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Check out these africa images:

yellow namibia
Image by mariusz kluzniak

Rainbow, Johannesburg
Image by Paul Saad
Paul Saad’s Photostream


Dallas Mavericks vs. Oklahoma City Thunder
Event on 2017-03-27 19:30:00
NBA Basketball

at American Airlines Center
2500 Victory Avenue
Dallas, United States


Check out these rhodes images:

Image by leonardo4it

Image by reevery

Image by robwouds


Apartheid literally translates as “apartness” from Afrikaans. Apartheid was a system of racial segregation that was enforced in South Africa from 1948 to 1994.

Racial segregation and the dominance of whites had been traditionally accepted in South Africa prior to 1948, but the general election of that year, Daniel F. Malan officially included the policy of apartheid in the Afrikaner Nationalist party platform, bringing his party to power for the first time. Although most white acquiesced in the policy, there was bitter and sometimes bloody dissension over the degree and stringency of its implementation.

Under apartheid, people were legally classified into a racial group – the main one being White, Black, Indian and Coloured – and were geographically, and forcibly, separated from each other on the basis of the legal classification. The purpose of apartheid was separation of the races, not only of whites from nonwhites, but also of nonwhites from each other, and, among the Africans (called Bantu in South Africa), of one group from another. In addition to the Africans, who represent about 75% of the total population, those regarded as nonwhites include those people known in the country as Coloured (people of mixed black, Malayan, and white descent) and Asian (mainly of Indian ancestry) populations.

The Group Areas Act of 1950 established residential and business sectors in urban areas for each “race” and strengthened the existing “pass” laws, which required nonwhites to carry identification papers. Other laws forbade most social contacts between those of European descent and others, authorised segregated public facilities established educational standards, restricted each group to certain types of jobs, curtailed non-white labour unions, denied non-white participation in the national government, and established various black African “homelands”, partly self-governing units that were nevertheless politically and economically dependent on South Africa.

The Black majority, in particular, legally became citizens of particular “homelands” that were nominally sovereign nations but operated more akin to United States Indian Reservations and Australian/Canadian Aboriginal Reserves. In reality however, a majority of Black South Africans never resided in these “homelands”. In practise, this prevented non-white people – even if actually resident in white South Africa – from having a vote or influence, restricting their rights to faraway homelands that they may never have visited. Education, medical care, and other public services were sometimes claimed to be separate but equal, but those available to non-white people were generally inferior.

The end of apartheid started in 1993 when a draft constitution was published , which guaranteed freedom of speech and religion, access to adequate housing and numerous other benefits, and explicitly prohibiting discrimination on almost any ground. Midnight on 26-27 April 1994 the old flag, which represented an all white nation, was lowered. The old national anthem was sung, followed by the raising of the “rainbow flag” and the singing of the other co-official anthem. Since then the day is celebrated as a public holiday in South Africa known as Freedom Day.

Apartheid was a reality for many South Africans!

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Dallas Baptist Patriots at Texas A&M Aggies Baseball
Event on 2017-04-04 18:30:00

at Olsen Field
100 Wellborn Rd
College Station, United States


Today’s technology has made the televisions slim and thin. People of the UK have started saying good bye to those traditional thicker and heavier CRT (cathode ray tube) televisions. These thinner and lighter televisions are called as LCD TVs. LCD stand for liquid crystal display. The LCD TVs are more practical than all the other types and they are the most widely produced and sold all over the UK market. It has gained a greater approbation from the customers.

A colored image produced by the LCD displays is due to the filtration of the white light. This is achieved by using cold cathode fluorescent lamps where white or colored LEDs are used in the other types of televisions. This is because the images of LCD televisions are comparatively of higher quality than the CRT televisions with accelerating sales figures.

The alacrity of UK people towards the latest LCD televisions is mainly because of the stupefying appearance of them in the homes. They look too good and attractive than those traditional CRTs. They are fully built with enough fantasy and ecstasy with handy remote controls. These remote controls are more sensitive and built with reverse handling technology.

The latest LCD TVs are coming with desirable screen sizes. So, the people can choose the screen size according to the size of their room. Earlier these came with 17, 19 up to 21 inches. Now, the LCD TVs are coming with 23, 25, 27 and 32 up to 50 inches with TFT technologies. Further higher screen sizes are used in the public localities like railway stations, shopping malls, airports and certain other places which may be of 52, 55 and 56 up to 65 inches. The prices rise along with the screen sizes.

Sony, Samsung, LG, Philips, Panasonic are the leading manufacturers of LCD televisions. Certain TVs are now being built with 3W stereo speakers with high quality bass and surround sound effects. They are providing a greater audio quality of in terms of music, TV programs or movies. Some latest LCD TVs come with a built in TV tuner. So, you can even connect the LCD with your personal computer.

The price range deliberately depends on the built in features. The cheaper LCDs are of the range £200 to £400 and the moderate televisions are of £600 up to £1000. With higher features, LCD TVs with £ 1500 up to £ 2000 are available in the market. The screen size and the display technology mainly depict the prices of these televisions. There are many retailers for these televisions throughout the UK and almost all the popular brands are available in the market. Many offers are also provided regarding the purchase of LCD TV. By analyzing the features and comparing the price ranges among various brands, you can opt for the best LCD TV for your home.

Visit LCD TV Reviews website to read expert reviews on popular LCD televisions, find special offers and compare latest LCD TVs.

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Success means differently to every person. Ralph Waldo Emerson must have put it best when he said “To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived” is success. Take it from a writer, but what if he is a totalitarian? Success is in fact in the same throne with happiness; both of them are birds of the same feathers; you simply can’t quantify it though they have now what is called the happiness index where people can be happy but have lower life satisfaction. How can you measure that, pray tell? An African beggar who’s not have food in days would be satisfied with a piece of bread. What can be lower than that? Maybe Henry Ford can answer now that car sales are plummeting.

The catch here is that we all do have to be successful in our own right and for us to have a fair if not accurate concept of success, we need to learn more about it. That is how we need the best success audio books around. Here are some great choices you can have:

For a classic story of a native girl returning home to serve the people with whom she grew up with, Anne of Avonlea would be a great candidate. One thing for sure it would be hard to find somebody of her kind. Most women now are city amazons, heading corporate organizations while rearing kids who grow up knowing all forms of formula milk and the latest gadgets.

L.M. Montgomery’s characterization of the woman who returned to teach in her native place is a perfect fit for Emerson’s simplistic outlook of success. The protagonist being a woman is also a great indication of how women can have character even outside the motherhood realm.

You can as well enjoy The Power of an Hour. This is a great read for those who have the entrepreneur spirit in them. This book will give sense to all actions that you do daily that when changed can give great impact to your personal or business success. This is about breaking hard to break habits but not in a linear and abrupt means but rather holistic and easy to follow along practical guidelines that will help you create better personal and business relationships.

The Teaching of the Little Crow: The Journey of the Soul is a great audio book for that believer of the twin flame soul-mate concept that people are used to believing. It is the definition of soul mate that runs in the spirituality aspect from metaphysics, Native American traditions to New Age teachings. This is more than just finding connectivity with someone else; it is about finding a connection with everything around you.

Success however is not all about others and what is not seen; it can be as simple as overcoming a weakness. Take the case of somebody who wants to read faster than he does for the reason that he wants to have a career in the law profession. Conquering the reading difficulty can be done. Yes a good start is to read Master Reader. This audio book will teach you how to double your reading speed and yet still understanding what you are reading.

The point here is that you have to define your own success and find a good success audio book that can help you achieve that.

For those who wish to discover more about self help audio books why not do some research here: self help audio books


Football fans have never had it so good when it comes to keeping up to date with the latest football news from up and down the country. Not only can you watch news channels day and night to see whats going on at your beloved club, but the latest football news is also at your fingertips online. Whether youre at home or at work or are even out and about, as long as you have access to the Internet you really dont have an excuse not to be fully informed about absolutely everything thats happening in the world of football.

Football websites such as Football FanCast, or the online sports sections of major British newspapers, provide you with all the football news youll ever need. You can even have the latest news headlines delivered to you by email, so that when you wake up in the morning you can head straight to your inbox to check out whats been happening in the Premier League, Championship and Football League, as well as La Liga, Serie A and the rest of Europe.

It doesnt matter what team you support, you can make sure that you know exactly whats going on at your club. Whether you support one of the Premier Leagues giants such as Manchester United or a fan of one of the smaller teams in the Football League such as Yeovil Town, online you can get the inside track from your club and keep on top of any news or rumours that are emerging from Old Trafford and Huish Park alike.

Its not only football news that you can access online either, you can see what your fellow fans think about the current situation at your club by reading some of the insightful blogs. These provide a different angle to the football news articles that provide you with the facts, adding a bit of feeling and emotion into the ring, two things that are at the heart of the beautiful game.

If you want to find out whats happening at your club and would like an insight into what your fellow fans are thinking you can click here to access the latest football news and blogs. Just make sure that you add your own personal view to the footy debate so that your voice is heard. After all, the Internet is not only a place to consume the latest football news, but its also the stage to make your own views heard and contribute to the football discussions that are taking place all over the Web each and every day.

Football websites such as Football FanCast, or the online sports sections of major British newspapers, provide you with all the football news youll ever need.


Some cool morocco images:

Waiting for the sunset in Rabat, Morocco.
Image by Antonio Cinotti ?
Many people in the old jail of Rabat waiting for the sunset o the sea.

Molti Marocchini aspettano il tramonto sul mare nella zona delle antiche prigioni di Rabat, ora meta di turisti e visistatori


Burscough Wharf 25

Image by musgrave_archive
(C)2011 Mike Johnson Mikeseye Photographic