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Radio Multikulti Solidarität

Image by LutzSchramm
Solidarity with Radio.Multikulti. The Berlin based public broadcast program will (not will, but must) go off air at December 31st 2008.


Image by Tibo
I think it’s pretty and funny in its own way but I’m just a radio geek, so please don’t bother about it.


Image by Craig A Rodway
The annual amateur radio rally organised by the Bishop Auckland Radio Amateur’s Club, held at Spennymoor Leisure Centre.

FM Washington

Question by Jen-Jen: Anyone have a great recipe for Beef and Mushroom Stew….?
or soup? I’m not looking for veggie beef stew, just Mushroom Beef stew or soup. Noodles, rice, etc are ok….I had a great one at a restaurant, but they closed and I can’t find a recipe to recreate theirs! Thanks!
Please no barley either, hubby is extremely allergic to it.

Best answer:

Answer by libbyami
Beef Mushroom Stew

Serves: 4

2 tsp vegetable oil
1 lb lean stew beef, 1-inch cubes
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 onion, chopped
1 tsp white sugar
1 tsp vegetable oil
1 cup beef stock (or 1 beef bouillon cube with 1 cup water)
1 Tbsp red wine vinegar
1 (6 oz) can tomato paste
2 bay leaves
1/2 tsp black pepper
2 tsp brown sugar
1/2 lb fresh mushrooms, sliced
2 medium potatoes, cubed

In a medium (2 quart) saucepan, heat 2 teaspoons oil over medium heat until hot. Add beef and garlic and brown for 5 minutes. Remove beef with liquid to a bowl and set aside. Saute onion and white sugar in 1 teaspoon oil over medium heat until lightly brown. Remove onions and set aside separate from beef. Return beef to saucepan. Stir in stock (or bouillon with water), vinegar, tomato paste, bay leaves, pepper and brown sugar.

Cover and simmer over low heat for 1 hour, stirring occasionally. Add mushrooms, potatoes and onions and simmer covered for 20 minutes over low heat, stirring occasionally. If stew is too thick, add 1/4-1/2 cup water. Remove bay leaves before serving. This stew freezes well.

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WSP red
washington band

Image by Kilgub

FM Washington

Question by Sam M: Margarita island, Venezuala help?
I need to know how much hotel/villas are, and how much food/alchol is in US Dollar. Thnx

Best answer:

Answer by marmazor
hotels are pretty expensive in margarita (like 100-150 a night generally) i cant tell you exact rates though because it depends on the hotels (they ll have rates in USD on the websites for sure). food/alcohol isnt too expensive though (unless of course youre buying some expensive liquors at a restaurent but thats a given). i bought a bottle of rum for the equivilent of five bucks and it was the best thing ive ever tasted – and that wasnt even the best heheh. margarita is such an awesome place i cant wait to go again 🙂

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Question by Twin army brats on the way!! Missing my soldier: Soft drinks may contain various concentrations of solutes. Some soft drinks have a low solute concentration…?
Soft drinks may contain various concentrations of solutes. Some soft drinks have a low solute concentration and are a source of water for your body’s cells. Others have a high solute concentration and can dehydrate your cells. Which of these drinks should be marketed as “thirst quenchers”? Explain your answer in terms of water concentration and water movement

Best answer:

Answer by LAlawMedMBA
Soft drinks with low (hypotonic) solute concentrations can be legitimately marketed as “thirst quenchers.” Soft drinks with high (hypertonic) solute concentrations are not effective thirst quenchers. Soft drinks with isotonic solute concentrations should be marketed with emphasis on their nutritional qualities, and not as thirst quenchers.

When water concentration is greater than that of our cells or blood, then the soft drink would hydrate our body when ingested, and therefore it would be appropriate to label such drinks as “thirst quenchers.” Soft drinks such as these, with low solute concentrations, would cause water to diffuse from our intestines into our bloodstream, increasing our water intake, thus hydrating us and decreasing the risk of dehydration.

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by JoChoo


A quarterly overview of all beverage consumption trends and latest market developments in the Austria drinks industry


Published by Canadean, Quarterly Beverage Tracker provides a detailed analysis of the latest developments in the beverage market. With a combination of textual commentary, analysis and data tables, the report covers the following categories:
Packaged Water
Bulk Water
Juice and Nectars
Still Drinks
Iced/Rtd Tea Drinks
Iced/Rtd Coffee Drinks
Sports Drinks
Energy Drinks
Hot Tea and Coffee
Wines and Spirits
Dairy Drinks (White Milk, Cultured Dairy Drinks, Flavoured Milk, Soymilk, Other Liquid Dairy)
Data for the current quarter vs Q3 2009, full year 2009, moving annual totals (MAT) and 2010 forecasts is provided. The performance of each beverage category is analysed, together with the latest industry, packaging and distribution news. Recent new product introductions are shown by category. Also included in Quarter 3 2010; a special focus on private label soft drinks.


A quarterly overview of all beverage consumption trends and latest market developments in the Austria drinks industry

Reasons To Buy

In the current climate of economic uncertainty and market volatility companies need to know about more than just data.
Canadeans Quarter 3 2010 Austria Quarterly Beverage Tracker report provides a complete overview of all commercial beverage consumption trends, latest market developments and an economic mood indicator.
Ideal for benchmarking total market vs retail audit and other data.
An essential tool for keeping up-to-date with the latest industry developments

Key Highlights

analysis of individual beverage categories including full year 2009 volumes and 2010 forecasts
supporting text on quarterly performance and forecast assumptions for each beverage category
latest industry, packaging and distribution news
new products
carbonated soft drinks volumes by flavour and regular vs low calorie
special focus on private label soft drinks


Canadean Austria quarterly beverage tracker report beverages market research drinks industry bottled packaged water bulk HOD carbonates carbonated soft drinks juice nectars still squash syrups fruit powders dilutables iced tea coffee sports drinks energy drinks beer cider alcoholic drinks dairy milk soymilk economic mood indicator global mood monitor low calorie private label

Table of Contents :

Canadean Austria Quarterly Beverage Tracker
Soft Drinks
Packaged Water
Still Drinks
Iced/Rtd Tea Drinks
Iced Rtd Coffee Drinks
Sports Drinks
Energy Drinks
Bulk/HOD Water
Alcoholic Drinks
Other Alcoholic Beverages
Dairy Drinks
White Milk
Cultured Dairy Drinks
Flavoured Milk
Other Liquid Dairy
Hot Beverages
Hot Coffee
Hot Tea
Industry News
Distribution News
Packaging News/Legislation

Table 1 Commercial Beverages Market Trends – Million Litres, 2009-2010F
Table 2 Commercial Beverages Market Trends – Million Unit Cases, 2009-2010F
Table 3 Soft Drinks Market Trends – Million Litres, 2009-2010F
Table 4 Soft Drinks Market Trends – Million Unit Cases, 2009-2010F
Table 5 Carbonates Market Trends by Segment – Million Litres, 2009-2010F
Table 6 Carbonates Market Trends by Segment – Million Unit Cases, 2009-2010F

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Question by ?? £?µ?? ??™: Do you like Coke or Pepsi?
I like Coke 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by Queen Imelda

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“Milk the concept of” variety confuse consumers
Cereal milk, sea cucumber milk, dark Milk … … Now, more and more the concept of milk hit the market, advertised features even more powerful and expensive price than regular milk a lot. The debut of the concept of disturbed milk consumers view, what is the concept of speculation, or value for money? How should people choose? This reporter interviewed.

Very spread the concept of milk
“Black box of milk to 5 dollars, there is what ingredients you? How so expensive?” One customer at a supermarket urban Yimeng Road, guilty of muttering. It turned out that the customer has just bought some new varieties found in supermarkets, milk, black milk, milk, dates, selling 45 dollars a box of milk, cow’s milk more than doubled.

Today, supermarket milk into Sell Area, one or two dollars of civilians were out in the cold milk, milk was replaced by the concept of variety. Since last year, an upsurge of sea cucumber milk hit the market. Milk products of high sea cucumber, sea cucumbers health milk, milk and sea cucumber king “high nutritional” value of the milk was very hot the eye. “Nutrition is extremely rich in sea cucumber with milk, is extremely rich nutritional supplements?” This challenge to many consumers, but also caused a lot of consumers.

The past few days, the reporter visited the city several supermarkets, dozens from around the country gathered in Linyi grab market brands, each brand has launched different varieties, rough calculation, no less than 50 kinds of milk varieties. Milk is more eye-catching high-end “combination products” to add sea cucumber milk, grain, calcium, melon, peach, Strawberry, aloe, etc., each additional one thing is a variety. And without exception, advocated “nutrient-rich, highly valued.”

Reporter learned that the combination of milk, not low price, 2 yuan more than a box of ordinary milk, milk and a box of sea cucumbers at 6 yuan more than one sea cucumber milk, a box of up to 8. Black box of milk to 5 yuan. According to the staff, many of these high-end consumers of milk are mainly used to gifts.

reasons: Grab market competition to promote the concept of
Wide variety of milk market, not only committed a difficult choice for consumers, even the waiter said the supermarket was not clear what kind of good. Yimeng Road in the urban areas, a large supermarket, 67 brands of milk and put together a variety of public consumer Liu

Purchase, he smiled and said: “branding so much, the waiter mouth that are very good, I do not know how to choose.” It is understood that most people confused all kinds of “milk the concept” between differences can only listen to the flight attendant marketing.

Reporter walked into a supermarket’s milk area, promoters, came on with a smile, first journalist recommend cereal milk, that milk which added a grain of high nutritional value. See press not be tempted, promoters has recommended high calcium milk, claiming that high-calcium milk calcium added material. Go where the counter, from the promoters out of the mouth that are rich in nutritional value of milk. For what was good, Promoters are also not tell a pros and cons to.

According to a Dairy Industry insiders, “the concept of milk,” mainly due to the emergence of the milk price war intensified in recent years, with the homogenization of the product Marketing Increased costs, so that the milk has a low gross margin, businesses search for new profit growth point of breakthrough, have launched a high-end and high-priced “concept of milk.” Speculation on the concept of the milk sold better. Currently, the population of this high-end milk is mainly aimed at urban white-collar and high-income groups.

The concept of milk products and for all, countries are no specific norms and standards, manufacturers used to develop their own standards. So many companies introduced a variety of fancy concepts and gimmicks as a way to attract consumers.

Expert: The most important fresh milk
How do drink milk? Nutrition experts believe that, from the freshness of milk and nutrition perspective, the shortest shelf life of pasteurized milk is most beneficial to absorb, consumers do not just look gimmicky milk, fresh milk and nutrition is to choose the best standard .

Linyi People’s Hospital, director of nutrition Maai Qin introduced the main functions of milk calcium and supplement human protein. Currently, some dairy producers to attract consumers, adding some milk Juice , Grains, sea cucumbers and other additives, these substances can be absorbed not say, the concept of milk and some protein and fat content also decreased, from protein and fat content point of view, nutrition as milk. Milk claims against the concept of “balance and to improve gastrointestinal function” and “enhance the body’s own immune system”, “toxins”, “prevention of dental caries” and lack of effective health care function of scientific evidence.

Ma Aiqin Director introduced, or fresh milk is best, not the more expensive the better the milk, consumers choose to remain rational, starting from their own need to buy milk, natural milk itself is a reasonable nutrition with system, any increase or decrease the ingredients people are unscientific.

It is understood by the types of milk available in the market, there are two points: one is the new milk (short shelf life), a known room temperature milk (long shelf life). Milk sterilization by Papanicolaou method, using ultra-high temperature sterilization of milk at room temperature. The main difference between the two is that both preservation of pasteurized milk in the nutritional content, and can kill harmful bacteria in milk; UHT-treated milk a long shelf life, but the milk to kill harmful While bacteria, to some extent also destroy the nutritional content of milk.

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A few nice dessert images I found:

Image by UGA College of Ag
Healthy cooking with Connie Crawley, a registered dietitian and FCS extension specialist. Strawberry Crepes.

Photo by Stephanie Schupska

g cleff
Image by cupcakeCT
Chocolate cake, coconut cream cheese frosting, topped with shaved coconut and a chocolate g clef.

foot print cake
Image by megpi

Question by dolphin: can i make pina colada without rum?
im making it 4 a party. will it still taste good without rum? u must have tried it b4.

Best answer:

Answer by Alicia
absolutely. I have virgin pina colada’s all the time… SOOO good =).

My church actually has a slushy machine, we do virgin pina colodas as well as many other flavors… pina colada is the most popular amongst the kids, adults, and ME!

The only difference is that people wont get drunk. And if you told them it “was” alcoholic, they’d probably act drunk anyways 😉 and not be able to tell the difference

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