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Dr. Harry Coverston: “Many Paths, One Destination”
Event on 2017-12-07 19:00:00
Our December 7 regular program will be Dr. Harry Scott Coverston, son of 1950's LaBelle High School Vo Ag teacher and FFA Advisor Sam Coverston, on "Many Paths, One Destination".  Evidence of religious observance is found in the earliest remains of human cultures. Human beings have often been described by scholars of religion as homo religious.  A Hindu proverb observes that there are "many paths, one destination" among human religious traditions. We will discuss four of those paths: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism representing the four largest spiritual paths within the American populace today and how those traditions seek to answer humanity's enduring questions. This Free event is Open to the Public. Hope to see you there!    Dr. Coverston is fifth generation Floridian and a fifth generation educator. He has lived in every part of the state as well as the San Francisco Bay area and a summer in Washington, D. C. when he was a congressional intern.  He specialized in Latin American Studies and spent a number of summers studying in Central and South America including being named a Fulbright Scholar to Brazil in 2011. Coverston is a non-practicing Florida attorney, an Episcopal priest and a permanent lecturer in religious studies, humanities and the philosophy of law at the University of Central Florida, Orlando. He has served as the designated scholar for the Florida Humanities Council in the Civic Reflections program, the Prime Time family reading program, the Community Discussions program, the Lake County Caribbean Humanities series and has delivered a wide range of public scholarship presentations on religion and culture across the state. 

at Dallas B Townsend Agricultural Center
1085 Pratt Blvd
Labelle, United States


A few nice news live images I found:

Precious little Anne, 1997-2017
news live
Image by mag3737
It has been almost four months since we said goodbye to our precious, sweet, amazing Anne kitty. She was 19 years, 8 months. She died at home with us, at peace, much-loved, and on her own terms (just as she lived her life).

Today would have been Anne’s 20th birthday. It has taken me this long to finish this story because writing it has been so hard. I knew I would miss her, but I did not expect it to be this much. I still expect her to be waiting around the corner in her favourite places when I arrive home from work or go upstairs.

It would take many pages to tell twenty years of tales, but I hope these few stories give some impression of the joy she brought to us.

When Anne and her sister Emma were tiny babies they would often play-fight with each other. LG had not been around cats much before, and sometimes the wild-sounding meows made her worry that they were getting serious. I would reassure her that they were only playing, but she didn’t believe me. Then we took the kitties over to visit some friends who had a dog. "Ah, so THIS is what two angry little bundles of kitty fur look like!" (Hissing, sputtering, etc.) The dog, on the other hand, was completely uninterested in the kitties.

When Anne was a bratty teenager (a couple of human years) she taught us to play Fetch. We had little, soft, coloured balls that she trained us to throw across the room or down the hall. She would run after them, bat them around briefly, and then pick them up with her teeth and bring them back to drop them at our feet. In her middle years, she still liked to chase the balls, but grew out of the "fetch" part of the game. She left the fetching part to the humans. Games got shorter in those days. Eventually they evolved even further, into games of Watch.

LG used to hold Anne in her arms belly-up, cradled like a little baby. Anne always looked quite content to be there (for a little while anyway). But she never really liked it when I did it. Something about the way I held her was wrong–too firm? too weak? I don’t know. She would struggle out and then crawl up onto my shoulders, or (when she was older) just go halfway and rest her front paws up there. Both the baby-holding and the shoulder-sitting usually lasted only while we were standing or walking around. As soon as we’d sit down, Anne would lose interest.

Except when I was sitting at my chair working on the computer. In that case, Shoulder Time could last half an hour or more. I learned which of my computer activities I could do with one hand (Facebook and reading articles), and saved them for when Anne demanded Shoulder Time. Often when Shoulder Time ended, she would demand the entire chair by nudging me out of the way. We usually "compromised", meaning that I would slide forward and perch on the edge of the chair, giving her space to settle in. The kitty’s comfort always comes first!

By the way, I do not use the term "demand" lightly. She earned her nickname Demandy.

Anne was the naughtiest of our kitties–the most likely to get into places where kitties weren’t supposed to go. Kitchen cupboard emptied for cleaning? Anne would hop in. Office chair left a little too close to the bookshelves? Anne would explore them. Closet door open? Anne would run in. Sometimes when she did that I would close (but not latch) the door and wait for the paw to come from underneath. She’d pull the door open just enough that she could squeeze her little pink nose through, then push open the door and get out.

Anne had a bowl, and make no mistake: it was Her Bowl. This was a giant (~2ft diam) decorative ceramic bowl, and for most of her life it was her favourite place for all-day catnaps, evening hang-outs, and night-time sleeps (when she wasn’t sleeping in our bed). We kept it on top of an oak chest near a window in the office, with Her Cushion placed inside. It was a warm and sunny spot year-round (as much as possible in Vancouver), and a place where she could be in the room with us while we were working at our computers or reading on the futon. Back when we had That Boy Kitty (dear M’ow), he would sometimes bully her into giving it to him. He’d hop up on the box and just sit next to it motionless, looking at her. Her ears would perk, then slowly flatten, and eventually she’d drag herself out of the bowl and stalk off, maybe throwing a little hiss at M’ow as she departed.

On days when we were both out of the house, she would "call a meeting" when we got back. It would not happen until we both got back, even if we arrived some time apart. Once the second person appeared, she would leave her bowl, have a couple of unhurried stretches, and then go into the hallway and wait for us to follow her. Then she would head into the bedroom and hop up on the bed. We were required to join her. Much petting and head-butting would ensue, as she sat between us and alternated her attention. Eventually she would decide she’d had enough, and allow us to carry on with our lives.

Anne loved to snuggle under the covers with me at night. Like everything else, this arrangement always happened on the kitty’s terms. She’d hop into bed with us–maybe as soon as we went to bed, maybe later. After the compulsory greetings she’d start burrowing at my shoulder. My duty was to turn on my side and make a "tent" by propping up my arm at a weird angle, whereupon the kitten would curl up inside next to my chest. Sometimes she’d stay only a couple of minutes before crawling out and going off to other important kitty business. Other times she’d stay long enough that I’d fall asleep, waking up later to find her gone.

She also liked to snuggle with me in the mornings, on days when LG got out of bed first. A while after LG got up, Anne would hop up and request me to stretch my arm out sideways, and she’d lay her front paws over it for a catnap until I’d finally break the news that it was my turn to start my day.

Here, with the details left to your imagination, are more memories we cherish:

– chattering at birds
– helping me with conference calls
– peekaboo kitten while sitting at our computers
– that little pink nose through the balusters on the stairs
– "stinky" and "your cats are overinflated"
– the time she got her head stuck in a plastic grocery bag and lost a toenail
– scrappy (when her little paws were whapping her sister)
– would not go to sleep on the plane when we flew to vancouver
– playing with (human) visitors’ hair on the couch
– her little silent meow (esp. when "sneaking up" on her)

Goodbye, precious Anne.

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Some cool radio station images:

WEFAX test chart and meteorological satellite image from JMA radio station JMH4 061303Z July 2014

Image by unlawyer
Received on 13988.5 kHz USB at 9:03 PM local time.

WEFAX image courtesy of the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA).

33 Postcards

Image by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer
33 Postcards Movie Premiere At Randwick Ritz Sydney, by Eva Rinaldi

Tonight saw 33 Postcards enjoy its premiere at the Randwick Ritz, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

The night was not only a movie premiere but also an event somewhat designed to raise awareness and funds for educational and arts programs, tied into the film.

33 Postcards enjoyed strong media support by popular radio station 2UE and benefiting Sydney Children’s Choir and their Bursary Program, giving disadvantaged kids musical and educational opportunities that would have otherwise likely been out of their grasp.

The acclaimed cast and crew of 33 Postcards enjoyed drinks and bites with their fan base, insiders, and entertainment media, and also lapped up performances from the Sydney Children’s Choir and Chinese Lion Dancers.

Then it was time for the Australian theatrical premiere of the flick.

The film was shot in both China and Sydney, Australia in 2010. It’s the story of Chinese orphan Mei Mei (Zhu Lin) who for a decade of dreams about embracing her Australian sponsor Dean Randall (Guy Pearce). It’s not until she reaches 16 years of age, when her orphanage travels down under to Australia to attend a Choir Festival, Mei Mei takes the opportunity to look him up. What she finds however is a far cry from the idyllic life he depicted in his postcards. Initially mismatched, together they begin a journey in search of belonging, family, redemption, love and acceptance. It’s trial, tribulation, and living to fight and survive another day.

Dean is actually a convict in prison for manslaughter, so you can imagine the issues that brings on.

33 postcards won the Community Relations Commission Award at Sydney Film Festival and Victor Dominello MP NSW Minister aptly stated "33 Postcards, inspired by real life stories, explores how two individuals come together despite two different cultures, ages and unexpected circumstances." This evocative film portrays sensitively how people of vastly different cultural backgrounds can interact effectively in our society."

This is an unique and touching story that is rarely told about the relationship that some Aussies have with Chinese Orphans.

It’s not quite for everyone, but if you like a story of survival, beating the odds and the world coming together as one sort of thing, this is likely for you.

Well done to everyone involved in making the event a success.


Guy Pearce, Zhu Lin, Claudia Karvan, and Lincoln Lewis

Produced by: Australia-China co-production


33 Postcards

Randwick Ritz

Eva Rinaldi Photography Flickr

Eva Rinaldi Photography

Music News Australia


A few nice radio images I found:

Radio Shack
Image by JeepersMedia
Radio Shack Store Sign by Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel and JeepersMedia on YouTube.

Radio Shack
Image by JeepersMedia
Radio Shack Catalog 1988, by Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel and JeepersMedia on YouTube

Radio Shack
Image by JeepersMedia
Radio Shack, Hamden, CT 8/2014, by Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel and JeepersMedia on YouTube


Mt. Zion Tabernacle Christian Church Pastor’s Appreciation and Birthday Celebration
Event on 2017-12-15 18:00:00
Join us as we celebrate our pastor's 50th birthday.  Ticket price includes dinner,  live band and much more. Meet and greet starts at 6:00PM and ends at 6:30 and the event starts at 6:30PM until 9PM.  Pastor loves Dallas Cowboys so that's our theme.

at The Spot Events
5059 Edgewater Drive
Orlando, United States


Jeans & Jersey’s
Event on 2017-11-19 19:00:00
HUSBAND'S & WIVES… THIS NIGHT IS FOR YOU! COME OUT AND REP YOUR TEAM WITH YOUR "JEANS & JERSEY'S" AT THE PERSONAL CHEF 6833 Germantown ave Philadelphia Pa 19119 (215)432-9867 On Sunday November 19th When The Philadelphia Eagles vs The Dallas Cowboys  per couple (two people Husband & Wife) WATCH THE GAME ON OUR 70" Mitsubishi Flatscreen TV While enjoying "WINGS" & WAFFLES Traditional Southern Fried WINGS, or GLAZE'EM w/our Apple Rosemary Glaze Traditional Waffles or Red Velvet Waffles our Signature Ice Tea Mini Desserts Hot Chocolate/ Hot Tea Games Music Giveaways Gift Bag For The Longest Married Husband & Wfie Gift Bag For The Shortest Married Husband & Wife LETS HAVE SOME FUN WITH OTHER MARRIED COUPLES, INTRODUCED YOURSELVES, GET TO KNOW OTHER COUPLES!  HUSBAND'S & WIVES THESE TICKETS WONT LAST LONG

at The Personal Chef, Customized Catering & Design, LLC
6833 Germantown Ave
Philadelphia, United States


Check out these casablanca images:

Sunset over Casablanca
Image by ksikappa
The Sun is setting down over the Medina of the city of Casablanca in Morocco. Towering over the cityscape is the minaret of Mosque Hassan II, the world highest minaret.

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The Mosque at High Tide, Casablanca.
Image by Geraint Rowland Photography
Casablanca, Morocco North Africa.

and if Twitter is your thing:


Library Marketing and Communications Conference
Event on 2017-11-16 00:00:00
Library Marketing and Communications Conference is happening on 16 Nov 2017 at InterContinental Dallas Addison, United States Of America. Its a premier event in Advertising industry.

Book a stall at!

at The Intercontinental Hotel
15201 Dallas Parkway
Addison, United States


One of the top Rhodes holidays ideas during your Rhodes holidays are to take pleasures of the following activities on the Greek Island of Rhodes:

1. Pictorial Charm

Tourists coming from around the world to Rhodes Island love to enjoy photogenic charm of the region. Amazing Landscape, Greenery, forests and trees are the major attractions on offer. You will really enjoy natural beauty of this unique region of Greece. Therefore, it is more than fun to take pleasures of the natural beauty during your Rhodes holidays.

2. Medieval Sites
It is the 2nd most attractive activity on Island Rhodes to visit medieval sites during vacations in 2010. The historical sites of Rhodes will let you back into the prehistoric times, where you can explore ancient wonders. These sites are worth seeing for art and history lovers during next Rhodes holidays.

3. Rhodes Accommodations
The other fascinating activity is to hire one of the many top Rhodes accommodations close to the beautiful sites. For the convenience of its tourists, Rhodes has established a range of luxurious and appealing hotels where you can stay as well as avail delicious cuisines during Rhodes holidays 2010.

4. Sight Seeing
Sight seeing is one of the most charming activities on Rhodes Island. Tourists from around the world see many of the eye catching sites in the region both renovated and with natural beauty. Most of the tourists from around the globe come to Rhodes with an intention to visit these breathtaking sites.

5. Wind Surfing
The continuous breeze of the island makes its weather ideal for wind surfing. Winder surfers can now avail this activity in most parts of the Island to make best Rhodes holidays. It will be a fascinating activity to take all its pleasures.

6. Water Sports
Waters Sports is another top activity being offered by many of the beaches in Rhodes. This activity can be availed by anyone. During this activity, you can take pleasures of the layers of the sea water while watching aquatic life inside. It is hence a full of life activity that will make your vacations perfect.

7. Monasteries
Another top activity for 2010 is to visit top monasteries of the region. These monasteries of the medieval times are the symbol of history. Visiting these places will give you an idea about the real Greek culture.

8. Beaches
Rhodes Island is known for its sunny beaches so another offer in this regard is to visit different beaches of Rhodes. There are natural as well as developed beaches where you can enjoy sun bathing, water sports, beach activities and a lot more. Rhodes world famous beaches will influence your memories to prompt you visit them again.

9. Victuals
If you love eating then this is the right place for you. You can visit the taverns beside beaches, hotels and restaurants where you can enjoy eating Greek and international cuisines.

10. Relaxation
Rhodes Island is good enough for the ones who seek peace during their stay in Rhodes, because it provides tourists with many tranquil resorts. You can even relax near the beach and various other peaceful resorts on the island.

Island Rhodes offers some of the great activities during

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The Regional Career Expo and Events-Employers Dallas, TX
Event on 2017-11-30 09:00:00
Find your next new hire employee with us today. The Regional Career Expo & Events is a nationally progressive career fair that provides the best opportunities for employers to find the best candidates. We have a large name and an even greater commitment to our job seekers and employers. The RCE3 is driven to create an environment that is conducive to the maximum amount of success while helping you to network. We are quite aware of the apparent challenges that currently face our nation to secure fulfilling employment. In turn, we have raised the bar and set the bench mark higher than our competitors to provide world class career fairs that only produce success. Our mission is simple, we bring the job seekers to you. Our registration is easy and simple. Regsister your company today.    Still have questions? Call us at 339-309-0607 or email us:

at Hilton Anatole
2201 Stemmons Freeway
Dallas, United States