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Question by Amber: What is your favorite Whiskey?
brands or drinks with Whiskey in them?

Best answer:

Answer by Brian
For straight drinking: Springbank or Lagavulin single malt scotches.

If I’m mixing, I’ll drink gin.

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Question by Maranda: Items In a Series, English Lit Homework?
I need help, I am correcting an english language test and my teacher said if needed to search the web, but I am so lost.

1. Items in a series- verb phrases.
2. Items in a series- 2 adjectives before a noun.

Can someone give me 2 sentences, please!

Best answer:

Answer by Questions247
1. She was driving, texting, and listening to the radio at the same time. (In this sentence, “driving, texting, and listening to the radio” are all verb phrases).

2. A lively, excited child ran down the street. (You can basically replace “lively” and “excited” with anything you want).

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