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Question by Paul: Mixing alcohol? Drinking different types?
what happens if you mix like vodka and tequila and wine.. And drink it… Is it gonna make you more drunk? Will you get sick? How does it affect you? And what happens if you drink a shot of vodka, a shot of tequila, and a shot of wine like 10miniutes after each other?

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Answer by Esteves
its all a myth, mixing drinks wont get u more drunker. but if u drink that much in such a short time then surely u will be drunk my friend. lol. in the end a drink is a drink tho, whether it be wine, beer, or spirits.

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by def110

When you tend to creat a wine gift basket with some proof wine values, there are two choices for you to refer. The first choice is that you select and put your chosen bottles of wine into the basket. The other way is to go to supermarket to buy a ready-made one. Selecting the basket defers from choosing the wines. You should consider the place where you can buy valuable wines suitable for your money pocket.


There are of course places you can go that have the full package, if you do not want to put your own gift together.


Wine Country Gift Baskets


This is one of the first shops you should check out. They have a wide selection for you to choose from. They even have baskets made for special occasions, like birthdays, anniversaries, and baby showers, or to convey special messages, like get well wishes and congratulations. Besides wine gift baskets, they also have ones containing gourmet food, coffee selections, and chocolates.


Glitter Gift Baskets


Here is another store where you can find all kinds of wine gift baskets. Whether wine or other gifts, you can be sure that the baskets you get have been created with a taste for elegance and quality, and are designed to satisfy even persons with the highest standards for food and wine gifts.


Gourmet Gift Baskets


This company offers a wide range. These wine gifts may cost a bit more, but the quality is there.


When choosing a wine gift basket, these are the things you should consider, besides price: your recipient’s likes and preferences when it comes to wines, their drinking habits, and the kind of food they usually want to go with their wines.


A lot of stores do offer affordable prices for their products, including most of those mentioned above.

You always have a choice on the more elaborate or simpler gift, thus always determining price.


If you would like to make your own wine gift basket with good quality wines that cost a fraction of the price, so that you can buy five wine bottles for the price of one quality bottle – then it pays to know some fool proof wine values.


Joseph Jackson provides information for all wine lovers. Take the hassle out of buying wine with ‘147 Fool Proof Wine Values’ including how to buy wines for or less but with the quality of a bottle of wine. Visit ‘Lovers of Wine’ to receive news and updates.

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