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Some cool tv images:

Image by smiling_da_vinci

Image by ddesroches
I love watching TV shows on DVD. I so quickly become addicted and want to buy more and more……

Image by tripleigrek
5 Hz eye.


Event on 2017-06-12 08:00:00
A continuing educational conference program hosted in conference center hotels throughout the US in four cities each year. The Conference Program will provide a scientific focus on equestrian wellness and breeding of the horse.

at Harbor Amphitheatre
2047 Summer Lee Drive
Rockwall, United States


You might have the classiest and most expensive car among your friends, yes. You might even have polished and sleek interiors and an expensive and flashy pair of wheels, but without an equally amazing audio system, you might as well have brought a vintage car. The heart of every car’s audio system is its in dash receiver. It may be a radio, mp3, or DVD receiver, the point is that without music or sounds to bob your head to while cruising along the highway, no matter how expensive your car is, your driving experience would still end up bland and boring. In dash receivers come in different forms, specifications, and sizes. Some may just be for radio, other for both mp3 players and CD players, others for DVD players, and the more expensive ones even have built-in equalizers. With it, you can make any driving experience a party. Every car enthusiast knows the value of a good quality in dash receiver, and how it could really change the feel of your car.

The first thing to consider in buying one is the sound quality. Your receiver will be useless as crap if the sound it emits is resembles a pregnant dog howling during the night. Sound quality is in the top spot, as always. Of course, you would want to cruise along while listening to clear and booming 50 Cent, right? Second factor is the power factor. It is important that the in dash receiver you get have subwoofers. Third, a good receiver must have complete controls available for the convenience of the buyer. The type of receiver that you would eventually get would depend on your budget. The receivers with most function would probably price around $ 400 – $ 500. It may be a wee bit expensive especially if you are driving an economy car, so you might as well go with the ones ranged around $ 100 – $ 200. The more pricey ones have the function of CD, DVD, mp3, and Satellite receiving. The less expensive ones are simply for radio and cassette. While some stores would price their receivers as high as $ 1000 or more, claiming that they have the best quality, offers the same specifications in lower prices. For as low as $ 100, you get the same specs without hurting your pocket. Plus, the receivers that they offer come in stylish designs that are flexible to the car that you own. They are up to date and trendy, for sure. They also offer a variety of brands that will surely make your shopping experience worthwhile. At a very considerable price, you will surely get a good quality and better priced receiver in They believe that your car deserves the best because your car carries the name and personality of the owner. Without sacrificing the functionality of the receivers and the convenience of the buyers, has some of the best offers among the many online car electronics stores around.

Experiences of car enthusiasts tell us how receivers make driving more enjoyable for them. It is time to take their advice and buy a good in dash receiver now!

Are you looking for the best deals on in dash receivers? Visit today for more information!


Opportunity Coalition Event featuring Rick White, President of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball
Event on 2017-09-14 17:00:00
Rick White is the President of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball Clubs, where he supervises the activities of baseball’s leading independent professional league. During his time with the League, Mr. White has overhauled league financial affairs, instituted sponsorship and retail licensing programs and led Pace of Play efforts (reducing average time of game from 3:01 to 2:41) while influencing Major League Baseball to take similar steps.  Due to Mr. White’s efforts, the Atlantic League enjoys the only Working Agreement of its kind with MLB. He is a former Partner at Strategic Marketing Affiliates, a full-service licensing agency representing a portfolio of over 400 North American collegiate properties, recently acquired by Learfield Sports. Mr. White was formerly President and CEO of Imperial Headwear, a top headwear provider to the golf, collegiate and outdoor industries. He led the company to the dominant share of the golf green grass market, with distribution in 98 of North America’s top 100 courses, while driving revenues from M to M, with EBITDA growth from M to over M. White founded Major League Baseball Properties which oversaw trademark licensing, corporate sponsorship, publishing, international and special events. He originated sports’ first head-to-toe authentic fan apparel (“Diamond Collection”), pioneered vintage products (“Cooperstown Collection”), created sports fan festivals (“All-Star FanFest”) and launched MLB Clubhouse Shops. He led licensed product sales from 0M to B and was the first non-Commissioner to be conferred the Baseball Alumni Team’s Big Bat Award. Mr. White founded Strategic Merchandising Associates (precursor to Strategic Marketing Affiliates), a lifestyle-market consulting firm, serving clients such as the Dallas Cowboys, Ivy League, Purdue University and other professional and collegiate teams, leagues, conferences and athletic departments. He was architect of the largest sponsorship in U.S. team sports history (9M) between Adidas and the New York Yankees. After SMA, Mr. White headed subsidiary brands for Nike, including Cole Haan, Nike Team Sports and Bauer-Nike Hockey. Under Mr. White’s direction, revenues grew from 0M to 0M. White also served as CEO of Reed Exhibitions, the largest trade show and conference production company in North America and later as CEO of the Phoenix Footwear Group, where he led sales from M to 0M in just two years. Mr. White is a native of Los Angeles, California. He attended Chapman University, where he was student body president and played on the school’s nationally ranked baseball team. Mr. White was graduating class speaker and was awarded the prestigious International Rotary Fellowship for graduate study abroad. He graduated Magna Cum Laude, with a B.S. in Psychology. He later attended Purdue University’s Krannert School where he earned his MBA. Mr. White has been named Boy Scout Man of the Year and has been awarded the Colorado PGA’s President’s Award.  He is married to Lynne Cribari.  The couple has a daughter, Madison. 

at WeWork | Triangle Building
1550 Wewatta St , 2nd Floor
Denver, United States


DCH Improv Summer Camp for Kids 2017
Event on 2017-07-17 09:00:00
Spend your Summer Break letting the creative juices flow. Meet new friends, learn improv comedy, and perform on the Dallas Comedy House stage for friends and family in a showcase at the end of camp. Through studying the fundamentals of improvisation, campers will develop strong stage presence, self-confidence, communication skills, patience, and teamwork. Students are grouped by age and will have a differentiated curriculum based on the day’s lesson, taught by experienced instructors. The five-day camp runs from 9am-3pm each day. CLASSES FOR ALL AGES: 5&6, 7&8, 9&10, 11-13, 14-17 Ages 5 & 6 – 5.00 Ages 7 & 8 – 5.00 Ages 9 & 10 – 5.00 Ages 11 – 13 – 5.00 Ages 14 – 17 – 5.00

3025 Main St.
Dallas, United States


There are many beautiful and worth seeing places in Rhodes such as historical sites, medieval towns, picturesque villages and amazing beaches. These sites are not only a source of attraction for tourists but also play an important role in promoting the tourism industry of Rhodes Island by offering best Rhodes holidays packages. Among the long list of Rhodes holidays ideas, a trip to the Old Town is an enthralling experiences for tourists of all age groups.

Rhodes Old Town

Whether it is Rhodes Island or it is Rhodes Old Town, you can find plenty of accommodation solutions, cafés, bars, shops, hotels and restaurants in the region. When it comes to the Rhodes Old Town, it lies at the end of Rhodes Port. This part of Island Rhodes is known for its ancient town structure and amazing walls.

Things on offer by the Old Town

The medieval town of Rhodes offer a wide range of medieval style infrastructures like sculptures, bridges, towers and a lot more, so that you can have best time in the region during your summer Rhodes holidays. All this stuff will collectively make you feel if you are back into the 15th century. You can also enjoy walking through different streets and areas of this ancient town.
Being one of today’s well preserved ancient settlements, Rhodes Old town has so much to discover.

Major Attractions in Rhodes Old Town

Although you can find many of the sightseeing opportunities in Rhodes Old Town, yet some of the major tourist attractions in the area include:

The Archaeological Museum of Rhodes Old Town

Rhodes Archaeological Museum is situated in the medieval building of Knights’ hospital. Many of the archaeological excavations have been carried out to this place, from where different findings have been obtained. It is perhaps, one of the top picnic spots for history seekers that can be best enjoyed during next Rhodes holidays.

Knights’ Street

Various Knights and warriors have been using this street as part of their Rhodes accommodation. You can still find many of the old accommodations with a range of inns and lodges that were used by the knights during their times. Similarly, you also can find the popular Palace of Grand Masters at the end of this street. It is therefore a best spot for spending Rhodes Holidays 2010.

The Town’s Eleven Gates

Being one of the best sightseeing destinations in Rhodes Old Town, each gate among these eleven gates of the town has it own exceptional charm to attract tourists. Some of the names of the gates are the Elefterias gate, the Amboise gate, the Panagia gate, the Agiou Ioannou gate and the Athanasiou gate.

Other Attractions

In addition to above mentioned attractions of Old Town, other worth seeing places include Ippokratous square, Simi square, Minaret of the old city, Mosque of Suleiman, The Great Hamam, The clock tower and Byzantine Museum etc. You can make your stay at this place memorable for you if you hire a cozy accommodation nearby top attractions so that you can enjoy your visit at its best.

There is a wide range of Hotels in Rhodes that provides comfortable accommodation and makes your holidays the best Rhodes holidays on Island Rhodes.


Check out these casablanca hotels images:

MIMO Design Casablanca Hotel 1949
casablanca hotels
Image by Phillip Pessar
Olympus Infinity Zoom 70 camera from the thrift store and Kodak TX 400 film.

Casablanca hotel at sunset
casablanca hotels
Image by Marco Markovich / Boda de Cine Photography


Some cool radio station images:

Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) contact with Institut Florimont from the ITU amateur radio station 4U1ITU

Image by ITU Pictures
Dr Hamadoun I. Touré, Secretary – General, ITU speaking at the event prior to the Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) contact with Institut Florimont from the ITU amateur radio station 4U1ITU. © ITU/F.Scotti

Radio City 96.7 Tower – from Richmond Street, Liverpool

Image by ell brown
Views of the Radio City 96.7 Tower from Richmond Street in Liverpool.

Built 1969 as St John’s Beacon. It had a revolving restaurant.

Refurbished in 2000 and reopened as the Radio City 96.7 radio station.


by izqrdo

Peoples life is shrinking around office desks and monotony is seeping slowly in the lives. Holidays are must for any individual to remain sane in the fast lane life. But todays successful people also want to remain free of any bondage of relationships. That is why their life is lonely. But they even enjoy the status and freedom of being a singleton. And it applies to their way of holidaying too. Tourists for singles holidays are increasing day by day. And even UK single travellers are no anomaly.

The pattern of enjoying vacations is changing. Gone are the days when vacations used to be the medium to refresh and strengthen the relationships or friendship by spending time together. But now single traveller holidays are the new way to widen the social circle. Single traveller is the one who ventures out to explore the world on his or her own. They go on holidays for single and travel freely as a bird. People now pack backpacks and forget the world to discover a new world of single people on singles holidays. They share their unique experiences with each other.

Everybody has his or her own reason to travel. Some people go on tour for singles to meet new people and learn from their experiences. They want break from the boredom of some trying relationship or just want to see new and eager faces of other singletons that are on their own. The chance to meet interesting people increases on singles holidays abroad.

Holidays for solo are becoming preferred with both the single travellers and the companies. There are companies who specialise only in arranging tour for singles. Singletons want to explore the world uninterrupted and that is what companies try to provide for them on single holidays abroad. The exotic locations of East Asia, Caribbean islands are quite popular among UK single travellers. Some other popular holiday destinations are Greece, Las Vegas, Australia, Thailand and so on for singles holidays abroad.

Even the mention of going to altogether different country on single traveller holidays sends thrill and rush to the nerves. And todays people living in the fast lane always look for such adventure and excitement in their lives. The whole industry of holidays for solo is not only expanding it is changing or should we say developing every other year. It adapts itself according to the demands of the market. And the market is becoming young and more experimental. Single holiday abroad has not remained untouched. Single travellers ask for new and fresh to see and explore every time.

So holidays for single are an obligation for an individual to rejuvenate the senses and to get a brake the monotonous hum-drum of lives.

Smriti has been writing articles online for over 2 years now. She is an expert writer who writes about Singles Holidays, Singles Holiday & Single Holidays.

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Pour Yourself into History with the Dallas Historical Society
Event on 2017-08-15 18:00:00
Join the Dallas Historical Society and co-host Dallas Hotel Magazine for happy hour to learn more about the unique past of one of Dallas' most iconic places, Granda Theater. Bring friends to sip, socialize, share memories, and "drink in" history knowledge in a fun, relaxed and enjoyable setting!  Talk will begin at 6:30. Free to attend; Attendees responsible for their food and drink.

at Granada Theater
3524 Greenville Avenue
Dallas, United States