are taking the intensive will not be judged during their classes, so please do not feel nervous or like it is part of the audition. IT IS NOT! We look forward to seeing you there! If you have any questions please direct them to 8&1 dance company and not Rowlett Dance Academy. Feel free to contact me directly at or through The workshop will be held at Rowlett Dance Academy: 8405 Lake View Parkway, Rowlett, TX 75088SEE YOU SOON! students intermediate ages 9-13 – 5.00 Student advanced ages 13-adult – 5.00 Student intermediate ages 13-adult – 5.00 students advanced ages 9-13 – 5.00

at Rowlett Dance
8405 lake view parkway
Rowlett, United States


Dallas 2018 Career Fair. Get hired!
Event on 2018-04-23 10:00:00
Meet face to face with top employers hiring for Sales, Customer Service,  Retail, Financial Services, Management, I.T. and Government positions. If you have been looking for a new career or just ready to start a new job you don't want to miss this exciting hiring event.  Professional Dress is required and please bring additional copies of your resume. What to expect at a Nationwide Career Fair?  Multiple employers hiring for open positions.  Great networking opportunities in a relaxed, professional environment. Face to face meetings with recruiters, managers and human resources professionals from local and Fortune 500 companies. 100% free event to attend. Register to receive a full list of attending employers and job updates in your city:

at Clarion
4440 West Airport Freeway
Irving, United States


Psychic Night with Cheryl Andrea!
Event on 2018-01-26 19:00:00
Two Corks and a Bottle, a custom winery and wine bar in Uptown Dallas, is happy to announce that Cheryl Andrea, will join us from 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm on the second & fourth Fridays of every month!  Cheryl is a clairvoyant, medium and intuitive visionary, of The Dallas Psychic Fair fame! These wi[…]


at Two Corks and a Bottle
2800 Routh Street
Dallas, United States