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A few nice recipes images I found:

Homemade Chouriço
Image by djwtwo
I’ve been wanting to make chouriço from scratch for some time (along with making a hard cheese, which I tackled about a month ago and am patiently waiting to sample the next wedge of). A post on Michael Ruhlman’s blog prompted me to pursue both of these, and while I wasn’t able to get to either over the summer, I’ve finally gotten around to both of them this fall.

Chouriço is a slightly-spicy Portuguese sausage that’s very popular among the Luso-American population in southeastern Massachusetts, where I grew up. In trying to find a recipe for this, it seems that there are dozens of variations, at least. It’s similar, but not identical, to chorizo. Growing up, I saw chouriço (and it’s less-spicy, more garlicky cousin linguiça) used as a pizza topping, served cooked with green peppers, stewed in wine, ground up and mixed with tomato sauce for spaghetti, or served “bombeiro”-style atop burning liquor. My wife likes to use the ground filling, mixed with cheese and dough and baked into little puffs as an appetizer.


5 1/2 lb. pork shoulder (Boston butt)
1/2 lb. uncured pork fat (back fat if you can find it)
40 grams kosher salt
14 grams dextrose
9 grams DQ Cure #2
50 grams sweet paprika
7 grams garlic powder
5 grams cayenne pepper
4 grams ground black pepper
4 tbl ruby Port
hog casings

(I buy my dextrose and the cure from My local supermarkets all carry hog casings.)


Cut half of the pork shoulder into cubes between 1/4" and 1/2" in size. Grind the other half through the large plate on a meat grinder, and the fat through the small plate. I find it works best to work with well-chilled meat and fat, bordering on frozen, for the stuff going through the grinder, and you’ll need to work to keep the mixture cold so the fat doesn’t start to melt on you.

Sprinkle the dextrose, salt, and cure over the meat and mix with your clean hands, then let sit for 15-20 minutes to let them dissolve into the meat a bit. Add the other spices and the Port, put into a zip-top bag or a covered bowl, and let marinate at least overnight in the refrigerator.

When ready to stuff, test the spices by frying up a small portion of the filling (you might want a little more cayenne or garlic, depending on your tastes). Soak your hog casings in 3-4 changes of cool water to get rid of the salt they’re packed in, then rinse the insides of the casings with warm water (just let the water run all the way through the casing). Stuff the casings with the pork mixture, tie into links of whatever size you like–anywhere from 6"-10" seems pretty typical. Leave the sausages to incubate at room temperature (about 70°F) for 48 hours.

Finally, cold-smoke* the sausages for 4 hours, and refrigerate or freeze to store. Since this is cold-smoked, the pork is still raw, so cook the sausages as you would other fresh sausages to serve.

Alternately, if you don’t want to stuff the sausages into casings, you can substitute smoked paprika for the sweet paprika, and just form the sausage into patties after it’s done marinating. Less authentic, still tasty.

Makes about 14 8" sausages.

I shot these outside, in the late afternoon, to take advantage of the natural light.

Note: if you’re buying bone-in pork shoulder, remember that you’re looking for 5 1/2 pounds of meat once it’s off the bone.

*While I have a smoker, it’s not designed as a cold-smoker. I was able to make a very inexpensive, and surprisingly effective, cold smoke generator to use in my smoker with the technique in this YouTube video. One soldering iron (new, so as to be solder-free) later, problem solved. Just remember that almost all cans these days used to pack food are coated with plastic on the interior, so burn that layer off on a grill or in a fire (I used a propane torch). Hardwood smoke good; plastic smoke not so much.

eggnog (gluten free and vegan)
Image by elana’s pantry
I can’t count the number of times I’ve been asked for a vegan eggnog recipe. This gluten free, dairy free (egg free) eggnog is not too challenging to make and full of filling rich yumminess.

cranberry walnut bread
Image by elana’s pantry
Here is a gluten free cranberry walnut bread recipe (using coconut flour) that everyone in my family likes to munch on.

Question by rock4life7003: Tap water compared to bottled water.?
On a scale of 1-10 what would you rate the quality of tap water? What would you rate the quality of bottled water?

Best answer:

Answer by Satinna G
Tap water 1 or 2
Bottle water 9 or 10
I really like evian or deer park
Poland spring is bad it taste like tap water to me.

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Question by capitan eugi: mi sapete dire la ricetta della tapas?
è un piatto spagnolo

Best answer:

Answer by Corvato
i love tapas

my favorite is a chorizo and cheese buiscuit.

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Question by Kiki: Is it possible to find a longhorn and aggie tshirt that has both teams on it….?
My brother attends UT and I recently got accepted into A&M and I want to get my mom a shirt that says something like “Longhorn AND Aggie Mom” or something cute. If there is not shirt like that, please give me some funny or cute sayings so I can make my mom a shirt. Thanks so much!!

Best answer:

Answer by Rachel
Proud mother of a Longhorn AND aggie

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FM Dallas

Question by qnturner1975: Having a brunch, any recipe ideas?
I’m having a brunch and looking for some “new” menu ideas/recipes. Anyone have any creative and fun recipes that would work for a late breakfast/brunch? Thanks in advance!

Best answer:

Answer by texasirishrose
blueberry waffles
cranberry scones are delicious homemade
make a scrambled egg and sausage casserole
cheese biscuits
blueberry biscuits are delicious
I like the little cocktail weiner(sausages) and I put toothpicks near so people can pick them up.

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Some cool cola images:

Faded Coca-Cola Mural – Dayton, TN
Image by (aka Brent)
This mural faces a general store along a corner of the Dayton Town Square. In the top corner of the ad is the word DRINK and in the bottom right corner is a coke bottle on a yellow circle.

Above the Coke Mural is an ad for Mansfields Coffee Shoppe. A block away is a place called Mansfield’s Diner, which I will assume is the same place.

Coca-Cola carro Fiat Uno
Image by roitberg
Coke vendors car in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro

Image by sjmck

Question by Liz J: I have a few unopened bottles of good quality chianti vintage 1975. Are they still drinkable?
I inherited some wine from my grandfathers wine cellar. He bought a lot of wine about 20 years ago and then found out that he couldn’t drink it due to health reasons. He kept it stored in the basement at a cool temperature. He had a lot of different kinds of wine and many different brands so I am not going to list all of them here. I was just curious weather or not wine that old is still drinkable. Thanks a lot.

Best answer:

Answer by andreaqi
It could be. Chianti can last quite long if preserved in the right way. If you find bottles of Rosso di Montalcino, Brunello di Montalcino, Barolo, with DOC or DOCG mark you have found a treasury. Each bottle can be valued hundreds of USD.
I.e. a standard Barolo or Brunello of 1975 has a price between 100 and 300-400 USD per bottle and more (taxes and transportation excluded, c/o the owner, wholesale price).
Conditions to believe it will be good are linked to the way the wine was preserved. If wines were not exposed to light too long, not to temperature shock and the basement was cool but not freezing, there is a good chance, if bottles were kept horizontally , the plug is a cork plug, is not apparently damaged… well you have a good chance.
Wine should be open several hours before drinking it: for wines so old, I suggest at least 3 to 4 hours before and to take them out of the bottle and into a decanter, paying attention to do not pick up the residues on the bottom of the bottle. At this point you may examine the colour against a natural light. If the colour is brownish on the sides it is possible your wine has become more of a liquor (a kind of Marsala or Port). Well, you have just to try, but pay attention to do not destroy rare bottles.
White wines have usually a much shorter life once in bottle

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