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Face – Vocal Rock Band
Event on 2017-10-14 20:00:00
Doors @ 7:00PM/ Show @ 8:00PM
• Advanced General Admission: plus ticketing fee
• Day of Show General Admission: plus ticketing fee
Face is an internationally acclaimed all-vocal rock band from Boulder, Colorado who have been captivating audiences for over a decade with their infectious energy punctuated by an endearing love of performance. Face is: Ryan Driver, Forest Kelly, Cody Qualls, Mark Megibow, and Stephen Ross.

Face's live shows are a high-octane rock music phenomenon that must been seen to be believed. The band competed on the hit NBC series “The Sing-Off,” as well as “America’s Got Talent,” With five albums and a feature-length live concert BluRay/DVD, Face regularly performs for sold-out audiences around Colorado in classic venues such as Paramount Theatre, Boulder Theater, and Soiled Dove Underground.
Nationally, Face has touched crowds from San Francisco to Chicago, Dallas to Minneapolis, as well as headlining at Detroit's famous Fox Theatre and Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. Critics and fans nation-wide describe Face as “nothing short of spectacular,” “a six-voice bomb blast,” and “among the top ten singing groups in the country.” With their incredible vocal harmonies, heart pounding vocal drums and more than a touch of humorous stage presence, Face has proven themselves to be a world class act for audiences of all ages.

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at Stargazers Theater
10 South Parkside Drive
Colorado Springs, United States


Some cool tv images:

Image by Harry Wood

Image by ..tmh
on of those times where i’ve been bored, so just played around with the camera


When you want to change something in your life it is a very common experience to say that you couldn’t do what you want to do because you would up set someone or that person might be offended or another might think badly of you. The result of all this thinking on your part is that you don’t ever get around to doing the thing you really would like to be doing.

But sometimes we all forget that another person may see the world in a different way to us. The expression about getting into someone else’s shoes is not necessarily to be taken literally although there was a well known actress who found that in order to get into character she had to first get the shoes of the character onto her feet.

However, what the phrase usually means is that you must imagine seeing the world through that other person’s eyes and with their experience of life. You can get a sense of this by standing in a different place and saying to yourself ‘I’m seeing the world through so and so’s eyes now.’ Counsellors use this technique by getting their client to sit in a chair which represents a person and see the world through the eyes of him or her. It’s useful to do this when you have a disagreement with someone and don’t understand why that person won’t understand your point of view.

You may find by stepping into their shoes you can understand their objections. When you understand this you can proceed to reach an agreement with them because when you demonstrate to them that you really understand where they are coming from then they will be more open to understanding your point of view too.

In the end you must consider whether the most important thing in your life is pleasing other people or doing whatever it is that you really want to do. When you get to the end of your life will you say to yourself that at least you tried not to upset anyone. Or will you be able to say that maybe you upset a person or two along the way but at least you did all those things you really wanted to do! It’s your choice whether you live for yourself or entirely for other people. Of course ideally it is great if you can find the balance between fulfilling your won needs and not upsetting too many along the way either.

Free report ’15 Ways to change’ from from Susan Kersley, retired doctor turned Life Coach


Lone Star Youth Orchestra 2017-2018 Season Auditions
Event on 2017-08-12 10:30:00
The Las Colinas Symphony Orchestra will be holding auditions for the Lone Star Youth Orchestra’s 2017-2018 Season on Saturday, August 12th and Saturday, August 26th from 10:30am-4:30pm at the Irving Arts Center.

Based in Irving, TX, the Lone Star Youth Orchestra is the only tuition-free youth orchestra in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The Lone Star Youth Orchestra is open to all middle and high school students residing in the Dallas Metroplex. These talented youths are given the opportunity to supplement and enhance their music education by learning symphonic literature through high-quality orchestral and ensemble training with the very best in the field. Students have the opportunity to perform with the Garland Symphony Orchestra and the Las Colinas Symphony Orchestra through our side-by-side concerts, and students may also compete for scholarship opportunities and guest artist spots through our annual concerto competition.

Each year, the Lone Star Youth Orchestra provides our community with multiple breath taking concerts. Through master classes with distinguished professors and building connections with professional musicians, 98% of our students go on to higher education. In fact, many students who have graduated concurrently with the LSYO have been granted scholarships at prestigious music institutions such as Julliard (New York), the Curtis Institute of Music (Philadelphia), and the Royal College of Music (London). Likewise, LSYO alumni include an abundance of community leaders, professionals, and educators.

Auditions are by appointment only. All audition information can be found at Students can expect to perform two scales, a solo of their choice, and 2-3 excerpts that have been preselected for their instrument.

The Las Colinas Symphony Orchestra’s mission is to enhance the quality of life in our growing and diverse community by inspiring, entertaining and involving citizens and organizations through music concerts of superior cultural and educational value. The Lone Star Youth Orchestra is an education initiative of the Las Colinas Symphony Orchestra.

Entering into his third year as conductor of the Lone Star Youth Orchestra, Kevin Pearce brings a unique combination of a world-class musical background and an unending commitment to education. Pearce recently completed coursework for his Doctor of Musical Arts in Orchestral Conducting at the University of North Texas, in the studio of David Itkin. Prior to his move to North Texas, he served from 2008-2013 as the inaugural Director of Orchestras at Cypress Lakes High School in the western suburbs of Houston. During his tenure, the Cypress Lakes Orchestras won multiple UIL Sweepstakes awards, as well as top honors in local and national festivals. Kevin received a Bachelor of Music Education from Indiana University, and a Master of Arts in Orchestral Conducting from the University of Iowa. His other conducting teachers include Clay Couturiaux, William LaRue Jones, Myron Welch, Stephen Pratt, and Douglas Stotter.

Auditions will take place Saturday, August 12th and Saturday, August 26th from 10:30am-4:30pm at the Irving Arts Center.

at Irving Arts Center
3333 N. MacArthur Blvd.
Irving, United States


Dry Country
news live
Image by Steve Dorman
Bad news for many Victorian farmers down near where my folks live. Years of successive droughts have left paddocks bare and many farmers too debt ridden to purchase feed for their dairy cows. Praying that these folks get several fat years. They could use it. Not just in Victoria either, but huge areas of NSW and other parts of the country as well. I’m glad we have several rural chaplains travelling throughout these areas as well as the Flying Padre in the outback.
Water, we don’t think about it much in the city. Except when a pipe bursts and we can’t fill the kettle for a couple of hours. But for many people and livestock in rural and outback Australia. It truly is a precious resource.


led tv
by s.yume

When investing in something exciting like a new television, the last thing you want to happen is for technical jargon to take the edge off and put a dampener on things, so here is a jargon buster specifically for LCD, Plasma, High Definition and LED TVs:

LCD â?? Liquid Crystal Display. The technology used to create some flat screen televisions which allows for clear and crisp images whether watching television or playing games through your TV.

LED â?? Light Emitting Diode. Light Emitting Diodes are used in conjunction with LCD technology to give a bright, backlit image which is clear and visible no matter what the surrounding light conditions are like.

HD â?? High Definition. HD produces significantly better picture quality than SD (Standard Definition) which all televisions used to fall under. This is because it has one to two million pixels per frame, approximately five times that of SD, meaning the picture quality is sharper, clearer and more lifelike.

HD Ready â?? This means that the television, computer monitor or laptop you’re buying supports High Definition technology and you will be able to enjoy those programmes and games which are filmed in HD and offer a more realistic viewing experience.

Plasma â?? Technology which has allowed television screens to become bigger and bigger without losing picture quality in the process. Plasma TVs are still the preferred choice for those opting to buy a TV which is larger than 42 inches in diameter.

Wi-Fi ready â?? Wireless Fidelity. The name given to a device which can connect wirelessly to the internet, most commonly associated with laptops and mobile devices, but can now be applied to any device which can be used to connect to the internet, including televisions that are Wi-Fi ready.

Resolution â?? This refers to the number of pixels per frame; the more pixels there are per frame, the higher the resolution and the better the picture quality.

3D DNR â?? 3D Digital Noise Reduction. This is a feature which is built into many televisions to reduce picture grain and emit as clear a picture as possible.

50Hz / 100Hz â?? The frequency at which the electrical current is transmitted to the user from the power source; the faster the frequency, the clearer and more flicker-free image the television will relay to you.

IPS â?? In Plane Switching. This was developed in the late 1990s as a way to overcome the limited viewing angle of flat screens on televisions, laptops and so on, as well as to improve poor colour reproduction. Due to the expense of this technology, it was initially reserved for monitors used by people such as graphic designers but as the price dropped, the technology has been adopted in mainstream products, for example Panasonic LCD TVs incorporate this technology, allowing them to produce a high quality image without the excessive energy consumption that the original IPS technology used.

DLNA certified â?? Digital Living Network Alliance. Having this certification means that the manufacturer has signed up to an alliance which means they are offering consumers standardised ways to operate technology and means their items are as compatible as possible with other devices.

HDMI â?? High Definition Multimedia Interface. A compact interface for transmitting uncompressed audio or video data; this is a way of connecting everything from Blu-Ray and DVD players, to games consoles and set top boxes, to your digital television or computer monitor. Digital TVs will often have up to four HDMI connections.

Check the product specifications online for all the information you need before you decide whether LCD TVs or Plasma TVs are right for you.

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Chris DiStefano
Event on 2017-06-03 19:00:00

at Hyenas Dallas
5321 East Mockingbird
Dallas, United States


A few nice news images I found:

Anger Games 2
Image by razorieneve
Original size 3840×2400. Use of this image must also attribute Imperium.News

Anger Games 2
Image by razorieneve
Original size 3840×2400. Use of this image must also attribute Imperium.News

Moons of New Eden
Image by razorieneve
Original size 3840×2400. Use of this image must also attribute Imperium.News


A few nice morocco music images I found:

Gojira au boulevard 2007 (journée Metal)
morocco music
Image by dequoi
Gojira en plein set au boulevard 2007

Ribab Fusion
morocco music
Image by Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs

Festival Gnaoua et Musiques du Monde 2011
morocco music
Image by herr_S


Breast of Texas Spring Fundraiser BBQ
Event on 2017-05-20 12:00:00
Breast of Texas Dragon Boat Team's Annual Fundraising Event benefiting breast cancer suvivors. Join us for a fun time and help raise funds for the first breast cancer survivor dragon boat team in the Dallas\ Fort Worth Area: Breast of Texas. The IBCPC Dragon Boat Festival is held every four years by the International Breast Cancer Paddler’s Commission for thousands of breast cancer survivors from around the world that participate in dragon boating to promote health and well-being, and spread breast cancer awareness.  In 2018, Florence, Italy will host this event where approximately 120 breast cancer survivor teams from around the world will compete. The Breast of Texas is committed to participating in its first ever International Festival in Florence, Italy, while representing the Lone Star State of Texas in promoting personal strength, joy, hope, camaraderie, positive energy, health and well-being. Tax-deductible donations to the Breast of Texas Florence Fund will go towards the team's registration and travel costs which are estimated to exceed 00 per participant.  Visit for more information about the 2018 International Festival. Visit our Florence Fund Donation Summary Page to view a list of donors and our fundraising progress. We are preparing a feast of BBQ for our neighbors, friends, and family. How could you say no to this surefire good time with unlimited BBQ? We also have many fun games planned for you, or you can bring your own frisbee, volleyball, badminton, football, etc.  We will be introducing our brand new  pink dragon boat, Stella, speaking why we formed the team and how it helps our community. Breast of Texas's very own Katie Maciulenicz-Gass Ph.D. will be at the event to tell us about the positive impact this sport has for breast cancer survivors. 

at Trawick Pavilion
2700 Darren G. Medlin Trail
Grapevine, United States