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mix drinks
by Lanzen

The thing about social media is that it is dominated by the young, by the hip. The culture today is anachronistic and contradictory. Irony Irony Irony. That’s what it’s all about these days. Ironically enough, the definition of irony has been pretty skewed. There have been the beatnicks, the hippies, the goths, the emos, the punk movement but now there is the hipsters: the counter-culture that really doesn’t “counter” anything, except themselves. One of the most common phrases to exit a hipster’s mouth is “I’m not a hipster”. That and “Oh, you probably haven’t heard of them” in response to the question “Who is your favorite band?”  It is a culture driven by, strangely enough, exclusivity- even though it is probably one of the largest mainstream cultures out there. A notable favorite of hipsters is anti-humor, or jokes without the joke. An entry level anti-joke might be “Why did the monkey fall out of the tree? Because he was dead.” You might’ve laughed at this. The joke isn’t the joke itself, but the unexpected twist of there being no joke. Here’s another – “A guy walks into a bar. His alcoholism is tearing his family apart”. Again, it’s funny because there is nothing funny about it. A lot of you probably don’t get the jokes, and that’s important to keep in mind as I lead into what I’m actually talking about.

A lot of companies try to create tools that measure friend-foe-neutral. What I mean is, they try to determine when a post was made for or against your company, what that post was about, and how much influence does the poster have in your vertical. Now, that task alone is hard enough to accomplish, and most cannot deliver, but the major flaw in this system is context. How can a software identify the context of the post. It is highly possible that an incredibly influential poster may make a huge slam against your company and you won’t even know about it because you can’t comprehend the insult. It may also seem like they are insulting you when actually they are praising you. Each culture has it’s own particular vernacular, and it takes a lot of time to understand each. Sometimes their lexicon is in conflict with our own. Negative words re-appropriated into positive words. So the whole promise of this ranking system is completely skewed.

The fact of the matter is, without delivering on the context, you cannot trust any firm that insists it has the best social ranking tools. And to further prove my point, go watch an episode of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job. If you get the show and laugh at it, good for you, you can probably understand some of hipster culture. If you don’t, then remember how important context is.

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Mix drinks

A drink you can make from household items.

by Cayusa

In most cases, hitting on bartenders and waitresses is a low percentage play, which is why in my dating guide, I generally recommend that men avoid this.

But there are times when flirting up a cute waitress is well worth your time. In fact under the right circumstances, this turns from a low percentage pay to a relatively high one.

Here are the rules:

1. Only flirt during a slow period of the restaurant day. Your waitress will not be receptive to you if she’s under a lot of work stress.

2. Remember her name when she introduces herself and use it when you address her. This establishes a deeper level of intimacy and shows that you see her as more than just someone who’s taking your order.

3. Be polite and friendly. Don’t establish a power relationship based on being a paying customer. Remember, she’s paid to be nice to you and has a tip riding on it. Hold this over her head, even jokingly, and you look like a douche.

4. Find ways to keep her at your table longer. Ask for her opinion what to order. Inquire about what kinds of beer are on draft and use these things as a jumping off point for small talk.

5. Make eye contact each and every time she comes back to the table to help you. Making eye contact is a non-verbal way of showing confidence and interest.

6. Don’t ask for her number or out on a date while she’s waiting on you. Keep in mind that she’s working. If you put her in an awkward spot, she’s going to freeze up and put on her “polite” face.

7. Tip well, but don’t go over the top. You want to be careful to not make it look like you’re buying her. No woman wants to feel like a whore.

Okay, so here’s the game plan. You’re going to flirt in a confident way, but you’re going to avoid being overly cocky.

Cocky is too risky because she’s already in subservient position. You don’t want to make her uncomfortable or make her mad. Treat her as an equal and, if you’re with guy friends, dial the aggression back just a notch so it doesn’t look like you’re showing off for them.

Sometimes what happens in group situations is that one guy’s flirtation will encourage other guys in the group. Everyone starts trying to top the next guy and the woman will get overwhelmed and just shut down.

You obviously don’t want this. So if one of your buddies picks up the ball and starts running with it, tell him to ease up when she’s out of earshot–only ONE guy can be on point. Everyone else is a supporting role.

If you’re alone, so much the better.

Okay, so after you get your check, take the receipt and write this on it:

I didn’t want to put you on the spot while you’re working, but you seem really fun and interesting & I’d love to get together with you sometime.

Here’s my number. Give me a ring.

-Your name

That’s a really nice, flattering proposal. It also had the advantage of being thoughtful to the fact that she’s on the clock. If she’s single and you’ve sparked a little interest in her, you’ve got a really good shot at hearing back from her.

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Question by cnstn_wst: Sansa SanDisk Shaker MP3 Player?
So I just came from a birthday party and as a party favor I got a Sansa SanDisk Shaker I want to download some music onto it but I cant find the jack for the usb cord so I can hook it up to the computer from the mp3 player. And because it was a gift I did not get any directions on the MP3 player. If you know how then please answer and if you have a link then please include it.
On the websit for this product it says that it takes 1 AAA battery where does that go

Best answer:

Answer by Mychal S
The cap on the bottom of the Shaker pops off and you put the battery in there. That’s also where the SD card is. You load music from your computer onto the SD card and then load the card into the Shaker.

Something else that you may not know: If you hold the play/pause button and shake the Shaker up and down, it will make a shutter sound and skip to the next song, hence the name of the device.

One of my sources is a youtube video showing you how to do these things.

Hope this helps!

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