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Check out these soda images:

Melissa Pierce – Roadtrippin to SXSW With The Jones Soda Crew
Image by Kris Krug
on the road from Phoenix, Arizona to Austin, TX for SXSW. 2 days in the Jones Soda RV in the desert!

Soda Straw
Image by im me
These tubes form when calcium carbonate or calcium sulfate dissolved in the water comes out of solution and is deposited. In soda straws, as each drop hovers at the tip, it deposits a ring of mineral at its edge. It then falls and a new drop takes its place. Each successive drop of water deposits a little more mineral before falling, and eventually a tube is built up.

Given their hollow nature, soda straws are quite fragile. This one is in Jewel Cave National Monument in far western South Dakota. This was along the Scenic Tour, the only one they had going while I was there. Best at large size.

My Fat Loss Program — 00:39 Ingredients that you should have on hand so you can “throw together” a great dinner anytime 1:40 The …
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A beloved family friend, and a passion for many, the cat is widely appreciated creature. No other pet is quite like in with their incredible personalities and beautiful appearances. To keep your precious pet healthy and happy takes a lot of tender loving care and plenty of delicious food and treats. To get the best in cat food of all kinds at the lowest prices will mean getting Meow Mix coupons.

The cat has been the master of independent pets since ancient times. Cleopatra helped immortalize the cat as a mysterious and unique animal to keep as a pet. Many cultures throughout history told of the exotic powers of the feline and all of its relatives. To this day the mystique and admiration for cats and cat kind has never wavered.

Part of our love for the cat is in their ability to be loving and affectionate friends to anyone that they bond too. While at the same time a cat can content itself without the need for constant attention and care. Too much attention can be just as bad as not enough for most animals, but our feline friends always seem to get everything just the way they want it.

Keeping any pet healthy is a matter of keeping them active and eating right. Proper nutrition is a huge factor in maintaining a healthy pet and giving it a long and happy life. Quality food can often extend the life of our found family friends by keeping them fit and well nourished. Diet is key to a long life of wellness and joy.

Meow Mix has covered all the bases when it comes to giving cats what they want. That means great taste and plenty of protein. Cats need lots of meat in their diet and their bodies can nearly function on meat alone, but a balanced high protein diet is the path to longevity. Variety is the spice of life and our furry friends now it.

Tastes of all sorts attract the attention of felines. Meow mix has a seemingly endless array of flavors and healthy delights for cat kind. Fish of all sorts from your basic tuna and salmon flavor to the more exotic red snapper and crab meat flavors that will drive your pet wild. All of this and more can be found in their wet cat food assortment, along with a seafood medley in the dry food department.

Many styles of food for all ages of cats and kittens is available right now. Cups of food in amazing flavors and variety packs can make each meal new and exciting. Medicated food for hairball control can also be found to improve the life of your cat. Do not forget the kitty treats when shopping for your pet food. Tartar Control Crunch can be a treat with a helpful bonus of cleaning the cats teeth in the process.

The trouble is with so much variety and selection it can get costly when you start to add it all together, but it does not have to be. A quick web search for Meow Mix coupons will net huge rewards. A discount that will keep your cat eating right at the right price is a win win for everyone. Find the coupon codes right now and get saving, your cat will appreciate it each and every day.

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The second half of last year, prices have infant milk powder, milk ocean first reason for rising costs to price increases, and then went to milk this year, taking over from the domestic reasons or the cost of operating costs covered, south to Guangzhou, north to Yantai, west to Xian, Yang infant milk powder price increases in the retail side are more than 10%, while domestic brands Zeyi Ashley Kicks, is expected to start from the April price increase about 10%. However, there is a senior expert said: Now milk Raw material Lower prices than two months ago has dropped by almost 5,000 yuan / ton, the cost also increases what? If the basis of cost, raw milk before the drop in price to 12,000 yuan / ton of time, how did they down? Is clearly just want to make more money!

Market phenomena Domestic milk prices No major movement

retail terminal Earlier, news that will follow the foreign-made milk powder milk prices, but the reporter found in consultation with the supermarket, to the time of writing been officially posted prices on the supermarket notice only Ashley’s Gold and General Alpha Gold milk two, price increases about 10%. Ashley side said that at present they are only verbal notice, written notice has not yet formally issued. As for other domestic brands of milk, prices have not yet been given notice. Pokka has even said to reporters until the time of writing, has not yet received any official price increase notification of domestic brands, but Mengniu Pure milk and Vitasoy Carrefour still do specials.

Domestic milk market, yet has happened, but the price rise is the local liquid milk. The popularity of local milk, Chinese farmers Yogurt Single-product increase of about 0.2 yuan to 0.3 yuan. In retail outlets, popular 195 ml of milk sold by the bag of 1.8 yuan rose to 2 yuan, Chinese farmers of sweet milk rose to 1.8 yuan, 0.2 yuan’s rise basically has the grounds that the increase in cost.

Milk prices Consumers reluctantly “hard chew” Although the foreign milk powder prices have

up, but several major supermarket in the months of reporters found that consumers still come to buy a lot of milk. Have Sell Officials said the number of consumers now buy milk and the prices sound just before the fact, because “kids always eat milk.” The current domestic brands of milk, in addition to Ashley’s common Gold and Alpha Gold milk of two expected from April onwards adjusted, the other brands not see price increases. Press scene has the two young couples counseling, they said, would rather “pay exorbitant prices to eat import brands, domestic brands do not want to buy,” because “there now Melamine Milk, I wonder when we can say that there is no domestic milk powder melamine! “As consumers still lack confidence in domestic milk powder, so even if prices continue to foreign milk powder, but not domestic milk prices, consumers still tend to choose your price of foreign milk powder.

Depth analysis Prices due to foreign control of the pricing formula?

Infant formula has been continuously since the second half of last year prices. Overall, from 2008 to the present, imports of milk powder have been successively increase of 3 times. The first price increase was in April 2008 to June, when the melamine baby milk powder incident surfaced, Dairy Milk industry is fierce war, was raised to very high purchase price, including Wyeth, Dumex, Abbott, etc., the collective prices of infant formula milk powder. Seven in August last year, Wyeth and Abbott launched a new round of price increases the first wave, as a result of melamine in infant milk powder incident, domestic milk sales hampered sales of imported milk powder greatly increased opportunity to capture the market and raise prices again. Wyeth brand Erduan then, three paragraphs, four unified formula of the ex-factory price up 7%, while the introduction of new products on behalf of Abbott Zeyi up 10%. Third wave of price increases is starting in January of this year, Nestle announced starting from January 1st part of adult milk powder prices 5% to 10% in February Mead Johnson’s product follow-up, while the resulting price rise include Australia excellent, because the United States and other shellfish.

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wine bar
by winni3

The word wine brings about many feeling the most common is it is time to celebrate. Most, if not all, are using wines as symbols of merrymaking and festivities; most celebrations, gatherings and special occasions include wine.  In most cases when family and friends visit wine will be poured, when you are promoted wine is poured, and when special occasions happen of course it means wine.  Some homes use wine everyday at lunch or dinner or both.  It seems that wine is a major part of peoples lives and some people take to collection the precious bottles.

If you are one of the many how has taken to the art of wine collecting, then storage is a and important part of your collection.  You will need a wine rack especially if your collection is growing into something truly inspiring.  If this is the case, you can get wine rack storage; there are dealers who offer wine rack storage for different needs. Whether you need wine rack storage for business, at the office for clients or simply at your personal wine bar at home; there are wine rack storage that will surely fit your preferences. Wine racks mostly come in different designs and you can use them whether for a  decorative purpose or utilitarian. But, all wine rack storage comes to common ground; that is to hold wine bottles to free up space in your bars or cellars.

Wine racks are designed to safely store bottles or simple display wine.  A wine rack can add ambience to a room, protect a wine in a cellar, or keep wine handy at the counter of your home.  When choosing wine racks determine if you are going to need it in your cellar or on your counter or bar.  There are wine racks that are made just for your cellar these can be modular or stackable making it easy to buy as many as you need.  There are wine racks you can find that fit on your counter making it easy to break out the next bottle.  You can also find a wine rack that will attach to the wall of you your kitchen also making wine retrieval easy.

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Question by Gary: Difference between espressos?
Not single/double/triple or short/long, but taste. I notice most espresso in America is really sour. Is there a name for that? And a name for the less sour European espressos? I’d like to be able to order what I want by name, if there is any–maybe it’s just different espresso culture and quality in America.

Best answer:

Answer by Del Mer
Most espresso in USA comes from burnt beans, especially typified by Starbucks. Espresso in Italy is not roasted that heavily and that leaves more coffee flavor and less acidity (sourness).

Give your answer to this question below!

Soap making is a fun process that can be a great hobby for personal use or gifts for family and friends. There are two main processes, the cold process and the melt and pour method.  Both are simple to do but the melt and pour is probably the easiest.

To make soap by the cold process first gather all your ingredients together and weigh out each item so everything is ready and at hand.  Make up your solution and leave to cool.  It should tell you how to do this on the packet.  Next, melt your hard oils.  These will need to be about 100 degree Fahrenheit before moving on to the next bit.  This is where the actual soap process starts.  Slowly add your lye solution to the oils stirring all the time.  Your new mix will start to go cloudy which is normal.  This process is called going to trace and is the point of no return in soap making where the oils and lye no longer separate.  It is best to use a hand blender at this point in short bursts as it takes a long time if done by hand.  At this stage add your fragrance oils.  And if you are adding any other products like petals or beads then you can mix these in at this time too. One that is thoroughly mixed, add your colour pigment.  This can be done all in one if you just want a uniform colour but if you want swirls in your soap, ladle out about a cup of mixture mix in the colour then holding several inches above the pot slowly pour your colour mix into the plain mix in one corner of your pot.  Then taking a spatula, swirl the mixture together being careful not to over mix. Gently pour your soap onto moulds using a back and forth motion scraping out the last bits.  To make sure there are no bubbles in gently tap your mould this also smoothes out the soap. You need to put your soap in a warm place now to cure and harden for at least 24 hours.  The mix does get hot at this point. Once hard gently ease soap out of the mould and cut into size suitable for your needs.  The soap is now ready for use but in order for it properly hardens so it will last longer they recommend that you leave for another 4 weeks.

The melt and pour method is much easier.  Cut your base soap in to small chunks and melt.  This takes about a minute in the microwave but make sure you use a suitable container and cover with cling film.  Take out and stir.  If the chunks have not completely melted put back in for another 30 seconds.  Let this cool down slightly before adding your essential oils and colour mixing thoroughly.  Pour soap into a mould and let cool.  If you cover the mould you can put it in the fridge to do this and will take a few hours.  Once the soap has set and is hard gently tap out of its mould and cut into usable sizes.  Your soap is now ready for use so enjoy!


Tony Marks is a writer providing information articles.  You can check out his latest site at Hand Made Soap Recipes where he provides information and advice on a rangeof items including Soap Recipes and much more

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Question by YouAreInContempt!: simple vegan dessert recipes?
Any simple vegan dessert recipes that don’t have 24908105940 ingredients in them? Preferably with chocolate. Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by Cereal Guy
Chocolate covered bacon.

Its awesome.

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Innovation is the source for the development of human society, but also a business development of the most noteworthy part. Ashley is among the innovation, optimize product structure and quality, thereby greatly improving the company’s leading position in the industry.

The continuous development of the national economy today, consumption gradually increase, especially in Dairy Area, no longer the sole factor in the price impact of consumer choice, food safety more and more of the market’s attention. Organic Food As the whole process of pollution in manufacturing in recent years, introduced to China from Europe and the United States, a new round of consumer boom, and the organic Milk More popular in foreign countries for many years, however, is still in the domestic market blank. It is in this context, to the professional image of the dairy market based Ashley, with many years of market sensitivity to and strong R & D capabilities, recently developed to produce more high-end milk products?? Organic full cream milk powder seasoning.

Ashley organic whole milk powder seasoning

From food safety point of view of environmental protection, food can be divided into three different types, namely, pollution-free food, Green Food , Organic food. Organic milk must come from the already established or are establishing organic agricultural production systems, strictly prohibiting the use in production such as fertilizers, growth regulators, Food Additives And other synthetic chemicals, and in strict accordance with the production, processing, storage, standards and through the independent authority of the national certification bodies. Ashley organic whole milk flavored milk, dairy products with the world’s leading supplier of?? Fonterra Cooperation To 100% imported New Zealand organic powder as raw material, in particular, to add organic bifidus factor, in the existing production systems and equipment based on the development of high standards of organic production management system and passed the state authorities in the Green Organic Certification Center certification. While in transport from the manufacturing process to packaging, the special emphasis and ensure that the products “all natural” and “full pollution-free” features, so Ashley organic whole milk powder to keep the original flavor of a variety of nutritious milk elements, a safer, more natural organic dairy nutrition.

And is different from conventional products, organic milk consumers pay more attention to the natural, healthy, eager to return to nature, but also require a higher quality of life of people. Almost harsh production environment and raw materials requirements, high cost of organic milk production, milk prices will be higher compared to other more. In view of this, the early market, listed only set in the coastal regions such as Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other economically developed regions. The same time, the initial arrangements to Carrefour, RT-Mart, Tesco-based international supermarkets as the main sales outlets.

Food industry from around the world to see, organic food is the trend. Currently, organic food company in the world is gradually gained wide recognition and welcome. Its safety, environmental protection, health, food structure is the top part. In recent years, with economic growth and raise living standards, China’s dairy industry is continuing to maintain a rapid growth momentum. But we also see the fact that the dairy industry is a bright spot for growth category infant and adult milk category has a variety of constraints, the industry is difficult to raise the total. As the organic development and application of adult dairy products, more consumer attention and willing to buy, no doubt to the development of adult milk powder market, to a vast new space and huge market potential.

The other hand, as a leader in the domestic dairy industry, Ashley Holdings, the first class in the domestic launch of organic Reconstituted milk powder, but also to make the brand into a strategic high ground, would certainly push the industry with an indelible the role of Ashley will also become a major event company. To this end, we should work together to promote the sales and growth of organic milk, so that more and more Chinese consumers to experience the environmental benefits of organic milk, health, natural living atmosphere.

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