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“Escuchar y cantar” – vintage record set

Image by H is for Home
…for learning to speak (or sing!) Spanish

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Just found the French version here
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Question by Noz: What is your Last FM?? :)?
I”m a new user to Last FM. I must say I enjoy it much more than sputnikmusic.

Can people add me? :D

I have good taste in music IMO

This is Ryan’s cousin who is 15 who asked it. My cousin is 21. Sorry for my avatar looking like a pedo

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Answer by RJ, the Witchfinder General

Happy birthday kid.

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FM Dallas

by btting

Question by ChynaMFnicole: Orange juice reduce acne?
I heard that orange juice & apple juice help to reduce acne, is that true?

Best answer:

Answer by We Own The Sky
yeah. what you need to do is soak a towel in orange juice and leave it on your face for 15 minutes a day. the acid from the OJ is strong enough to kill acne but doesn’t hurt your skin.

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Question by red rum: Adding Juice to your Juicing Recipe?
I love to juice, but no matter how many veggies or fruit I juice, there never seems to be enough to last me for more than 3 days. This is why I started adding orange juice to my recipes. It makes the veggie/fruit combo taste better and last longer throughout the week. I was worried that pouring OJ or apple juice from the grocery store into my juicing recipe would kill the phytonutrients and important minerals in the recipe. My friend said that as long as I don’t buy juice from concentrate that this shouldn’t be a problem. Is this true? Is it ok to add NON-concentrate OJ or apple juice or does doing this kill the healthy disease-killing ingredients of a juicing recipe?

Best answer:

Answer by eve
If you add pasteurized 100% juice it won’t pasteurize your juice, if you’re still worried buy organic juices that have not been overly processed.
I hope from your question that you don’t juice and save the juice for ‘3 days’ in refrigerator, most nutrients don’t last once you cut the fruit or veggie. Juice once a day maximum and consume what you juice that day.

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Britain’s largest dairy company “first milk” on July 30 announced that it will increase the price of milk in August. Experts then commented that other UK dairy companies will raise prices followed, or estimated for each Pinto (0.57 liters) rose 3 pence (about 0.06 U.S. dollars) or so.

In German supermarkets, the milk price rise over the past week by more than 10%. This so accustomed to drinking cheap German milk feeling quite unsuited.

CBS 4 sets (CBS4) said that parts of the U.S. milk prices even more than gasoline. The report quoted “Western Dairy Association” of the data that the western United States in January of each gallon (4.5 liters) of milk prices averaged 2.64 U.S. dollars, in July rose to 3.63 U.S. dollars, in September will likely reach 5 dollars.

Developing countries can not “escape.” Most of India for the milk business has announced that starting from August 1 up milk price per liter of milk up a specific Indian Rupees (approximately 0.025 U.S. dollars) to 22 rupees (about 0.55 U.S. dollars). “Indian Express” said that this is the second year, major companies in India increased the price of milk.

In higher retail prices of milk, while the original dairy milk wholesale prices have gone up even stronger. U.S. Department of Agriculture recently said that in April the price of milk cattle farm 15.80 U.S. dollars per 100 pounds in 2006, the price of only 12.90 U.S. dollars, but this year, is expected that this price rose 34 percentage points shy of the record high of 17.30 U.S. dollars ( The previous record was 16.13 set in 2004 dollars). USDA also preliminary forecast of next year, milk prices will reach 17.50 U.S. dollars per 100 pounds.

, According to Czech media reports, the recent Czech market milk prices climbing higher and higher, reaching the highest level over the past 8 years. Earlier this year, the average milk fat per liter in the price of 14.52 kronor (about 0.68 U.S. dollars), last week, the price per liter higher than the beginning of a crown.

Germany criticized the excessive increase milk
Milk prices have soared to some European countries have some concern. German Consumer Protection, Food and Agriculture Minister Horst? Seehofer that the upward trend in milk prices and unreasonable to the consumer “cost shift.”

German “Frankfurter Allgemeine” Seehofer quoted as saying, dairy prices bring more revenue to farmers, it is good, but if the increase is too large is to the disadvantage of consumers.

Bundestag, a spokesman with the “price explosion” to describe the dairy price increase is too large.

And feeding cows, and farmers that milk prices is an inevitable trend is to their past “bitterness” of compensation. German Farmers Federation president Gerd? Sonnleithner said cattle ranchers, “gone through a difficult period, income or difficult to feed their families,” Milk prices are “a matter of time.”

Breakfast table, milk more expensive, consumer reaction Daohai calm. Many people believe that, then you also have to buy milk.

Denver, a resident said: “Milk prices will certainly not let me happy, but I will not stop to buy milk. I think kids still need it.”

Britain signed a “JC? York,” Internet users in the “Times” website message said: “I am happy to pay more for the milk, but to ensure that pay more money back to farmers, rather than falling into the retailer’s pocket. ”

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Question by Connor: what is the Best Folk band?
what is the best folk band?

Best answer:

Answer by stephanie
I like crooked still

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FM Dallas

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