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Breakthrough Music Business Summit Dallas
Event on 2017-06-17 18:30:00
This is just a pre-registration ticket. When the 20 tickets become available pre-registers will be notified 72 hours before the general public. The Breakthrough Music Summit is for any artist that wants to have ultimate breakthrough in their career.This career & life changing event with former A&R Director, music industry success coach, and music business strategist will not only be a roadmap to further your career but in one night you will be able to break through the limiting beliefs and habits that have caused roadblocks in you achieving ultimate success in the music industry that you desire and deserve.This event is only available to the 20 artists that want to have breakthrough in their career. This won't be another boring conference or lecture. This is going to be a hands on meeting with the premier music business success and strategist coach Matthew Rix! Matthew Rix inteoduction video on the Breakthrough Summit Rix has spent 20 years in the music industry in various job titles including being a senior A&R director, an A&R consultant, and regional promotions coordinator and for the past few years Matthew is the "go to" guy for artists. He's been called on to assist artist in the studio that are dealing with creative blocks (songwriting, artistic direction), negotiated record deals and his music business audio series "Mattrix Minute" had over 8.4 million sales and streams in 2014 alone from 38 different nations. Matthew's purpose with this event is taking your career from good to outstanding.This is not* Artist showcase* A&R audition*A mixerThis is for artists that want to find out how to take their career to the next level, whichever area that might be and receive the tools to achieve it.Each attendee will receive the following:*Entry into The Breakthrough Music Summit*Free copy of the soon to be released "7 Tips for unprecedented success" by Matthew Rix*One song submission to be featured on a special Mattrix Mixtape event compilation (And you get paid for every sale and stream on this compilation)*A private coach that will do follow up with you and help you with your compilation success.If you're ready for breakthrough then this summit is for you!

at TBA
2617 Commerce
Dallas, United States


DevRight SDS I – Straumann
Event on 2017-05-19 17:00:00
DevRight Speaker Development Series I – Advanced Professional Storytelling and Graphic Design Course DevRight's much sought after and internationally reknowned Speaker Development Team is continuing the incredibly successful program to guide and train the professional speakers of Straumann NA.  Dental companies are always looking to identify their next set of Key Opinion Leaders and Straumann knows the most effective way to assure a "best fit" is to develop your own talent.  As the industry leader in professional speaker development, DevRight is committed to assisting Straumann speakers in taking those important next steps as they rise up on their professional podiums. Nothing instills confidence like professional preparation and hard work alongside driven and exceptional colleagues on the dental lecture circuit. Registration for the SDS – I Course is free and reserves your seat, pending Straumann NA confirmation.  Course fee payment is covered by Straumann. WHO: DevRight international speaker development faculty team and partners are reknowned at elevating the next core group of professional podium level presentaters.  In an effort to help connect professionals working with Straumann, this course kick starts the transformation of speakers into educational artists!  Working together with you, the DevRight faculty will share the steps it took them down the road and up to the highest podium.   WHAT: An intense and no-holds barred professional development course with a heavy dose of hands-on computer design/presentation development time, live presentation critiques, and the oppotunity to connect with the next round of podium presenters. This course will highlight the graphic design techniques and concepts that will transform your presentation towards the podium significance. Nothing prepares the dental professional for the rigors of the prossional speaking world like the DevRight Speaker Development Series. Join in to be a part of the hundred fold speaking tribe that has seen the difference advanced education makes in your professional presentations. It takes a vision and a road map to start mapping out your future and leveraging your experience from the clinic.  Stop dreaming about having amazing graphics, presentations and being transformational for your audience! Course Details: Includes 14 hours of CERP accredited CE, lecture and hand's on professional instruction, Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast and lunch provided.  Bring your laptop and any a sponge for a mind! WHEN: May 19th 5:00pm-10:00pm and May 20th 8:00am-5:00pm Registration to hold your seat is free through Eventbrite but subject to Straumann approval. All Course Materials/Meals/Facilities/CE credits will be included and paid by Straumann. Please contact for any questions or click on the links to sign up for an open seat. WHY: Because these guys have been there, developed national podium speakers and refined internationally acclaimed speakers. And because you will be hard pressed to find a more exciting and fun course on the planet! Course Objectives- Upon completion of this curriculum, the participants should be able to: Recognize the steps it takes to advance your career as a professional presenter and key opinion leader in your profession. Create visually stunning presentations and graphics by understanding and seeing the difference between average and expectional presentations. Get exceptional and multi-dimensional feedback from the DevRight SDS Faculty and co-participants while also joining a community of professionals living life beyond the dental chair. WHERE: DevRight Headquarters and Conference Center 8411 Preston Road #870 Dallas, TX 75225 Please contact for any questions or click on the links to sign up for an open seat. See you in Dallas in May! Catch us on Facebook: DevRight1   Twitter: @devright1   YouTube: DevRight

at DevRight LLC
8411 Preston Road , Suite 870
Dallas, United States


The International Congress of Esthetics & Spa-Dallas
Event on 2018-05-06 00:00:00
The International Congress of Esthetics & Spa-Dallas is happening on 06 May 2018 at Arlington Convention Center Arlington, United States Of America. Its a premier event in Cosmetics and Beauty Products industry.

Book a stall at!

at Arlington Convention Center
1200 Ballpark Way
Arlington, United States


by kengo

Which are ways to live longer? Does the gene decide the duration of your life? Being born in a family with history of longevity, you have more possibilities of living longer. But just basing on this, a longer life is not guaranteed completely.


You can start with attitude. Being a positive e thinker can not only impact the quality of your life, but can contribute to how long you can live. In 2002, researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., found that optimistic people decreased their risk of early death by 50 percent compared with those who leaned more towards pessimism.


Also stress can affect the immune system and cause a variety of health issues. You cannot avoid stress in your life, but knowing how to handle the stress and remain positive can help contribute to a longer and healthier life. Did you know that owning a pet can help in handling stress? Rebecca Johnson, a professor of gerontological nursing at the University of Missouri at Columbia, showed that interaction with pets does, in fact, reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol.


And having a pet may add years to your life. One of the first studies in this arena, which appeared in “Public Health Reports” in 1980, showed that the survival rates of heart attack victims who had a pet were 28 percent higher than those of patients who didn’t have an animal companion. “The health effects seem to be very real and by no means mystical,” says Alan Beck, director of the Center for the Human-Animal Bond at Purdue University. “Contact with companion animals triggers a relaxation response,” he says. Another factor in living longer is not being overweight. Research shows that obesity can lead to medical conditions, including diabetes, heart disease and various cancers. So powerful are certain lifestyle choices that recommended diets along with maintenance of physical activity and appropriate body mass can, over time, reduce the incidence of cancer by 30 percent to 40 percent, according to the American Institute for Cancer Research.


Avoid smoking and eating too much sugar. Both of these weaken the bodies immune system which can contribute to health issues.


Exercising at least 30 minutes a day has shown to strengthen the immune system and may increase your chances of a longer life. And last of all learn how to life each day. Don’t take things so seriously that you are angry and negative as this affects your overall well-being.


For more helpful information on living longer go to:


Jeffrey Kinseth

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Impact & Affluence Tour – Los Angeles
Event on 2017-04-15 13:00:00
ATTENTION: Purpose-Driven Unapologetic Action Taking Black Women Entrepreneurs, who are sick of spinning their wheels, stuck at the same multiple 6-figure ceiling for YEARS and HUNGRY to cross the million-dollar finish line in record time! Are you a 7-Figure Sister TRAPPED in a 6-Figure Reality? Let’s face it. You are a business badass. You have been doing your thing for at least 3 years and you are a BEAST!  Except—your money doesn’t match the HOURS of effort you pour into your speaking, coaching or service-based business. They’re “living the dream”: buying million dollar homes, traveling the globe to delicious vacation spots, and making the world a better place with their philanthropic contributions. But you? You have stalled at the multiple 6-figure glass ceiling for YEARS growing at a snails pace or worse: going no where fast. You know “how” to make money. But the truth is the “way” you do it is burning you out. And you feel left behind. Your peers are running million, and in some cases multimillion dollar, businesses and living the good life. Imagine being able to be part of the elite 2% of women of all races to break the million-dollar mark in record time! Imagine impacting the financial legacy of your bloodline so your children’s children are born into affluence, and you are hailed as a living legend! Imagine finally being able to live the lifestyle you deserve with the kind of impact and affluence that we normally see reserved only White people. #HollaAndPreach During this training you will discover: The REAL reason why you are trapped in a 6-figure reality—and how to get the hell out! (It’s not your fault—but it is you problem. And once you find out why you haven’t hit the 7-figure mark by now, it’s going to blow your MIND!) Discover EXACTLY what you are doing WRONG that keeps you slavin’, stuck, and stalled in a 6-figure business that undermines your parenting, kills your self care and even sabotages your sex life #GrownWomanTalkHere The ONE word that will have you making more money in half the time! (When I implanted this word with full passion, I quantum leaped from $ 400k to 1.2 million working part time hours from home in 10 months! #HollaAndPreach) The one thing you as a Black woman MUST give-up to become a millionaire. (This will go against EVERYTHING you have been taught but until you do it, your shot at being a 7-figure sister is in the toilet.) The 3 hidden drivers you MUST master to effortlessly have the sort of impact on the world like Oprah, Dr. King, or even Michelle Obama! And most crucial of all: The #1 secret to fast-tracking it to 7-figure success. (This secret generated .7 million for one of my clients in ONE conversation. It’s a game-changer!) IMPORTANT NOTICE: Space is very limited at these events and available on a first-come, first-served basis. There will be no tickets sold at the door. Your ticket purchase includes healthy appetizers and drinks to enjoy throughout the evening. Frequently Asked Questions: Will you be adding any other cities to the tour? Unfortunately, no. While I would love to travel to every city around the globe and host this event, my life is SATURATED! I had to move heaven and earth to carve out these dates! If you want to join us, I suggest you pick the city nearest you and make the trip to come. I’m flying back and forth from my home in Dallas (in between video shoots, private client VIPs, retreats, business trainings, speaking events—uuuuhhhh!!!) to put on these events so that I can be with you in person. That’s how committed I am to YOUR success. The real question is: are YOU? If you are, come. What if I change my mind about attending the event? Can I get a refund? Your registration fee for the Defy Impossible, Black Women Millionaires Impact & Affluence Tour is NONREFUNDABLE. However, your ticket is TRANSFERABLE to another person if you are not able to attend. Any questions not addressed here? Email Team Defy Impossible at!

at The Westin Los Angeles Bonaventure Hotel & Suites
404 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, United States


A Hard Night’s Day – Beatles Tribute
Event on 2017-09-07 00:00:00

at Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden
8525 Garland Road
Dallas, United States


Beaux Arts Ball
Event on 2017-04-21 19:30:00
Come enjoy a night of socializing and dancing in the amazing Wyly Theater in the Dallas Arts District! Not only will you get to spend an evening in the dynamic Potter Rose Theater but get a guided tour through the ins and outs of the Rem Koolhaas and Joshua Prince-Ramus design. Event begins at 7:30. Tours are available from 8:00-9:00pm, do not miss this exclusive opportunity! Wolf Gang Puck passing hors d'oeuvres will be served until 9:30pm. Two drink tickets with the purchase of a ticket then cash bar. Formal attire is required. Please see attached map for available venue parking. NOTE: Other parking is available in the area.

at Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre
2100 Ross Avenue Suite 650
Dallas, United States


Check out these music images:

Image by Verius Photography

Piano keyboard
Image by darrenleno
Piano keyboard.


Scott Westerfeld
Event on 2017-05-07 15:00:00
Dallas native and author of the worldwide bestselling Uglies series and the Locus Award–winning Leviathan series, and co-author of the Zeroes trilogy, Scott Westerfeld releases the first volume of an original graphic series novel, The Spill Zone. After a disastrous event destroyed the city of Poughkeepsie, life within its borders was never the same. Uncanny manifestations and lethal dangers await anyone who enters the Spill Zone. For one intrepid explorer, Addison Merrick, the threat of death was no deterrent in her quest to uncover what happened the night her parents were killed. She ventures illegally into the Spill Zone to photograph it and uncover its dark secrets. Public – .00 DMA Member – .00 Student/Educator – .00

at Dallas Museum of Art
1717 N Harwood
Dallas, United States


A radio controlled clock offers many advantages over conventional clocks. They can keep perfect time without ever having to be adjusted. That’s right you never even have to adjust them for daylight savings time. This type of clock is found in all sorts of applications including wrist watches, wall, alarm and travel clocks.

How it clock works

Although some manufactures say their radio controlled clocks are atomic clocks this is not really true. An atomic clock is operated by a atomic oscillator, while a radio controlled clock has a small radio inside. The radio inside receives a signal from an atomic clock.

The signals received by most radio controlled clocks in America originate near Fort Collins, Colorado from the NIST radio station WWVB. The radio station broadcasts on 60KHZ frequency and the clock with its miniature radio inside is tuned to receive the signal.

The signal 60KHZ is located so far below most other radio signals that it is not interrupted by any other signals put out by radio or television. The signals from radio and television stations are generally transmitted at no lower then 530KHZ. The 60 KHZ can not carry voice or audio and only transmits a code. The code that is broadcast is a binary code or bits and are sent at a slow rate of one bit per second. It is so slow that it takes a full minute to generate a complete time code. This slow rate is why the first time you set it may take up to five full minutes to show the correct time.

Once the clock has received and decoded the code sent from the radio station it will then apply a time zone correction so that it shows local time. The radio station provides the time as Universal Time. When your clock is set and running for the first time it probably will not read the radio signal for at least 4 hours and more likely will only do so once a day. Instead it uses a quartz crystal oscillator to keep time.

Radio controlled clocks are very accurate time keepers that actually set themselves one or more times per day. They use a 60KHZ low frequency signal from a radio station to set themselves so they are always right even during daylight savings time.

Another type of radio controlled clock is radio controlled digital clock, to know more about it visit

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