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A senior project/ documentary made by Osamase Ekhator on the history of comic books in America.
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Dessert can become the centerpiece of a meal with a Katom coupon. At many successful restaurants, the dessert menu is carefully created. New and innovative ways to serve sweet treats are always being added.

Unique ideas are remembered by customers, and can bring in business. For some, implementing these ideas can be costly without preparation. One of the top ways to keep costs low is to use available discounts.

Let A Katom Coupon Help Create A Splash For Dessert
Chocolate fountains are one of the latest trends for many locations. There are many ways to present these and create a fun experience. Adding a fountain can create an interactive experience for everyone.

The first way to add fountains for guests is to create a table. This designated area can be used to house the necessary equipment. A fountain and a large base are the two key pieces to get started.

Once the equipment is in place, the type of dessert should be chosen. Many choose to use a simple milk chocolate blend on the fountain. This basic chocolate is popular with many crowds and flows well.

Those wanting to create a special touch may choose exotic blends. Blends may include white or dark chocolate, or a special flavor. These may also be offered at a separate fountain station for guests.

Separate stations can offer guests a way to try out new flavors. It also provides them with timeless classics such as milk chocolate. A variety of flavors can also let guests experiment with dessert.

Give Guests A Thrill With A Katom Restaurant Coupon Code
A Katom restaurant supply coupon can help with serving treats as well. Fountains often create a fun and thrilling atmosphere for guests. However, small treats should be provided to let them use the fountain.

Fruit pieces are one of the most popular choices for these stations. Bananas, strawberries and pineapple chunks are among the most popular. They can be cut up and speared using a fork or a long fondue stick.

Fruit pieces can be cut up and arrange in an assortment of bowls. Large flat plates may also be used for a better visual display. Some may also choose to dust the fruit with confectioner’s sugar.

For a simple but elegant look, a long and ornate tray can be used. Fruit slices may be kept separated without needing additional plates. A Katom restaurant supply coupon can help with finding these trays.

Add Plates For Desserts With A Katom Restaurant Coupon Code
While plating is important for fruit pieces, guests need them as well. Small saucers, bowls or plates should be placed near fountains. This allows guests to take their dessert creations back with them.

If ice cream is served nearby, bowls should be added to the table. A bowl will keep the mess of ice cream better contained than plates. Shallow cup designs may also be used in place of dessert bowls.

Small plates and saucers are often better for cake and fruit pieces. As they are smaller, they offer a way to control portions for guests. They are also easier to carry, which can lower the rate of breakage.

Some restaurants may prefer to keep dessert plates at guest tables. Others prefer to have a stack of plates near the fountain areas. With a Katom coupon, it is possible to have both while paying less.


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Denis Matsuev's videoblog #9. Zubin Mehta.

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As you begin experimenting with fragrances, essential oils, and aromatherapy, you must adopt and follow one fundamental principle: Match your mix to its person or its function. Even a cursory examination of essential aromatherapy instructional materials will reveal that most recipes, formulae, discussions, and guidance focus, first, on function and then on fragrance. Even in glossaries of essential oils, alphabetical of course, you will find essential oils’ functions and values elaborated before you find information about their scents, histories, and symbolism. Much as we hate repetition and reiteration, this one fundamental principle warrants repetition: In essential aromatherapy, match the mix. Match the mix to the person or the function.

A Little Common “Sense” in Essential Aromatherapy
Remember “Tabu” perfume for girls and women? Oh, yeah, it’s still out there. If you ever owned a bottle of Tabu, its distinctive scent probably still lingers in the unfinished wood inside your lingerie drawer. If not in your furniture and old clothes, certainly in your high school and college memories: let’s not be shy-Tabu announced that you were ready for seduction and “zipless” sex. According to urban legends, the unabashed sultry sexiness in Tabu developed from Dana perfumers’ wicked designs; the original Spanish mixers hoped that “working girls” would buy Tabu by the gallon. Similar urban legends apply to Yves Saint Laurent’s “Opium,” but at about ten times the price of Tabu. The Dana characters and Yves Saint Laurent matched their mixes to their marketplace niches, and the rest is…well, nostalgia.

If you work but do not want to be mistaken for a working girl, you will shun Tabu and Opium in your cubicle. Of course, 85% of successful relationships begin in the workplace…

Essential Aromatherapy and Common Sense: The Tougher Cases
The basic principle applies even more to the fragrances in which you drench your men. Because men believe motor oil and new car smell act as aphrodisiacs, you must initiate them into the subtleties and intricacies of essential aromatherapy. Fragrance goes on after a shower-not as a substitute for the shower. They need to know essential aromatherapy at its most essential. Then, a man’s fragrance absolutely must reinforce and accessorize his character and standing. You do not catch the captains of industry wearing imitations of “Obsession” they picked-up at the mini-mart on the way to work. If we were representing it mathematically, we would say fragrance=f(C x d?), and, yes, we did just invent that formula, but please feel free to use it.

On a man, fragrance is a function of character times the product of desired perception. How should people perceive your man? Which essential oils best represent your man’s character, expectations, and values? Most men do well with subtle combinations of citrus and spice. Choose or formulate your man’s fragrance with a nose for deep woodsy bases-cedar rocks, of course, while musk and amber make exquisite complements for it. Naturally, you must include citrus among your man’s middle notes-mandarin works for men, and sadly under-rated grapefruit often delivers the goods. Spicy top notes always add just a little mystery and piquancy to a man’s scent. We like clove, and risking something a little edgy, you might borrow coriander from the “Opium” recipe.

The Essential in Essential Aromatherapy
Match the mix to the person and function. Show healthy respect for all that may go wrong. If you put the wrong fragrance on the wrong person, the scent ends-up wearing him or her; it becomes and ornament or a proclamation instead of just a fragrance.

Cynthia Thomas is an aromatherapy enthusiast. For more great tips on Essential Aromatherapy please visit

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With the Magnifica 3500, creating creamy and velvety cappuccino, rich and foamy espresso, luscious lattes, and the best coffee you ever tasted is easy and automatic. With just the touch of a button, the DeLonghi Magnifica ESAM3500 will brew, froth, and steam automatically your favorite coffee beverage. And it will dispense a small, medium, or large 12 oz. drink of your choice into your own cup or mug, quickly and easily. Just think, no more having to get into your car and drive several miles or brave the elements to get your favorite coffee drink.

The Magnifica 3500 is a self contained complete brewing station. This wonderful machine will be like owning your own barista. It’ll grind, tamp, brew, steam, and froth your favorite coffee to the exact strength and temperature you desire.

And to make sure your espresso is served at it’s ideal temperature, there’s even a double boiler system, so there’s no waiting time between brewing and frothing.

And of course clean up is also effortless. There’s an automatic cleaning function that rinses the interior of your machine after each brew. So don’t worry about coffee build-up. There’s even a light that will come on when your machine needs descaling. The fully automated Magnifica 3500 will also let you know when the coffee grinds dump box is full and needs to be emptied. And it’s drip tray is easily removed, emptied, and dishwasher safe. These added features make this machine simple and easy to keep clean.

The Magnifica 3500 comes with a professional conical burr grinder that allows you customization of the grind setting. It also features 5 different strength settings: extra mild, mild, medium, strong, and extra strong. One of these settings is bound to satisfy your tastes.

To ensure maximum flavor extraction from your grounds, it also has a special pre-infusion cycle which pre-moistens your coffee grounds. This will help ensure a golden creamy topping for an outstanding espresso.

It also has a detachable milk container so that your milk can be safely stored in your refrigerator. This container can also be easily replaced with an included hot water nozzle, allowing you to dispense hot water for hot chocolate, tea, or caf Americano. And with a 64 oz. water reservoir, you’ll be able to serve numerous luscious espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes to your friends and guests. I’m sure they’ll be very impressed by your new found barista skills.

The Magnifica 3500 also comes with a bypass doser allowing you to use pre-ground coffee. This is a great feature which will further accommodate many coffee drinkers, especially those preferring decaffeinated or flavored coffee.

Espresso was invented in Italy, so it’s only natural that one of the finest espresso machines comes from Italy, namely the DeLonghi Magnifica ESAM3500.

If you should ever require assistance for your DeLonghi espresso machine, they have established an exclusive “White Glove Service” for Magnifica owners only. Specially trained customer service representatives are there to assist and help you. And if for whatever reason your espresso machine should require repairs while still under warranty, the DeLonghi Company will ship and repair it for free.

For more information and to get your own DeLonghi Magnifica ESAM3500, please visit Magnifica 3500 today so you can enjoy a rich creamy espresso tomorrow!

David Allen loves coffee, but hates wasting time and money going to coffee shops and cafes, especially when he can brew a far better cup of coffee, espresso, cappuccino, and latte at home. To learn more about how you too can brew the best coffee beverage you ever tasted, please visit

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If you have special passion for hosting vibrating parties at home, include a set of soda chargers in your 2011 festive shopping list. It is anytime best buy but if you get it before the fast approaching festive season, you will feel how much you were missing till now. You feel great convenience at parties by having it on a bar corner table to energize the drinks. As most of people can use it by self, you get more time to enjoy the party as well as to attend the guests.

Soda chargers are known as Soda syphon, syphon seltzer or seltzer bottle also. It is used to dispense carbonated soda water. Soda charging units are anytime great addition to kitchen or dining place collection. Their presence excellently upgrades corner bar space. If you like to entertain the guests with your bold signature style, bring soda chargers set to energize different beverages with the soda of desired strength and flavor.

Soda chargers facilitate to refresh and expand cocktails menu. Many of varieties may not be find elsewhere and thus you get all around appreciation for your hosting style and trend consciousness. There are very few people who have syphon seltzer. These are being used since a long time in restaurants and bars but their use for domestic application is still little known. But, it is gaining tremendous popularity now in almost all the continents and communities. Domestic models are available at very reasonable price in all the leading departmental stores. Otherwise, these can be had through online stores.

Using it very first time is not a tough task. It does not need any kind of training . Just go through the instruction chart that comes along with and enjoy the strength of your drinks. Soda chargers are used to carbonate and dispense soda containing baking soda in permissible limit. These have high pressure to dispense the carbonated water quickly making the drinks bubbly. High pressure mixes CO2 in beverage uniformly. Blend of CO2 known as carbon dioxide delivers unique taste. Experienced users say that soda chargers make the drink more refreshing.

Soda chargers are available in wide range of brands. Many new entrants offer attractive discounts also to get the attention of users. These may be equally good to trusted and well established brands but if you are not in mood to compromise with strength of beverages to be served, get the best. Most of leading brands offer online trading facility. So, be ready to say cheers in great mood of celebration.

Jonnie N. Allen working with Mr. Whip for last ten years and have a wide knowledge of soda dispensers, cream canisters, soda chargers, and nos canisters, soda dispensers etc.

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