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Dallas International Lighting Market
Event on 2018-01-17 00:00:00
Dallas International Lighting Market is happening on 17 Jan 2018 at Dallas Market Center Dallas, United States Of America. Its a premier event in Lights & Lighting industry.

Book a stall at!

at Dallas Market Center
2100 Stemmons Freeway
Dallas, United States


Antibalas – VIP Upgrade – Sep 23 Trees, Dallas, TX
Event on 2017-09-23 16:00:00
We're offering you the opportunity to join us before doors open for a one of a kind experience. With this upgrade, you get: Be there for part of the soundcheck Meet & Greet with the band Photo opp with the band Signed tour poster First opportunity to get merch and have it signed Be part of this unique experience! Notes: Exact start time to be communicated closer to the event. GA ticket not included. 

at Trees
2707 Elm Street
Dallas, United States


Check out these live news images:

Roxette Live Sydney
live news
Image by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer
Roxette have topped the charts three times down under in Australia and with a portfolio of massive hits including It Must Have Been Love, Joyride, Listen To Your Heart, How Do You Do, Sleeping In My Car, Dressed For Success and The Look, this is fully expected to be one of the best live music events of 2012.

Last night they drew strong numbers at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, and tonight they did it once again.

Promoter Live Nation had taken a chance of bringing the Swedish group out here after two other Australian promoters knocking them back. By all accounts Live Nation’s punt has paid back dividends, both to the fans, the group, and to the bottom line.

Scandanavian pop acts have an illustrious chart history here. Fellow Swede’s ABBA could vouch for that.

Entertainment industry experts have gone on record that its the Australia’s 30 to 40 year old audience remembering the powerful and emotional songs that they heard in their youth that explains the strong drawing pull.

It was back in 1995, not long after their commercial high spot, they didn’t perform to so many people.

Charm School is their first album in ten years and its built upon the foundation that made them great.

The band is the platform for vocalist Marie Fredriksson and songwriter and guitarist Per Gessle.

The appreciative crowd lapped up Dressed For Success, Joy Ride and The Look.

‘It Must Have Been Love’ was a definite karaoke moment to say the least.

They combine really catchy numbers, solid voices, charisma, fashion sense and strong drawing power.

The band is expected to continue to draw strong audience numbers while touring Australia.


1. Dressed For Success
2. Sleeping In My Car
3. The Big L
4. Wish I Could Fly
5. Stars
6. She’s Got Nothing On But…
7. Perfect Day
8. Things Will Never Be The Same
9. Opportunity Nox
11. Fading Like A Flower
12. Crash! Boom! Bang!
13. How Do You Do?
14. Dangerous
15. Joyride
16. Watercolours In The Rain
17. Spending My Time
18. The Look
19. Listen To Your Heart
20. Church Of Your Heart

1927 Opens The Show…

1927 were a perfect band to open things up for Roxette.

The are an Aussie pop/rock band formed in Melbourne in 1987 with James Barton on drums, Bill Frost on bass guitar, his brother Garry Frost on guitar and keyboards, and Erik Weideman on vocals, guitar and keyboards. They were extremely popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s with their major hit songs "If I Could", "Compulsory Hero" and "That’s When I Think of You" and their multi-platinum #1 album …ish.

Some of the crowd was so into 1927, it would be reasonable to suggest that for some fans 1927 were the stars, supported by Roxette. Whatever the case, it was an awesome double act.


1. Fright Of Your Life
2. To Love Me
3. Don’t Forget Me
4. You’ll Never Know
5. Tell Me A Story
6. Hero
7. If I Could
8. That’s When




Sydney Entertainment Centre

Live Nation

Eva Rinaldi Photography Flickr

Eva Rinaldi Photography

Music News Australia


Le Erbe del Patriarcato – Erbe e Benessere
Event on 2017-09-02 09:30:00
La manifestazione si svolgerà nel primo weekend di settembre, nel centro storico di Cividale del Friuli, in provincia di Udine, e presso la sede dell'Associazione Regionale Produttori di Erbe del FVG, nella splendida cornice del Giardino del Chiostro. Secondo appuntamento del 2017 completamente dedicato alle Erbe aromatiche, officinali e spontanee del territorio friulano con particolare attenzione al Benessere derivante dal loro utilizzo, in tutti i settori, dalla cucina ai prodotti erboristici e salutistici, dagli infusi agli oli essenziali, dalla cosmesi al benessere nel senso più ampio. Rispetto all’edizione primaverile, si punterà di più sulle piante officinali come uso, tradizioni, prodotti e sugli aspetti salutistici delle Erbe nell’alimentazione. L'evento sarà organizzato, come di consueto, dall’Associazione Regionale dei Produttori di Erbe del Friuli Venezia Giulia in collaborazione con Veneto a Tavola, supportati da associazioni che operano sul territorio, sotto il patrocinio del Comune di Cividale e delle principali istituzioni regionali. Oltre al ricco mercatino dedicato alle erbe officinali e aromatiche e ai loro prodotti, sono previsti incontri tematici, attività divulgative, laboratori aperti per bambini e adulti, escursioni e visite guidate, degustazioni e cene a tema, oltre ai mercatini dei soci A.R.P.E. FVG e di SALUTE ALLE ERBE – BONTA’ & BENESSERE. Nei locali del Centro di Cividale verranno proposti aperitivi e stuzzichini a base di erbe aromatiche e spontanee; nelle gelaterie, nelle pizzerie e nei ristoranti gusti e proposte in cui le Erbe saranno protagoniste. La mostra mercato ospiterà oltre 60 espositori con un’area dedicata completamente alle piante aromatiche: erbe fresche, prodotti alimentari, erboristici e salutistici, cosmesi naturali e piccolo artigianato. Una mostra con 100 piante aromatiche e relative schede descrittive verrà allestita sotto il portico del Museo Archeologico. La manifestazione si prefigge lo scopo di far conoscere ed apprezzare la grande risorsa delle erbe aromatiche, officinali e spontanee del territorio friulano, le aziende che se ne occupano, ma anche di creare momenti di confronto e discussione sui molti aspetti legati al mondo delle Erbe: tradizioni, cultura, gastronomia, benessere e turismo. Il programma completo sarà visibile da fine luglio nel sito dell’Associazione e del Comune di Cividale INFO: Veneto a Tavola facebook Venetoatavola tel. 335.6033639 A.R.P.E. FVG facebook ARPE FVG – Associazione Regionale Produttori Erbe del Friuli Venezia Giulia  

at Cividale del Friuli
Chiesa di San Francesco , Piazza san Francesco
Cividale del Friuli, Italy


Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) (Houston, TX)
Event on 2017-10-12 09:00:00
agile42's Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) training class is a two-day learning experience that provides students a full immersion into Agile principles and the practices that define the Scrum framework, in addition to a deep dive into tools and techniques to become an effective Product Owner.  The class is presented in a highly interactive and collaborative format with exercises, games, simulations, video and group discussion throughout the class. This 2-day course highlights how strong Product Ownership is key to value delivery and the success of agile organizations. Not only will the course enable you to understand the product owner role in depth, it will also enable you to learn the practices necessary to succeed as a product owner. In this course you will learn the differences between traditional and agile approaches to product management and software development, and how to apply Agile & Scrum practices in enterprise environments. We will also discuss real-world organizational changes such as managing large or multiple teams, release planning and tracking progress through the right metrics. What You Can Expect to Learn Understand the principles underlying agile methodologies and how to apply them in a team context Connect agile principles to the core lean disciplines and understand how to apply lean and agile principles to software/product development Learn about the trends driving agile adoption and the benefits of an iterative and incremental approach Gain a common vocabulary and understanding of the Scrum framework Understand the roles and responsibilities of the Product Owner, ScrumMaster and Development Team Experience the product definition process, from visioning to requirements capture to story mapping to creating a product backlog Learn how to create a binding product vision and use it to elicit requirements Understand the value of prioritization and business value estimation Practice writing and splitting user stories Release planning and the minimum viable product Learn through doing, building an actual product backlog from start to finish Understand how lean startup (validated learning) principles impact the          product design process    Upon successful completion of the 2 day course, you will receive the Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) designation and a membership in the Scrum Alliance.  You may also claim 14 hours of 'Scrum Education Units' (SEUs) toward becoming a Certified Scrum Professional (CSP). PMI members may claim 14 PDUs for PMP and the PMI-ACP.    FAQs       2days before training you will receive a pre-course email re-confirming venue details, catering and parking options.  You will also receive an email from the trainer outlining learning expectations.         Is my registration/ticket transferrable? Yes, you can always transfer to a different date for the same course at no extra charge. Do you have to bring anything with you to the class? Leave your laptop at home and bring a pen and a smile.  You will be provided with a workbook.   What is the refund policy? Cancellations more than 2 weeks before the course date receive a full refund.  Cancellations within 2 weeks of the course date receive a 70% refund.    

at Dallas, Texas, United States
Dallas, Texas, United States
Dallas, United States


Jerry Rocha
Event on 2017-09-30 21:00:00

at Hyenas Dallas
5321 East Mockingbird
Dallas, United States


Praising in the Rain | Alabando Bajo la Lluvia
Event on 2017-10-27 19:00:00
(desplace hacia arriba para español) "Praising in The Rain" Sing Praises to God, Sing Praises to our King Date: October 27-29, 2017 Where: Renaissance Dallas Richardson Hotel, Richardson, TX900 E Lookout Drive, Richardson, TX 75082 Featuring: English/Spanish/Teens ProgramsPowerful General Sessions Inspiring Seminars Invite A Friend, Share A Room And Save Early Registration: 0 p/person (ends Sept.15, 11:59 PM) Late Registration: 9 p/person (starts Sept. 16, 12:00 AM) Hotel registration | Reservación de hotel: 5 p/night, p/roomRoom can sleep up to 4, (comes to .25 p/person, p/night)Click here to make your hotel reservation. Parking: parking is complimentary for registered hotel guests only. For more information about the hotel, visit Renaissance Dallas Richardson Hotel. Español "Alabando Bajo la Lluvia"Cantad alabanzas a Dios, Cantad alabanzas a nuestro Rey Fecha: 27-29 de octubre, 2017 Lugar: Renaissance Dallas Richardson Hotel, Richardson, TX900 E Lookout Drive, Richardson, TX 75082 Presentando: Programación en inglés/español/y para adolescentes Sesiones Generales de PoderSeminarios inspiradores Invita a una amiga, comparte una habitación y ahorra Inscripción temprana: 0 p/person (termina el 15 de sept. a las 11:59 PM) Inscripción tardía: 9 p/person (empieza el 16 de sept. a las 12:00 AM) Reservación de Hotel 5 p/noche, p/habitaciónLa habitación puede acomodar hasta 4 personas (sale a .25 p/persona, p/noche)Haga clic aquí para reservar su habitación de hotel. Estacionamiento: el espacio de estacionamiento es complementario solamente para las personas registradas en el hotel. Para más información acerca del hotel, visite Renaissance Dallas Richardson Hotel.

at Renaissance Dallas Richardson Hotel
900 East Lookout Drive
Richardson, United States


Some cool radio images:

Image by Thomas Beck Photo

Image by get directly down

Image by Michael Cory


There are many different advantages associated with emergency weather radios. Regardless of where you live, or the emergency conditions that you may be subjected to, weather radios have the capability of providing you with the detailed information that you need in order to preparing for situations that could potentially endanger the health and safety of yourself, as well as your loved ones. Many individuals that have experienced severe weather conditions in their area such as tornadoes and hurricanes have successfully made it through such dangers by adhering to the alerts issued on emergency weather radios. Throughout this guide, you will learn important details pertaining to weather radios.

An emergency weather radio uses the nationwide network of a variety of radio based stations known as “NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards” or “NWR”. When you incorporate a weather radio into your home, the broadcasts that you receive will come from an office that is in near proximity to your area. The office is a branch from the National Weather Service. This service offers warnings, various types of watches, an assortment of forecasts, and other types of information that directly pertain to potential hazards that could directly impact yourself and your loved ones. This information is offered twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Many individuals enjoy the benefit of receiving detailed weather information at any time of the day.

Many individuals believe that emergency weather radios only offer information pertaining to weather hazards. This is the number one reason why many fail to purchase weather radios. These individuals typically live in an area where the weather is fair and they believe that if an emergency arises they will be able to acquire the information that they need through other means such as a television news broadcasts or a standard radio. However, weather radios provide in depth information around the clock on more than just weather emergencies. They also provide information on natural disasters, chemical related emergencies, and other types of public emergencies.

There are many different types of emergency weather radios available on the market today. In order to choose one, you must consider your lifestyle, your budget, and your overall needs as they pertain to protecting yourself and your loved ones. If you travel a lot, for example, you may benefit from weather radios that are portable in nature. If you live in areas that are known to experience severe weather such as Florida, you may benefit from a radio that has a large number of functions and alert features. If you are on a limited budget, you will likely benefit from radios that simply turn on and off and run broadcasts accordingly. There are many different models and features in emergency radios that will benefit you in numerous ways. Taking the steps to prepare for an emergency situation is essential to surviving such a situation. By evaluating and choosing among the many emergency weather radios on the market today, you will increase your chance of survival.

At Shortwave Radio Gear we take pride in offering a versatile selection of top-quality shortwave,emergency powered, emergency weather radios, and two-way radios for every level of listener from the first timer to the seasoned radio enthusiast.

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Check out these marrakech images:

Musuem of Marrakech
Image by simononly