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Scott Westerfeld
Event on 2017-05-07 15:00:00
Dallas native and author of the worldwide bestselling Uglies series and the Locus Award–winning Leviathan series, and co-author of the Zeroes trilogy, Scott Westerfeld releases the first volume of an original graphic series novel, The Spill Zone. After a disastrous event destroyed the city of Poughkeepsie, life within its borders was never the same. Uncanny manifestations and lethal dangers await anyone who enters the Spill Zone. For one intrepid explorer, Addison Merrick, the threat of death was no deterrent in her quest to uncover what happened the night her parents were killed. She ventures illegally into the Spill Zone to photograph it and uncover its dark secrets. Public – .00 DMA Member – .00 Student/Educator – .00

at Dallas Museum of Art
1717 N Harwood
Dallas, United States


A radio controlled clock offers many advantages over conventional clocks. They can keep perfect time without ever having to be adjusted. That’s right you never even have to adjust them for daylight savings time. This type of clock is found in all sorts of applications including wrist watches, wall, alarm and travel clocks.

How it clock works

Although some manufactures say their radio controlled clocks are atomic clocks this is not really true. An atomic clock is operated by a atomic oscillator, while a radio controlled clock has a small radio inside. The radio inside receives a signal from an atomic clock.

The signals received by most radio controlled clocks in America originate near Fort Collins, Colorado from the NIST radio station WWVB. The radio station broadcasts on 60KHZ frequency and the clock with its miniature radio inside is tuned to receive the signal.

The signal 60KHZ is located so far below most other radio signals that it is not interrupted by any other signals put out by radio or television. The signals from radio and television stations are generally transmitted at no lower then 530KHZ. The 60 KHZ can not carry voice or audio and only transmits a code. The code that is broadcast is a binary code or bits and are sent at a slow rate of one bit per second. It is so slow that it takes a full minute to generate a complete time code. This slow rate is why the first time you set it may take up to five full minutes to show the correct time.

Once the clock has received and decoded the code sent from the radio station it will then apply a time zone correction so that it shows local time. The radio station provides the time as Universal Time. When your clock is set and running for the first time it probably will not read the radio signal for at least 4 hours and more likely will only do so once a day. Instead it uses a quartz crystal oscillator to keep time.

Radio controlled clocks are very accurate time keepers that actually set themselves one or more times per day. They use a 60KHZ low frequency signal from a radio station to set themselves so they are always right even during daylight savings time.

Another type of radio controlled clock is radio controlled digital clock, to know more about it visit

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Have you ever fancied trying your hand at watersports? Maybe you are a regular windsurfer or kitesurfer and you are after your regular fix? However, with the cold weather gripping the UK it can be increasingly difficult to hit the water. This is why windsurfing, surfing and kitesurfing in Morocco are growing so popular, especially during the winter months. With the promise of temperatures averaging 21 degrees Celsius during the winter months, Morocco has a warm and welcoming climate.

Additionally, because of resorts like Essaouira in the north, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the waves with a spot of watersport entertainment.

Kitesurfing in Morocco is particularly popular around the handful of beaches that hug the coast in and around Essaouira. The conditions are ideal for beginners and more experienced kitesurfers alike. This is represented in the variety of conditions experienced at these beaches. The more experienced should head to La Grotte The Cave as the waves produced here are higher and stronger. For a more rounded kitesurfing experience in Morocco, where you are likely to encounter watersport enthusiasts of all disciplines and levels of ability, head to Sidi Kaouki or the main beach in Essaouira.

Due to a growing community of watersport enthusiasts enjoying a holiday in Morocco, there is a vibrant scene that any budding kitesurfer, surfer or windsurfer will thrive in. The cafes are often busy with people talking about their experiences on the waves and newcomers to the watersport scene will find plenty of places providing lessons and equipment. This is a main attraction that is helping to shape Essaouira and Morocco as a top kitesurfing destination regardless of the time of year.

So, if you are keen to get your wet suit on, enjoy some sunshine and slide across the waves then kitesurfing in Essaouira is the place to be this winter.

Explora Morocco have a passion for the sea, and a passion for adventure and want to ensure that you do not just book an activity but you have an experience, an adventure and come away with great memories.


Old 97’s
Event on 2017-06-10 21:00:00

In 1996, Old 97s recorded Too Far to Care. It was their major-label debutfollowing two independent releases and a year-long bidding war, the Dallas-based quartet had signed with Elektra Records. But rather than venture into some state-of-the-art studio in New York or LA, the band decamped to Village Productions in Tornillo, Texas, a remote facility in the middle of two thousand acres of pecan trees near the Mexican border, with a mixing board acquired from an engineer who had worked on some of Queens albums. Now over twenty years later, they have returned to record their eleventh studio album, Graveyard Whistling.[Too Far To Care] is the sound that best defined us, says Rhett Miller, the lead singer and primary songwriter. It was a really magical time, and we go back to it a lot in our collective memory.And so when it came time for the bandwhich still consists of the same four members: Miller, guitarist Ken Bethea, bassist Murry Hammond, and drummer Philip Peeplesto record their newest endeavor, producer Vance Powell brought up the idea of returning to Tornillo. We knew instantly that it was the perfect move, says Miller. We werent trying to remake Too Far to Care, but to make something where fans would say, This band hasnt lost a step in twenty-some years.The result is the eleven songs of Graveyard Whistling, from a group that has earned the respect and veneration as one of the pioneers of the alt-country movement, while still retaining the raucous energy, deceptive cleverness, and knockabout spirit that first distinguished them from the pack. The record comes out blazing with the breakneck shuffle of I Dont Want to Die in This Town (based on a possibly apocryphal quote from Frank Sinatra), and maintaining that feverish intensity even when the tempo drops on songs like the more contemplative All Who Wander. Echoes of such barroom saints as the Replacements and the Pogues appear on sing-alongs Bad Luck Charm and Irish Whiskey Pretty Girls, but bigger and more mature issues simmer underneath the steamroller swing.Returning to Tornillo was more than just a novelty, and proved key to the albums direction. At some point renamed Sonic Ranch, the studio has been expanded and updated, but the band went back into the same recording space. They even stayed in the same bedroomsMiller opened the drawer of his nightstand and found a note that he had written twenty years earlier.The time-travel element cant be overstated, says the singer. It was a beautiful feeling of completing a circlewere the same people, but we had grown so much as bandmates and friends. It really made me believe in the power of experience and that you do get better with time. Were capable of so much more now than we were two decades prior, but it also felt like we just took a coffee break in 1996 and now here we were, sitting back down to make a new record.After all this time, Old 97s also found themselves in the interesting position of following up the most critically acclaimed, highest charting record of their career, 2014s Most Messed Up. We didnt expect that kind of reception for Most Messed Upin the current climate, says Miller. It was very cool, and weird, a great feeling but also a newfound pressure.

at Sam’s Burger Joint Music Hall
330 East Grayson Street
San Antonio, United States


Check out these africa images:

Image by titoalfredo
Enclavado en la ladera de una cadena montañosa, Chenini, que data del siglo XI, se descubre majestuosa, protegida por antiguas fortificaciones y por agrestes rocas. Se trata de un conjunto de viviendas excavadas dentro de las rocas en diferentes niveles y tiene su origen en la formación de un antiguo ksar.


Montreal Canadiens vs. Dallas Stars
Event on 2017-03-28 19:30:00
NHL Hockey

at Centre Bell
1909 Avenue des Canadiens-de-Montreal
Montreal, Canada


broadcast tower
Image by snap turtle


Branford Marsalis Quartet with Kurt Elling
Event on 2017-05-10 20:00:00

at Dallas City Performance Hall
2520 Flora St.
Dallas, United States


Some cool live news images:

live news
Image by infomatique
Because of recent news relating to the development [re-development] of Cherrywood in the South of County Dublin I decided to see if I had any relevant photograph but the earliest usable photographs were taken in July 2013. I do know that I did photograph the area in 2010 and possibly in 2009 but I cannot locate the original photographs.

This photograph was taken in 2013 but nothing really changed between 2010 and 2013,

Back in 2010 I made the following comment online:

“The New Luas Extension Has Been Criticised By Commuters Who Cannot Park.”

“When it comes to transport in Dublin there have been two success stories in recent years. The DublinBike scheme is one and the other is the Luas tram system. Last Monday was a beautiful sunny day and after photographing the Dublin Marathon I decided that it would be a good idea to get the Luas to Cherrywood to see if I could take a few photographs. It was explained to me, by a gentleman that I met on the tram, that the land is now tied up in NAMA and as a result it cannot be developed as a park and ride facility. Commuters were turned away from the new Cherrywood terminus on opening day as there were no parking facilities available.”

“Cherrywood is one of Dublin’s newest suburbs and as can be seen from my photographs it is partly developed and there are some very large empty spaces and believe it or not there is a shortage of parking spaces. Some time ago a decision was made to extend the Sandyford (Green) Luas line to Cherrywood and construction started in February 2007 and the line became operational this month (October 2010) There are now two Luas stops in Cherrywood: Cherrywood and the terminus, Brides Glen.”

I would suggest that the tram stop at Laughanstown could be described as being in the area.

FRIDAY 10 FEB 2016:

Hines Ireland has officially started work on the first key phase of construction at Cherrywood in South County Dublin. If all goes well up to 30,000 people will live at Cherrywood by early in the next decade meaning that it will be as large as Bray and even larger than a town such as Athlone.

Brian Moran said, “The upfront delivery of the roads, cycle and pedestrian network and three wonderful parks is a pivotal moment for the Cherrywood project. These will be the green lungs for this modern new town and this not only strikes the right environmental note for Cherrywood to come but it also underpins our commitment to expedite the delivery of the 4,000 modern new homes within the Hines land holding."

"We are acutely aware of the enormous public demand for new housing stock and the submission of planning for the new €875 million Cherrywood Town Centre in the coming months will include 1300 new smart design apartments as part of this highly ambitious plan.”

In 2014, Hines acquired Cherrywood in South Dublin. The two components of this investment include an existing 52,000-square-meter office park and a 390-acre master-planned development site. The Cherrywood site has been acquired with approval for the construction of a new, retail-led mixed-use town center; up to 3,800 apartments and houses; and zoning capacity to expand the second largest office park in Dublin to three times its current size.

Mr. Moran is the Senior Managing Director responsible for developing Hines’ Ireland projects. He established the Hines platform in Ireland which currently has more than €1.2 billion of retail, office and residential assets under management, in addition to a major development pipeline which includes an additional €500 million of retail development and over 4,000 residential units. He rejoined the firm in 2011 having previously worked with Hines in Russia in the 1990’s.


Paul Varghese (Dallas Comic) at Opening Bell
Event on 2017-02-22 20:00:00
Back after last month’s success!.. Paul Varghese is a Dallas, Texas, comedian of Indian descent who appeared on the hit reality show Last Comic Standing 2, where he made it to the semi-finals. He taped his first full-set for national television on March 8, 2007, for Comedy Central's Live at Gotham which aired July 13, 2007. He was a regular on the Pugs and Kelly radio show, noon-3 p.m. weekdays on Live 105.3/Free FM in Dallas when that radio station and show was still on the air. Central Track interview:

at Opening Bell Coffee
1409 South Lamar Street #012
Dallas, United States