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On this episode of The LaVigne Life: Dee give Baby Jerry a fun bath; Jerry Jr changes a smelly diaper; Baby Jerry plays with Lego blocks for the 1st time; br…
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Watch us make VODKA GUMMY BEARS! They are gummy bears soaked in alcohol. Tipsy Bartender, the best bartending show on YouTube, brings you the most amazing co…
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Arthur Brown is best known for his 1968 single, “Fire,” a number one hit that played all over the world and still airs to this day. The song is a product of …
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Question by HotMomma9907: Wedding Champagne?
I am getting married July 26th, and dont know what kind of champagne I should serve. I am already having a full bar at the reception site, but I really want champagne for my wedding party at our table, and then for whoever else wants some to toast. I know just about nothing about wines or the bubbly so I need some help! Just tell me what is the cheapest and still tastes good. I like sweet and fizzy. Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by orf1943
I did a quick search, but didn’t find what I was looking for. Some wineries will make a special label for the bottles, stating that it commemorates the wedding of xxxxxxxxx. You can also get champagne glasses that are etched with the commemoration. Here’s a good place to start. You can easily spend $ 100 to $ 300 per bottle. Buy decent champagne by the case, and you can get decent stuff for under $ 10.

***** added info *****

P.S. Nearly forgot. Congratulations.

***** more added info *****

Wow, HotMomma! I swear I didn’t put a curse on your question. I thought you’d get a ton of answers.

Anyhow, here’s a couple of places where you can get commemorative bottles.

Check back. I’ll look for champagne glasses.

***** when is this guy going to shut up *****

Expensive. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a glass for the bride and one for the groom?

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Question by salamander2090: Easy mixed drinks!!?
Im going to the beach next weekend for my 21st birthday. we are going to buy alcohol and stuff before we go. I only like mixed drinks but they all seem so complicated.. whats something easy that i can make and go instead of spending forever mixing half a dozen different alcohols. plus i dont want to buy all that and drag all the different bottles down there.. i want something simple and easy that can be made with 1 or 2 liquors.

Best answer:

Answer by swearbyit
malibu rum and pineapple juice… vodka and orange juice for screwdrivers or orange juice and champagne for mimosas. you basically can mix any hard liquor with any juice you want. spiced rum and strawberry crystal light is great. tequila and pomegranate is great too. vodka and lemonade is my favorite, simple and refreshing.

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Some cool wine images:

Wine Festival 2009 Lemesos
Image by George M. Groutas
Wine Festival 2009 Lemesos

The Wine Press – Hollingworth Lake
Image by RHL Images

Welcome to the Epcot Food & Wine Festvial
Image by Scott Smith (SRisonS)
One of the Pros of HDR…. capturing different exposures of a scene,and combining to make a great pic.

A Con…. moving subjects 🙁

I’m just too lazy to use a tripod.

Epcot International Food & Wine Festival
Walt Disney World, FL

Question by punkman545: How many Micheal Phelps records?
How many time records did Michael Phelps break in the 2008 Olympics

Best answer:

Answer by poloman
He broke 7 world records and 1 olympic record (that was the 100m butterfly).

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The Urban Bike Adventure Washington DC
Event on 2014-08-10 12:00:00

What is the Urban Bike Adventure?

The Urban Bike Adventure is designed for all skill levels, from the casual biker to the commuter to the triathlete, everyone can participate in this race. Teams of 2-4 members ride around the city solving clues, completing challenges and racing to check points. The goal is to complete all the checkpoints and make it back to the finish line. This is a choose your own adventure race and you can complete the checkpoints in any order.


• 2-4 Person Team Scavenger Hunt On Wheels.

• Part Bike Race.

• Part Obstacle Course.

• Part Amazing Race!


What do I get?

• T-Shirt

• Race Bib

• Chance for Raffle Prizes

• Goodies from sponsors



• 1st Place Overall 

• Top Female Team 

• Top Male Team

• Top Coed 

• Top 10 Teams Receive Medals

• Best Costume ( Gift Certificate)

at Downtown DC
Washington, United States

FM Washington

The upcoming World Cup every four years in Germany early next month, sky, 32 finalist teams are already in full preparation, the world will usher in a sports fans feast. However, the influence of the World Cup has already gone beyond the scope of sports, the world economy had a tremendous impact, according to expert estimates, the global business opportunities the World Cup effect brings up hundreds of billions of dollars, which is

Coca-Cola , Budweiser, Samsung , Philips Sponsored by such international giants have huge real reason the World Cup.

As a large consumer goods, all kinds of household appliances
Sell Have obvious seasonal, such as the annual spring
Home improvement Electric Strong Sales; summer
Air conditioning Consecutive blowout; autumn TV Explosive growth; winter Washing machine , Warm a small surge in demand for household appliances. However, apart from seasonal factors, artificial appliances used for creating more consumer hotspots, such as the two year

Golden Week All holiday products, such as the annual school at the 3C products, such as the World Cup’s TV audio.

Addition to a very small part of the lucky ones to watch in person at the scene, China is still hundreds of millions of fans will continue to support their favorite in front of the TV team, “enjoy a sumptuous visual feast of the World Cup” to be their most good choice in addition to advanced

TV Technology and high-definition Source Addition, a high-definition big screen TV of course, indispensable.
In accordance with the practice in previous years, all 51 categories will sell well for some time in the fall, then will start the air conditioner market overall, while the TV is relatively cold in May-June, but the World Cup is every four years to changing the “practices.” According to

Suning Electric TV Division responsible person, during the TV has been in the 51 most-played category sales, particularly in high-end large-screen flat-panel TV growth has made many times, the terminal feedback showed the highest percentage of fans to buy, even more than the purchase of factors Wedding .

The person in charge of, 51 trips during the many families choose not to buy color TV sets, while the World Cup countdown has also been touched many fans, shopping nervous, so from May to June, after 51 times between the implied the color TV market capacity even more than the 51, do this, Suning has TV World Cup across the country as the focus of the next phase, the maximum “Nuggets” World Cup.

Learned that Suning has spent 1.3 billion yuan for the best-selling color TVs for big purchases. Taking into account the individual needs of the ballpark, Suning for the fans of “visual feast” launched the “World TV” concept, for example,

Skyworth A and Mobile Hard disk One can record
LCD TV Screen response time of 4 ms, the screen appears within the sphere moving “off tail” phenomenon will be eliminated

Hisense “Fantasy” series of LCD products, known as the “World Cup of the best equipment”

TCL B68 Series LCD TV with high definition multimedia interface 32/40R7 Series Samsung LCD TV. In addition, purchasing a number of Suning small size of mobile TV, can not eliminate some of the fans at home watching the depressed.

TV business head also, as early as the 2004 European Cup Suning to launch large-scale marketing activities of sport, has accumulated rich experience in this World Cup will be in gifts, site layout, activities, prices and other aspects innovation, and to participate in the World Cup fans to create a theme park and arena points, ahead of World Cup experience the joy of passion.

The e-commerce company in China offers quality products such as Turbo VNT Parts , Turbo Back Plate, and more. For more , please visit Repair kits today!

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FM Dallas

Some cool metal images:

Metal Cactus Flower

Image by BobShrader
Cactus flower metal sculpture on display adjacent to a metal art studio in Albany, Texas. Shot with an Olympus E-620 and an Olympus 14-42mm zoom at 18mm. Raw development in Lightroom 5. Post processing in Perfect Photo Effects 8.

Caslon metal type letter e

Image by Leo Reynolds

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