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2018 CaJoKai We Run It! Conference
Event on 2018-06-23 14:00:00
CaJoKai We Run It! Conference is an annual event taking place in Dallas, Texas.  The confernce consist of panels and artists performances.  Most professional from throughout the United States are in attedance.  A platform put in place, to assist artist with getting to the next level. 2018 Panelist Amad Henderson (Founder of Universal Zulu Nation – Record label executive) Aaron Shevack (Vice President of Fleet DJs) Core DJ Hershey (Grammy Nominee/Actor/Radio Host) Wildman Teddy T (Brand Manager/Music Exchange/Radio personality) Lady C (Promotions/Marketing-VirDiKo) 2017 Event Details Over 300 people in attendance. Previous Panelist: big daddie The DJ (CEO of VirDiKo) DJ Johnny O (CEO of Nerve DJs) Kermit “SuperStar Maker” Henderson (CEO of ECMD) The legendary DJ Earthquake (producer-discovered Vanilla Ice) George Lopez (CEO of T-Town Music Group and DSR) No refunds will be given. Must print eventbrite pass to enter event. DJs are free until April 1st, must contact us in advance for registration.

at Hilton Garden Inn
2325 North Stemmons Freeway
Dallas, United States


All-Star 2018 Housing-Lodging Packages
Event on 2018-02-16 00:00:00
Housing/Lodging Options for he NBA All-Star Best Places to Stay and Home Rentals for NBA All-Star Going To The NBA All-Star in Los Angeles? Welcome to Lime Luxury Housing where we feature home rentals and houses for rent for major sporting events around the world. Offering special event rentals for NBA All-Star rentals, our rental listings are a terrific option for finding the perfect vacation home rental to make your sporting events the most memorable ever. We have great places to stay during NBA All-Star here in Los Angeles, CA. Get the most out of the stay by staying where the action is. Many of our units are steps to the event. When you book a unit through Lime Luxury Housing today we are proud to say that you can expect the best for you and your group. As we've grown to represent hundreds of units nationwide we have built our entire business around the quality of experience for our clients. Whether you need a place to stay for the big game or you want to access the most exciting rental market in the country, we're your team! For availability Fill out a Lime Event Housing for available Housing and Lodging. Lime Luxury Housing VIP Package: 4 to14 nights’ accommodations A+ quality community Elegant living environments Spacious one to five bedroom suites An industry expert as your single point of contact Living in close proximity to where you work and play Amenities such as swimming pools, fitness facilities and business centers Impeccable weekly/bi-weekly cleaning service Local & long distance phone service Voicemail service All utilities (electric, gas, water, trash, etc.) included in rate Expanded cable television Internet service Stylish, comfortable, quality furniture Fully equipped kitchen Complete bedroom and bathroom linen and houseware packages Customized billing (Payment Plan) Personal concierge service LLH Welcome Gift Bag/Package Additional Services Personal Assistant Personal chef Car Rental Butler Service Errand Service Office space rental Etc.                                                                                                                           We are not affiliated with NBA All-Star. #Corporatehousing #shorttermrental #vacationsrental #Condominiums #Townhouse #Loft #Penthouse #House #Large House #Apartment #RetreatLocation #Hotel #OfficeSpace #ConferenceRoom #Venue #mansion #Retreat #NFLDraft #HouSuperBowl #HTX #Corporatehousing #shorttermrental #vationsrental #Condominiums #Townhouse #Loft #Penthouse #House #Large House #Apartment #RetreatLocation #Hotel #OfficeSpace #ConferenceRoom #Venue #mansion #Retreat #shorttermrental #vationsrental #hotels #superbowl #essencefestival #allstar #sxsw #dallascowboys #neworleanssatints #atlantafalcons #nba #nfl #superbowlrental #essencefestivalrental #allstarrental #sxswrental #dallascowboysrental #neworleanssatintsrental #atlantafalconsrental #nbarental #nflrental #condo #house #townhouse #loft #corporatetravel #corporateevents #Concierge #ProfessionalWomen #ProfessionalMen #shorttermrental #vationsrental #hotels #superbowl #essencefestival #allstar #sxsw #dallascowboys #neworleanssatints #atlantafalcons #nba #nfl #superbowlrental #essencefestivalrental #allstarrental #sxswrental #dallascowboysrental #neworleanssatintsrental #atlantafalconsrental #nbarental #nflrental #shorttermrental #vationsrental #hotels #California #DC #DistrictofColumbia #Florida #Georgia #Illinois #Louisiana #NewJersey #NewYork #Texas #Virginia #WestVirginia #celebrities #Concierge #Westside #Malibu #BeverlyHills #Hollywood #SanFernandoValley #SanGabrielValley #DesertRegion #CA #California – Sacramento #Colorado #Aspen #CO #Denver #DistrictofColumbia #Washington #DC #DistrictofColumbia­ – Washington #Florida #MiamiDadeCounty #BrowardCounty #PalmBeachCounty #FL #Florida – Tallahassee #Georgia #Atlanta #Buckhead #Midtown #Downtown #Alpharetta #GA #Illinois #Joliet #Naperville #Springfield #Peoria #Elgin #IL Illinois – Springfield #Louisiana #Shreveport #Bossier #Lafayette #BatonRouge #NewOrleans #LakeCharles #LA #Louisiana – BatonRouge #NewJersey #Newark #JerseyCity #Paterson #Elizabeth #NJ #New Jersey – Trenton #NewYork #Manhattan #Brooklyn #Queen #Riverdale/Bronx #Hamptons #Long Island #Nassau #Suffolk #Queens #Fire Island #North Fork #Westchester #Westchester #Putnam #Dutchess #NY #NewYork – Albany #Texas #Dallas #Austin #Plano #Downtown #Arlington #Houston #SanAntonio #TX Texas – Austin #Virginia #VirginiaBeach #Norfolk #Chesapeake #Richmond #NewportNews #Alexandria #Hampton #VA #Virginia – Richmond #WestVirginia #Charleston #Huntington #WV #WestVirginia – Charleston #corporateevents #corporateretreat #womenretreat #businessretreat#superbowl #sb50 #superbowl50th #superbowl50 #superbowl2016 #2016superbowl #CA#California#Corporatehousing #shorttermrental #vationsrental #Condominiums #Townhouse #Loft #Penthouse #House #Large House #Apartment #RetreatLocation #Hotel #OfficeSpace #ConferenceRoom #Venue #mansion #Retreat

at Staples Center
1111 S. Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, United States


The Killers

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The Killers
Event on 2018-03-01 20:00:00

B.P. 291
Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg


College life is a lot of fun, but unlike high school, you need to be more serious with schoolwork to make it through with flying colors. But with a lot of pressure, from part time jobs and other concerns apart from the numerous essays and theses you need to complete, it can be really challenging.

For a lot of reasons, college students like me need some help in some subjects and common issues pertaining college life. And I am so glad to have come across this very helpful website After becoming a member of this online community exclusive for college students, connecting with classmates has become a whole easier even in the comfort of home. I even get to befriend the members of the elite circle of students which would not normally happen in the campus, considering their status and fame.

Another good feature that made me take the website by heart is the fact that it offers more benefits other than connecting with friends. You can join discussions and forums about home works and exams, something that you cannot do with the other ordinary social networking sites. At the same time, you get fresh updates from friends and schoolmates about the latest news and events in the university where you are attending. And when you are looking for books and other materials that you need in some of your subjects, this is the perfect place to look for the best deals and affordable prices.

If you have photos or videos to share, you can also upload them anytime to the site. Being a member has given me access to new content uploaded daily by fellow members. Not only do I get to connect with students in my own campus but with other universities as well. It is also a good source of inside information about parties, night life, sororities, fraternities and all the other highlights of college life.

All these privileges are for free. Thats another fact that makes this website truly attractive for college students. I highly recommend


by kengo

When we begin a new year we generally go by a number of analyses in our brain of the earlier time and what we have accomplished or have still to achieve in our existence. Setting aims, releasing depressing thoughts, forgiving and motivated for a number of individual development is always on person’s brains, no issue what they have experienced in years. A lot of times, the idea of expert and monetary achievement or lack of is what a new year comes with, along with all the emotional thoughts which tag along. When you get the commendable approach all through your existence, it may constantly result in additional gifts upcoming your method with no purposely in search of them. This is the reason I support persons I train to create the three R’s an actuality in their life. They are: Respect for all your actions. , Respect for self and Responsibility for others People’s intentions are habitually not the actuality which they live. It’s not as they don’t desire to, but as they just don’t have the control to be constant with no aid from others. To bring a change in one’s manners and idea processes may challenge a personnel’s determination. The majority persons alone are not strong-minded as much as necessary to glue with it all throughout the instant it takes to achieve their objective. It’s not at all too late to begin to be alive your existence in a responsible and respectful method, so your every day connections may put on a helpful path. So let’s begin with a number of the views and actions which are linked with responsibility and respect. All according to the views of MR Dema UK

Respect for Self is a sense of self-confidence and delight in one’s owns abilities and importance. Having view for one’s quality, and one’s behavior with admiration of one’s self elevates our consciousness of who we are. Self- respect is the foundation stone on which a lot of additional attributes are made like as honestly, loyalty, confidence, and integrity. Feeling excellent about you, thinking sufficient of manually to create decisions which may be superior for your extended term physical, spiritual, mental health and emotional, can pick up your nature and self value. Forever enclose yourself with persons who have your most excellent interests concerned, who think about about your feelings and thoughts.Customer Service, Business

The author writes for Container Shipping, Shipping Containers and International Container Shipping


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PARKING: American Airlines Center – Dallas Stars v Anaheim
Event on 2018-03-09 19:30:00

at American Airlines Center
2500 Victory Avenue
Dallas, United States


PARKING: American Airlines Center – Dallas Mavericks v Houston Rockets
Event on 2018-03-11 18:00:00

at American Airlines Center
2500 Victory Avenue
Dallas, United States


Check out these radio station images:

Noguchi Taro Fine Arts Museum from Mount Inasa, Kyushu

Image by David McKelvey
Mount Inasa (??? Inasa-yama) is a hill to the west of Nagasaki which rises to a height of 333 metres.

The Nagasaki Ropeway allows visitors to travel to the top from Nagasaki. A short walk from the cable car station are several buildings that house transmitters for TV and radio stations that serve Nagasaki and the surrounding area.

There is an observation platform that is popular with tourists as it provides spectacular views of Nagasaki’s "10 Million Dollar Night View". Source:

Skyfire 21

Image by latch.r
Fireworks sponsored by Canberra’s 104.7 FM radio station.


Troy Cartwright
Event on 2017-12-29 22:00:00

"It's the stuff you dream about," says Troy Cartwright of his whirlwind year. The young Dallas native began to see a lifetime of hard work pay off in spades in 2015, as he signed with Sunfire Entertainment, released a critically acclaimed debut album, cracked the top 25 on the Texas Music Chart, and shared bills with Hayes Carll, Randy Rogers, Turnpike Troubadours, Green River Ordinance, and more. "This is all I wanted to do since I was 14," he reflects, "and now I'm doing it."With so much momentum on his side, it's no surprise that Cartwright titled his new release 'Don't Fade.' It's a note-to-self that he more than lives up to on the EP, bringing together the heartfelt vulnerability of Ryan Adams and the arena-ready anthems of Eric Church into an infectious, genre-blurring masterpiece. The tracks showcase Cartwright's considerable growth, both as a writer and performer, while honing in on the sharp lyrics and soulful delivery that earned his self-titled debut widespread praise in Texas and beyond. The Dallas Observer called that record "one of the very best of 2015," while the Fort Worth Star Telegram raved that "theres an ease and a polishbelying Cartwrights relative youth," and Red Dirt Nation said that it "stirs what makes us all feel young and poignantly reminds us how fragile we all are when it comes to love, heartbreak and home." For Cartwright, though, it was only just the prelude.

9151 South Las Vegas Boulevard #300
Las Vegas, United States


The Dangerous Summer
Event on 2018-02-14 19:00:00
with Microwave, The Band Camino
A funny thing happened when The Dangerous Summer walked away in 2014: People kept listening. In fact, the legend of the Ellicott City, Maryland-based bandsigned by Hopeless Records during their senior year of high school in 2007only grew larger in their absence. Fans inked vocalist/bassist AJ Perdomos words on their skin. Bands cribbed their names from Dangerous Summer song titles. They never broke in the mainstream, but to a rabid underground audience, The Dangerous Summer were a phenomenon.Now, newly reformed and reunited with Hopeless Records, the bandPerdomo, guitarist Matt Kennedy and drummer Ben Catoare ready to begin their second chapter with the release of their fourth full-length album in 2018, produced by James Paul Wisner (Underoath, Dashboard Confessional, Paramore).In all of our minds, we thought this was never going to happen again, Perdomo says. There was a point in my life where I thought I was never going to play another Dangerous Summer song again. But the easiest thing in the world is writing music and playing music together. Its second nature. It feels right again.The bands forthcoming album, their first in four years, looks to build on an already accomplished discography. The Dangerous Summers first three albums2009s Reach For The Sun, 2011s War Paint and 2013s Golden Recordwere more than just critically acclaimed: They were collections of visceral, textured alternative rock that shook audiences to their core with an unrivaled musical heft and lyrical honesty. They were songs that demanded your attention, as catchy as they were introspectively vulnerable.Were taking elements of what people always loved about the band and trying to push the limits and push things forward, Perdomo explains, noting that the bands new music is more uplifting and upbeat than the stark, bleak Golden Record, which came at a time of both personal and professional turmoil for the group. On Reach For The Sun, we had a lot of inspiring songs, he says. I feel like right now we need to pull out of this dark veil before we do anything else in our story. Were pulling out of the darkness, and its really inspiring and uplifting.So, as The Dangerous Summer approach the next stage of their career, they do so with an overwhelming optimism thats never been stronger. This isnt a rehash: Its a band acknowledging their past with eyes turned squarely toward the future. Most importantly, its a reunion led by the music instead of the ancillary trappings of the industry. In their time away, Perdomo, Kennedy and Cato had plenty of time to figure out who and where they wanted to be, and theyve all returned to the same place.No one owes us anything, says Perdomo, who became a father during the bands hiatus. We have to prove ourselves again. Were giving our entire selves to this. We were always just grinding so hard because we needed to do it for a living, just trying to get by. Were not going to be grinding out 100-day tours; we conquered that. We finally got to the point where we dont need thiswe want it.

at Urban Lounge
241 South 500 East
Salt Lake City, United States