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Some cool maroc images:

Bab Chorfa et les remparts de la médina de Fès el Bali, Fès, Maroc.
Image by byb64


A few nice morocco images I found:

two white sanctuaries
Image by mhobl
on explore

Atlantic Sunset
Image by D-Stanley
Sunset over the Atlantic Ocean at Rabat, Morocco.


Some cool news images:

Claudia Cardinale – 1938 –
Image by oneredsf1
The Actress Claudia Cardinale at International Film Festival in VENICE – 1958

News Bar
Image by belpo


Stock markets have become such huge sources of income that everyone wants to be a part of them. However, it is not so easy because of the tricky nature of such markets. The investors cannot reap quick gains. It is also tougher when you have no understanding of the market.
In India, there are two large exchanges called BSE and NSE. All the investors just carve to make quick gains through them. Therefore, stockbrokers help people in carrying on their trades in such markets. The stockbroker is the only person authorized to carry out the trades in the market. Therefore, when a broker conducts a transaction on your behalf, he is paid a commission on its amount. But, the brokerage differs from one broker to another. A person should be aware of investing in the market. Although there are a large number of public limited Indian companies, investors should only invest in the securities of those registered. Investing in the securities of unlisted companies does not result in payment of dividends. So, unlisted shares are not even dealt in. the brokers are not allowed to use the securities of such companies. The stock exchange companies dont regulate the transactions of such companies. When the investor is going to invest in the securities of companies, he/she can get benefits of known trading. This can only accrue when he is registered with a secured investment company. He can then get live stock market updates about whats happening in the market. He is not going to be in a position to lose ever. He knows when to quit the sales or purchase of a certain kind of stock. He wont lose even though he has not researched himself about the stock. So, he can easily gain so much through constant information updates provided to him. He can also be informed about equity research reports. He knows what a company holds in the future and how will it perform.
These days even jobs in investment banking that do so much benefit of the stock market. They can help investors in knowing what the right kinds of securities are. Since the aim of investment bankers is to secure the right sources of finance in companies, they are cautious about investors. A person with an investment banking job is likely to earn a lot.
The aim of an investment banker is to see that he/she has carefully analyzed the entire industry. This way he knows what the future prospects of a company are. Therefore, he can even help in an analysis of the financial statements of the company. Such managers also help companies in raising some cash. Therefore, they conduct competitive analysis of any market before a company enters it. They also analyze the various organizational structures, feasible for the company. The aim of a marketing associate is to see that the company is easily able to hire new job candidates. So, meeting such a person helps the manager in knowing about its prospects and proceeding further.

marketing associate, jobs in investment banking, live stock market updates

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Bella Kinks Expo – Art Imitates Life Presented By CURLS Natural Hair Care
Event on 2017-10-21 12:00:00
We are excited to announce the 2017 Bella Kinks Expo – Art Imitates Life Presented by Curls – Natural Products for Your Natural Hair with Participating Sponsorship by Creme of Nature, Jamaican Mango & Lime, Mielle Organics and adwoa beauty!  We are counting on our natural hair community of Dallas to help us welcome our 2017 featured guests Khoudia Diop aka @melaniin.goddess, Tatiana Ward aka @beatfacehoney and Megz aka @ulovemegz!! Use code BK41 to pay for general admission on our website until 9/1/2017 @   That's a 47-50% OFF discount. Normal admission prices will apply after this promotional period. *we reserve the right to change or alter this promotion at any time. Promotional tickets are non refundable and non transferable* VIP and other ticket options can only be purchased on our website. Discount code does not apply* See you soon DFW!  *By entering the event, you agree that Bella Kinks LLC may videotape and photograph you, record your voice, conversation and sounds. You also agree that your photo or likeness may be used for promotional purposes without compensation to you* 

at Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center
650 S. Griffin Street
Dallas, United States


A few nice live news images I found:

Blackbuck horns
live news
Image by Leeds Museums and Galleries
Antilope cervicapra

Blackbuck used to live across the Indian subcontinent, but are now extinct in Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan.

Find out more about the exhibition at…

Find out more about Sara Porter at

Order this print at

Browse the exhibition range on Culture Label at

Visit Sara Porter’s website at

This photograph was taken by Sara Porter for Leeds Museums and Galleries for the 2013 exhibition Natural Beauty and is licensed under Creative Commons BY NC SA

BBC Television News Archives
live news
Image by brizzle born and bred
A BBC news bulletin designed for television – BBC News and Newsreel – finally arrived on 5 July 1954.

Behind the scenes there was continuing conflict over editorial control. The radio news specialists based near Broadcasting House insisted on retaining responsibility for editorial policy, including headlines and story content. Only on those terms did they allow the TV service to get on with its job of looking after the pictures.

The result was a programme of two halves. It was Richard Baker who read the very first introduction: "Here is an illustrated summary of the news. It’ll be followed by the latest film of events and happenings at home and abroad."

All that appeared on screen during the summary was a series of stills – photographs, maps and so on. The newsreader could be heard – but not seen. All the film came in the second half.

"Crazy", was the verdict of the TV men involved; the formula was "absolutely ghastly". "As visually impressive as the fat stock prices," said one newspaper.

Within weeks, BH gave its blessing to faces being seen on screen – but only those of its own radio correspondents.

First to get the call was the parliamentary correspondent, ER Thompson. One of the big problems was the lack of an autocue machine, he recalled later.

This meant he and his colleague were obliged forever to look away from the camera, to glance down at their scripts. The newspapers called them "the guilty men". But television news, of a sort, was up and running.

The amount of time devoted to news on BBC TV more than doubled between 1954 and 1955.

John Cody Fidler-Simpson CBE (born 9 August 1944) is an English foreign correspondent. He is world affairs editor of BBC News. He has spent all his working life at the BBC. He has reported from more than 120 countries, including thirty war zones, and has interviewed many world leaders.

Simpson was born in London and says in his autobiography that his father was an anarchist. He was educated at Dulwich College Preparatory School and St Paul’s School, followed by Magdalene College, Cambridge, where he read English and was editor of Granta magazine. In 1965 he was a member of the Magdalene University Challenge team. A year later Simpson started as a trainee sub-editor at BBC radio news.

Desmond John Humphrys (born 17 August 1943) is a Welsh author, journalist and presenter of radio and television, who has won many national broadcasting awards. From 1981 to 1987 he was the main presenter for the Nine O’Clock News, the flagship BBC news television programme, and since 1987 he has been a presenter on the award-winning BBC Radio 4 programme, Today. He presents the programme with Justin Webb, James Naughtie, Evan Davis and Sarah Montague. Since 2003 he has been the host of the BBC Two television quiz show Mastermind.

Humphrys has a reputation as a tenacious and forthright interviewer; occasionally politicians have been very critical of his style after being subjected to a tough interview on live radio.

Humphrys was born in Pearl Street, Splott, son of Winifred Mary (Matthews), a hairdresser, and Edward George Humphrys, a self-employed French polisher. He was one of five children. His parents encouraged him to do his homework and he passed the eleven plus exam. He became a pupil at Cardiff High School (then a grammar school), but he did not fit into the middle-class environment there. He was an average pupil and left school at the age of 15 years to become a teenaged reporter on the Penarth Times. He later joined the Western Mail.

Richard Baker OBE (born 15 June 1925) is an English broadcaster, best known as a newsreader for BBC News from 1954 to 1982. He was a contemporary of Kenneth Kendall and Robert Dougall and was the first person to read the BBC Television News (in voiceover) in 1954.

The son of a plasterer, Baker was born in Willesden, North London, and educated at the former Kilburn Grammar School and at Peterhouse, Cambridge. After graduation, he was an actor at Birmingham Rep and a teacher at Wilson’s School, Camberwell. He served in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve during World War II and was awarded the Royal Naval Reserve decoration.

Tactical movement training [Image 2 of 3]
live news
Marines assigned to Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team Company Pacific, 2nd Platoon, carry a casualty on a stretcher while conducting tactical movement training. More than 50 Marines assigned to 2nd Platoon are training at Camp Rodriguez Live Fire Complex as part of FAST Exercise 2012 to further sustain and improve weapons marksmanship. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class James Norman)
Navy Visual News Service
Date Taken:03.08.2012
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Some cool maroc images:

Street Kittens, Marrakech
Image by Geraint Rowland Photography
Marrakech, Morocco, North Africa.

and if Twitter is your thing:

Sunset in Mirleft, Morocco
Image by Julien Sanine


Il rap blues di Kento & the Voodoo Brothers, per la presentazione ufficiale nuovo cd Da Sud
Event on 2017-11-14 22:00:00
Unico rapper invitato al Premio Tenco 2016, rinominato dalla critica il "Guccini con il flow", presenta assieme ai suoi Voodoo Brothers il nuovo disco Da Sud pubblicato lo scorso novembre prodotto dall'associazione antimafie daSud, con la collaborazione di BandBackers e distribuito da Goodfellas. Se con il primo album era stata tracciata una svolta netta nell’interpretazione delle sonorità Hip-Hop che da un decennio hanno caratterizzato la produzione di Kento, con questo secondo lavoro arriva la conferma che la rotta è sempre verso il blues suonato, con incursioni di scratch, chitarre distorte e beat ancora più moderni e decisi. Le rime e il flow non mancano, e stavolta mirano al confronto aperto con il cantautorato italiano più classico e la slam poetry. Kento è stato l'unico rapper invitato ad esibirsi durante l'ultima edizione del Premio Tenco, questo per sottolineare il ponte unico che ha costruito tra la cultura hip hop e il mondo della canzone d'autore. Momenti caratterizzati da ritmiche serrate e contemporanee si alternano a episodi più intimistici e riflessioni su soggetti sociali, in un filo teso tra The Roots e i Rage Against The Machine. Durante il concerto saranno presentati tutti brani di Da Sud, dal singolo Ribelle alla ballad Seta, da Totò Speranza a La Barca, non mancherà poi qualche richiamo al precedente cd Radici che aveva scosso la critica per l'inedito connubio di rap e blues, creando poi un crescente interesse nel pubblico che ha portato la band a proseguire nella sua produzione. Da Sud è uscito in contemporanea con primo libro di Kento dal titolo Resistenza Rap, pubblicato per Round Robin Editrice. Per la sua prima fatica letteraria Kento ha raccontato la strada più difficile e autentica che porta al palco: racconti di viaggio e consigli per chi si avvicina per la prima volta al mondo del rap e alla cultura Hip-Hop. Il libro con artwork di copertina a cura di Masito (Colle der Fomento) e prefazione di Ice One sarà disponibile anche durante la serata. Durante l'evento anche jam session con i freestyle champions del fight con i campioni del fight club. Ospiti Dr Testo, Esdì, Holy Smoke, William Pascal e special guest. In apertura Ciarz.
Sul palco Francesco 'Kento' Carlo (voce) assieme ai Voodoo Brothers in formazione completa con Davide Ambrogio (basso), David Assuntino (tastiere), Alessio Magliocchetti Lombi (chitarra), Filippo Schininà (batteria) e Dj Fuzzten (piatti).

Sabato 14 gennaio
Ore 22
CSOA La Strada
Via Francesco Passino, 24 – Roma
Ingresso euro 5
Infoline 3803419255

at CSOA La Strada
Via Francesco Passino, 24
Rome, Italy


Event on 2017-09-20 10:00:00
Il Comune di Milano promuove e sostiene l’offerta formativa estiva delle Università, Accademie e Istituti di formazione milanesi per offrire ai giovani talenti un’occasione per vivere un’esperienza speciale in una delle principali capitali dell’innovazione e della creatività. Per la prima volta, YATTA! aderisce alla Milano Summer School e propone un corso 3D per la tua estate! Corso di modellazione, prototipazione e stampa 3D3 giorni – 24 h totalih 10 – 19Date: 14-15-16 giugno // 12-13-14 luglio // 20-21-22 settembre 2017Docente: Marco Lanza Descrizione  3D SUMMER ha l'obiettivo di far conoscere meglio la tecnologia della stampa 3D, per rendere competenti il maggior numero di persone su una tecnologia dal grande impatto sociale.Impara a modellare in 3D utilizzando uno dei software di riferimento, con la possibilità di utilizzare gli stessi principi anche attraverso altri strumenti e fare pratica di prototipazione attraverso la stampa.Un corso di 24 ore in 3 giorni per passare dall'introduzione alla stampa 3D, al corso di Rhinoceros, software di modellazione tridimensionale (con rilascio di Open Badge) e infine la prototipazione dell'oggetto modellato. Argomenti trattati STAMPA 3D (4h)– Perché si parla di Digital Fabrication– Le tecnologie di stampa 3D, in industria e lato consumer– Il funzionamento di una stampante 3D– La tecnologia FDM– I materiali– Produrre un file 3D– Preparazione alla stampa: lo slicing e la creazione del G-Code– Buone pratiche e risorse online RHINOCEROS (8h)– Comandi base, terza dimensione e la riga di comando– Rhinoceros, peculiarità e limiti– differenze di approccio rispetto ad altri programmi– menu, viste e organizzazione dell'ambiente di lavoro– muoversi nell'ambiente tridimensionale– geometria piana– dalla matematica alle curve: le splines– continuità e tangenza– punti di controllo– snaps– fogli senza spessore: le superfici– esercitazioni– la terza dimensione: le primitive– potente ed essenziale: la riga di comando Superfici, primitive e operazioni avanzate– superfici da curve nello spazio 3D– dare volume: le estrusioni– curve isoparametriche– solidi e booleane– array– offset– esercitazioni Esempi di modellazione e espansioni– collegare le superfici– errori comuni– casi pratici di modellazione– cenni di programmazione per aumentare le potenzialità di Rhino– cenni al plug-in GrasshopperPROTOTIPAZIONE (12h)– finalizzazione e stampa 3D dell’oggetto modellato PrerequisitiIl corso è aperto a tutti. MaterialeE' necessario portare il proprio computer.Per il corso di stampa 3D, si prega di scaricare prima del corso i software slic3r e Repetier-Host.Per il corso di Rhino e per seguire la parte pratica è indispensabile che il PC abbia buona scheda grafica. La configurazione minima è: – 1 GB DI RAM. Si raccomandano 8 GB o superiori– 600 MB di spazio su disco– Schede video compatibili con OpenGL 2Non è possibile utilizzare il software con:OS LinuxWindows NT, 95, 98, ME o 2000Windows XP a 64 bitLa versione per OS X è in via di sviluppo e non particolarmente agevoleIn caso non si possieda una licenza di Rhino, è possibile usare la versione trial (90 giorni di prova), scaricabile da questo link. Numero minimo di partecipanti: 5Durata: 24 ore in 3 giorniDate: 14-15-16 giugno // 12-13-14 luglio // 20-21-22 settembre 2017 Corso riservato ai possessori SUMMER CARD 2017 (verrà rilasciata – pe chi non ne fosse ancora in possesso – dopo l'iscrizione al corso). Tessera socio base YATTA 2017 in omaggio (valore 20€) ——- POLITICA DI RIMBORSOL'Organizzatore non prevede richieste di disdetta e di rimborso. Il rimborso è previsto solo nel caso in cui l'evento venga annullato dall'Organizzatore stesso.

at YATTA! Fai da noi
14 Viale Pasubio
Milan, Italy


Some cool casablanca hotels images:

Hôtel Casablanca Le Lido Thalasso & SPA
casablanca hotels
Image by Nouhailler
Hôtel Casablanca Le Lido Thalasso & SPA (Ex Riad Salam ), Boulevard de la Corniche, Dar-el-Beida, Morocco

Our hotel in Casablanca
casablanca hotels
Image by ActiveSteve