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A few nice tapas images I found:

tapas 5.jpg
Image by elvisripley

tapas 7.jpg
Image by elvisripley

Some cool wine bar images:

wine bar
Image by ocmdhotels

wine bar
Image by ocmdhotels

wine bar
Image by ocmdhotels

Some cool drinks images:

Sweet Mango Lassi – Mango Smoothie
Image by madlyinlovewithlife
These are some tasty mango lassi drinks I prepared to accompany last night’s Indian meal. I adore the spices and flavours of Indian cuisine and we are so fortunate to have a wonderful family-run restaurant just down the block that does delicious traditional Indian take-out. With just a short walk we are able to chat and laugh with some of the friendliest people in our neighborhood and bring home an incredibly delicious Indian meal.

I made these sweet lassi drinks using fresh mango, yogurt, freshly crushed cardamom seeds, a pinch of salt, a bit of milk and a dollop of honey and a few ice cubes. Think of it as a mango smoothie from India. Mango lassi is to-die-for delicious!!!

From Wikipedia:
Lassi is a popular and traditional yogurt-based drink of the Indian subcontinent. It is made by blending yogurt with water and Indian spices. Traditional lassi (also known as salted lassi, or, simply lassi) is a savory drink sometimes flavored with ground roasted cumin while sweet lassi on the other hand is blended with sugar or fruits instead of spices.

Mango lassi is most commonly found in India and Pakistan though it is gaining popularity worldwide. It is made from yogurt, water and mango pulp. It may be made with or without additional sugar. It is widely available in UK, Malaysia and Singapore and in many other parts of the world. In various parts of Canada, mango lassi is a cold drink consisting of sweetened kesar mango pulp mixed with yogurt, cream, or ice cream. It is served in a tall glass with a straw, often with ground pistachio nuts sprinkled on top.

Some cool drinks images:

mixed drink
Image by miikajom

Experiments in Beauty: the Drink
Image by dandelionfourteen

Early One Morning
Image by amirjina
Seen one morning on the way into Tokyo on the Shonan Shinjuku line.

As I mentioned before, the trains are woven into the fabric of life in Japan. Strangely enough they stop quite early, often leaving people to dash madly for their last train or stranding them very far from home. I am just guessing, but in the case of this man it was probably an intentional all night outing. Work parties in Japan have a few levels to them – the first party, which is moderately respectful after which some people go home, the second party, which can involve Karaoke and more drinking, and the respectful air is eroded, perhaps a third party after that that involved a pub or snack bar – and so on and on.

Such is the tyranny of the Last Train that it is not unusual to see people sleeping in train stations, outside train stations (fully prepared with blankets), parks, Internet cafes, capsule hotels . . . An early morning nap when the trains start running again is usually a nice relief.

As for this man, well, like most people I see fall asleep on trains here, he woke from his deadened slumber a mere minute before his stop, and walked off the train as the wrinkles fell out of his suit and his professional facade was restored.

The theme continues . . .

Song – Yaariyan (Reprise) Movie – Cocktail Singer – Sunidhi Chauhan, Arijit Singh Music Director – Pritam Follow us on twitter :
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A few nice dallas news images I found:

Luke Robinson
dallas news

Image by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer

Each year, the awards highlight up and coming musical talent in 18 musical categories including singer, songwriter, alternative, blues, country and pop.


Hots Sarah McLeod
Dallas Frasca
Pat Farmer
Mickey Avalon from the USA with Finalist Kid Mac
The Playboy Mansion Girls – Crystal Harris, Melissa Dawn Taylor and Ciara Price
Cam Tapp and Glenn Whitehall from The Voice
Gok Wan – UK TV Show – How to Look Good Naked
Melissa Wu – Australian Diving Team and Olympic Gold Medallist
Mark Gables – The Choir Boys
Fat Pizza Crew
Liam Burrows and Chooka from Australia’s Got Talent
Amali Ward – recent Tour support for Seal
Jim and Dan from Art Vs Science


Musicoz is a national initiative dedicated to improving the quality of original music culture in Australia. Forover a decade Musicoz has been developing the music industry at the grass roots level by seeking out, recognising & encouraging the talents of unsigned and independent artists and providing them with much needed development support and opportunities as they carve out their careers.

Musicoz achieves these aims through:

Annual National Musicoz Awards Program

Covering 18 genres of music with over 5000 entries each year. Known in the media as "The Unsigned ARIAs", The Musicoz Awards give vital recognition, exposure to a national audience through our TV special of the awards being aired on national Television, as well as development opportunities to finalists and winners and the opportunity to work alongside well known artist surrounding the awards evening. These awards are the biggest and most credible awards for unsigned and independent music artists in Australia. Our media partners include: BigPond Music, YouTube and Facebook.

Musicoz Development Program

Ongoing mentoring, artist development and support throughout the year as they develop their potential. The Program Includes:

Comprehensive songwriting Feedback service

Support and advice on Publicity, promotion, advertising, management, contracts, touring

Advice on music royalties, Booking Agents/Venues and Venue Bookers

Production/Recording/Mixing/Mastering/Duplication development

Business plans/Timeline/Budgeting/CD launch

Professional consultation on Presentation and image

Artist product development including CDs, DVDs, Promotional material

Recording Project Management

A&R Consulting Service referrals

Musicoz provides a range of benefits including:

The opportunity for all artists in all genres to receive recognition and much needed publicity

The opportunity for all artists to receive developmental help mentorships from industry sponsors

Valuable work experience for students of entertainment industry training centres.

Employment opportunities within Musicoz events.

Valuable industry contacts through Musicoz activities

Success Stories

Porcelain – signed to Universal Music U.S.

The Jezabels

Art Vs Science

Sender-Signed to Sony/BMG Australia- Reached no 19 on the national ARIA charts

Bliss’n’Eso-Signed to Illusive Records Australia-Reached no 7 on the national ARIA charts

Sick Puppies-Now a sensation in the U.S and signed to Roadshow Music.

Blue King Brown-No 1 on the Australian Independent charts

The Sunpilots-No 1 indie band on Myspace, No 1 added band to commercial radio FEB 2008

The Fumes- Album of the week FBI Radio and The Drum Media

Felicity Urquhart- 2007 Golden Guitar winner and No.1 video on CMC.

Anthony Snape – Currently Touring the U.S

Gian – Signed to ABC/Warner Music

Stone Parade – No 17 ARIA charts, No 1 AIR charts May 2008

Plus many more

There is no other initiative across Australia that provides this form of support/benefits in the music industry.


MusicOz Awards

Sydney Opera House

Eva Rinaldi Photography Flickr

Eva Rinaldi Photography

Music News Australia

FM Dallas

Check out these mix drinks images:

Anchovy Fried Olives
mix drinks
Image by John of Austin

mix drinks
Image by John of Austin

Question by Sarah Ann: GIN JUST GIN UGHHHH!!?
i want to drink but i only have gin & i dont want to just take shots of that so are there any drinks i can make or anything that will make it taste better ?! anything besides tonic please

Best answer:

Answer by Hall of Skulls
Soda or real juice like cranberry or apple.

What do you think? Answer below!

A few nice soda images I found:

Soda Stereo en Chile – Gustavo Cerati, Octubre 2007
Image by – Cristian Soto L. –

Jennifer’s Beanz Meanz Fitz
lemon juice
Image by Hamburger Helper
I’m not British so it took me a while to understand what Jennifer was referring to when she called this dish "Beanz Meanz Fitz" on Two Fat Ladies. Only recently did I learn that Heinz had (has?) a popular advert stating "Beanz Meanz Heinz". Anyway, not knowing any of this, I just really liked the recipe Jennifer Paterson made using broad beans, which I believe to be Lima beans in the US (maybe different? I don’t know but it’s the closest thing I can get).

Here I used a package of frozen Lima beans and they look a bit shrivelly compared to the nice fresh ones used on the show.

1 package frozen lima beans
2 thick cut slices of bacon
2 large eggs
1 can anchovies
juice of one very juicy lemon
olive oil equivalent to the amount of lemon juice squeezed or more
scallions or parsley or chives or a combination
salt and pepper

Boil your eggs. I do it the Jacques Pepin way, pricking the rounder end with a thumb tack and cooking in boiling water. I like mine done for 9 minutes to ensure some moisture in the yolks. Slice the bacon so you have slivers and cook until crispy. Drain.

Steam or boil your beans for a few minutes just to heat them through. Drain and arrange on a shallow serving plate. Chop the eggs and sprinkle over the beans. Jennifer uses chopped parsley and chives but as I had neither, I chopped some greens of a few scallions and sprinkled them over the eggs. Then sprinkle your crispy bacon. Lattice the anchovy fillets over everything. Whisk some lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper together and pour over. Very delicious.