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Question by TPK ?: Coke or Pepsi………….?
I say Coke.
I love dizzy drinks 😛
But pepsi just tastes bland…it tastes like Coke Zero..urghh *shudders*
Coke is just sensation 😀
” Its sweetness,pure pleasure is consuming me.
Oh Coke,your taste makes my senses run free.
I love you ,and I’ll always do..
Please Coke, I deserted all food,for you”
Something along those lines?

@Priya;I know,kid…you pepsi sucker (o_o)

Best answer:

Answer by IBritish Knight
Mmm, Nom Nom.

~ Knight.

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ARL Membership Meeting
Event on 2014-10-07 00:00:00
"The ARL Membership Meeting, organized by the Association Of Research Libraries will take place from 7th October to the 8th October 2014 at the DC Dupont Circle Hotel in Washington, USA. The conference will cover areas like Enthusiastically Taken up This Challenge, Ann Is an Architect, Writer, and Educator, Whose Work Explores the Interchange Between Culture, Environment, and Technology, Library, Research, Higher Education, and Scholarly Communities."

at Doyal Collection Dupont Circle Hotel

Washington, United States

FM Washington

J-VENDING - 1 - Japanese energy drink, tomato juice & latte

?????????TV show about Japanese vending machines. Watch as Kanadajin3 hunts for 3 interesting items from a vending machine and tests them. In the end decidei…
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Some cool beef stew images:

beef stew
Image by Jason Cartwright

Beef Barley Stew
beef stew
Image by Sklathill
Basically threw some stuff in a multipurpose rice cooker, let it slow cook overnight, and it ended up great…

mushrooms for the stew
beef stew
Image by sassyradish

Question by Potter for Ever: Best places in Washington DC?
Hi! Me, my family and friends are going to Washington DC for April Vacation and can you tell us your favorite places in Washington? Thanks!

We already have:

The National Zoo,

The Smithsonian,

The National Museum of American History,

Kennedy Center,

The Three houses of Government,

6 Flags America,

Hiking at great Falls Park,


National Air Space Museum,

Bureau of Engraving &Printing

Washington Monument (Is there a mall in here?)

Thank you! (We cannot go to the White house because the registration is for at least 30 days and our spring Break already ends at that time!)
Also appropriate places for kids 10-13!

Best answer:

Answer by ms bell
You’ve listed most of my favorites. I will add the Lincoln Memorial, State Capitol Building, WWII Memorial, and Ford’s Theatre.

The National Zoo is fantastic. One of the best zoos in the country. You’ll also enjoy Falls Park. Very scenic and relaxing. The view from the observation deck of the Washington Monument is breathtaking. (I hope you get to see it from above if you’re flying to Reagan International Airport. I saw it flying from Chicago and the view was spectacular.)

If you have time, make sure to tour the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. It is well worth it. Very interesting.

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FM Washington

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FM Washington

Some cool alcohol images:

Image by Dee <3

Image by Leo Reynolds
Norwich, Norfolk, England, UK

Hey Everyone, Lemon juice is a great way to remedy some of your beauty concerns! Watch to find out 🙂
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Pudina Lemon Juice , Mint Mojito Desi Style!

A superb summer cooler ! Has the pleasant freshness of mint and lemon with a Desi touch to it!


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