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Heat Pump Network HC February 20, internationally renowned institutions consulting firm BrandFinance British brand value published in 2010 the world’s most valuable 500 brands list, Wal-Mart, Google, Aesthetic Coca-Cola and other brands ranked among the world. It is understood that this total of 19 Mainland China ranked companies, including beauty, BYD is one of only two Chinese private enterprises, the United States is also the only selected the 500 most valuable Chinese brand Home Appliances Brand.

It is understood that the most valuable 500 global brands list, five brand valuation by the international authority of the UK leading independent assessment of brand management and brand consultancy BrandFinance released once a year, using the information comes from public sources, The rankings for its professionalism and independence are widely recognized by global companies.

Than in 2009, The Ranking of 500 total value of the brand increased by 26%, reaching 2.873 trillion U.S. dollars; the market value of 500 brands of companies are achieving 16% growth, reaching 18.664 trillion U.S. dollars. One, Google, IBM and other technology companies occupy the top ten, four seats. As the industry leader in home appliances, beauty has been adhering to the business philosophy of innovation and technology, 2009 in International Financial The context of the crisis still spend 12 million yuan ample rewards talent, which is why beauty can be selected for this unique world’s most valuable brand domestic appliances 500 key enterprises.

We understand that in the past 10 years, beauty has always maintained a high and steady development momentum, Sell Revenue increased 10-fold. In 2009, total U.S. sales reached 95 billion yuan, the brand value of the United States in 2000 to 63.8 billion yuan to 45.333 billion yuan, ranking China the sixth most valuable brand list, brand value growth of 9% over last year year on year increase in the top ten brands in the first place.

It is understood that in 2010 the world’s most valuable 500 brands selected, a total of 19 Chinese mainland ranked companies. Among them, the beauty, BYD is one of only two Chinese private enterprises. Voice Connection China Guang-Yuan Mar economic observers said that in recent years, a series of policy support in the country, China’s private enterprises are by their own efforts, including brand building, technology upgrade, enhance core competitiveness in terms of road in the international development on, step by step to show the world’s top brands and the competitive advantage of par.

2010, the national home appliances to the countryside in the new round of bidding the work of the United States of its air conditioners, refrigerators, air to water, washing machines, nearly 300 models and 500 types of products won the bid to become home appliances to the countryside this year the biggest winner. According to reports, a good turn in the global economy against the background of the United States and the estimated sales revenue in 2010 will exceed 110 billion yuan, accelerating the pace of internationalization, and enhance market competitiveness, will be in the next 6 years (from 2010 to 2015) to achieve recycling A Beautiful ambitions.

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Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! A common word heard every morning in almost every house. Having a delicious hot coffee early morning in snowy winters is just like heaven. A cup of delicious coffee is something that makes your day perfect. Coffee is counted among one of the healthiest beverages in the world. The aroma of a freshly prepared coffee is fabulous. It lifts up the mood and prepares you to work all day long.

No doubts that every coffee lover would like to steal some time from hectic schedule to enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee. Just one sip, and it takes you to another world to recollect energies for getting back at work. If you are really depressed, have a cup of coffee and you will seriously feel better. A cup of coffee can be enjoyed with everyone, be it family, friend or beloved. It will not be wrong to say that most of the love stories start with a Cup of Coffee and even it’s a part of every corporate meeting.

Coffee is normally grown in tropical regions. It comes to us in so many ways, and the sweetest form is chocolate. There are almost dizzying choices, as freshly brewed coffee, cappuccino, espresso, latte macchiato, caffe crema, mocha, vanilla, hazelnut, cinnamon and almond are just few to count. It’s not just hot coffee, which is popular, icy cold coffee is also a top favorite beverage in summers. In fact, flavored roasted coffee beans are also available. Many researchers have proved that coffee has more benefits than hazards. People drinking coffee on regular basis, but in a limited quantity, enjoy more health perks.

Coffee is rich in caffeine and magnesium, which makes it great source of anti-oxidants that help preventing cancer. It also prevents cavities with its anti-bacterial and anti-adhesive properties. Coffee even promotes digestion, improves endurance, reduce depression, decreases chances of developing colon cancer or Parkinson’s diseases and strokes. Coffee has proved an effective treatment for headaches and asthma as well. Apart from this, coffee has proven to offset negative effect of smoking as it reduces chances of heart and liver disease.

Today, coffee has reached an exceptional level and plays an important role in commodity business. You can order a coffee online with just few clicks and even search for varieties of coffee, along with best available coffee making equipments. There are many online stores serving exotic types of coffee, such as Boca Java, Coffees of Hawaii, and Cafe Britt. You can utilize Boca Java Promotion Code, Coffees of Hawaii Coupon Code or Cafe Britt Coupon Code to get your coffee ordered with savings.

Whether it’s an escape from college class, a board meeting, or a date, keep enjoying your Cup of COFFEE!!

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Tony did his Ph.D. from the Honolulu University, Hawaii. After completing the doctral degree, Tony joined Hewlett Packard as an Design Engineer. He left HP in 2004 to do independent consulting and then in 2006 started couponalbum to help people save money.

The Margarita is a classic cocktail using that often misunderstood spirit, tequila. Here Jamie shows you how to make his perfectly balanced (and delicious!) …

The Vending Machine mod allows you to buy drinks and candy! Enjoy the video? Help me out and share it with your friends! Like my Facebook! http://www.faceboo…
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Coca-Cola is unleashing happiness again, this time in the UK! The much-anticipated sequel to the global internet sensation — the Coca-Cola Happiness Machine…

Flowers and buds of Sarcolobus globosus ….Hoa và n? c?a dây Cám ….

Image by Vietnam Plants & The USA. plants
Vietnamese named : dây Cám
Common names :
Scientist name : Sarcolobus globosus Wall.
Synonyms :
Family : Asclepiadaceae. H? Thiên Lý

Searched from :

**** Y H?C C? TRUY?N TU? T?NH…

Dây cám – Sarcolobus globosus Wall., thu?c h? Thiên Lý – Asclepiadaceae.

Mô t?: Dây leo to không lông, màu tr?ng. Lá m?ng, h?i dai, phi?n thuôn hay thuôn b?u d?c, tròn ? g?c, nh?n m?i, h?i có lông ? m?t trên, ?ng vàng ? m?t d??i, dài 5-10cm, r?ng 2-5cm, cu?ng có lông ? m?t trên, dài 10-15mm. Hoa vàng vàng, ??m tía, hình chuông hay hình bánh xe, dài 1cm, x?p thành xim ? nách lá d?ng tán hay ngù. Qu? ??i m?p tròn, ???ng kính 6-8cm, có 2 sóng th?p, ch?a nhi?u h?t d?p, dài t?i 28mm, r?ng 18mm, có cánh r?ng 4-5mm, không có mào lông.

B? ph?n dùng: Lá, h?t – Folium et Semen Sarcolobi Globosi

N?i s?ng và thu hái: Th??ng m?c d?a r?ch vùng còn tri?u ??n r?ng ng?p m?n, g?p nhi?u ? mi?n Nam Vi?t Nam, h?i hi?m ? b? bi?n phía B?c. Còn phân b? ? ?n ??, In?ônêxia, Malaixia.

Thành ph?n hoá h?c: Trong cây có ch?t nh?a ??c có th? gây tê li?t.

Công d?ng, ch? ??nh và ph?i h?p: ? ?n ??, ng??i ta dùng cây, t?t nh?t là dùng h?t ?? di?t các ??ng v?t hoang d?i nh? h?, l?n r?ng, có khi dùng di?t c? chó gi? nhà.

? Malaixia, ng??i ta cho h?t vào th?c ?n, có khi còn thêm c? th?ch tín (arsen) ?? di?t chó có hi?u qu? nhanh; h? c?ng dùng ?? di?t các ??ng v?t khác: Bò tót, trâu r?ng, voi, h?, v?i t?t c? s? l??ng h?t có trong qu?.

? ?n ?? c?ng nh? ? Malaixia, ng??i ta l?y lá giã ra cùng v?i h?t Tr?u, h?t Lai thành thu?c ??p vào các kh?p ?? tr? s?t do th?p kh?p và còn dùng tr? b?nh s?t ?? (??ng g?).

? Thái Lan, lá ???c n?u k? dùng ?? ?n v?i cari, ng??i ta c?ng dùng qu? làm m?t. ?? làm m?t, c?n hái qu? lúc còn xanh, b? ?ôi ra, l?y h?t h?t, dùng m?i nh?n c?a dao ?? chích cho ra h?t nh?a, r?a s?ch, ph?i trong râm trong 8 ngày và ?un sôi trong m?t xirô.

**** CÂY C? CÀ MAU ( Lê Quang Th??ng th?c hi?n )…


**** WIKI

Sarcolobus globosus is a twining shrub native to tropical regions of Asia including India, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar-Burma, the Philippines and Indonesia.
In India the plant is endemic in the mangrove forests of West Bengal, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Sundarbans and Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Traditional practices in these regions use the leaves and rhizomes as medicine; and the seeds are poisonous and used as bait to kill dogs and wild animals.


The plant is a twining shrub with stout glabrous branches, root-stock thick, and fleshy; roots thick. Leaves are simple, opposite, 3-6×2-4.5 cm, ovate or oblong, thick and fleshy, acute or obtuse at apex, rounded at base. Inflorescence cymose. Flowers small, starry, crowded, in axillary corymbose cymes, 2–3 mm across; corolla purplish, lobes pubescent inside. Follicles brown, 4–5 cm across, sub-globose; seeds are many and flattened. Cotyledons often large, radicle terete.
In the mangroves of India it is often found in association with and climbing on Phoenix paludosa.
Flowering and fruiting occur during June–September, October–January, respectively. In Andhra Pradesh fruiting is recorded as early as during August–October.

Chemical constituents

S. globosus is a rich source of flavonoids, rotenoids and phenolyc glycosides.[1][2] Rotenoids such as tephrosin, 12aalpha-hydroxydeguelin, 11-hydroxytephrosin, 12a-hydroxyrotenone, 12aalpha-hydroxyrotenone, 6aalpha,12aalpha-12a-hydroxyelliptone, 6a,12a-dehydrodeguelin, and 13-homo-13-oxa-6a,12a-dehydrodeguelin, villosinol and 6-oxo-6a,12a-dehydrodeguelin are identified. Isoflavones like barbigerone, genistin and a chromone 6,7-dimethoxy-2,3-dihydrochromone were identified. The isoflavone sarcolobone and the rotenoid sarcolobin were isolated from the stem and are unique to the species. Four phenolic glycosides including vanillic acid 4-O-beta-d-glucoside, glucosyringic acid, tachioside and isotachioside are reported


S. globosus is listed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as poisonous plant. The seeds are known to be highly toxic to mammals. Native people of Asia widely use it to kill dogs and wild animals. It was demonstrated that it effectively killed cats.[4] The plant extract causes inhibition of the neuro-muscular system.[5] The symptoms of poisoning in animals include blood urine and nephrosis

The plant has been used in traditional medicine for treatment of rheumatism, dengue and fever. The plant is known to contain barbigerone which is validated to have significant antioxidant property,[3] highly effective against the malarial parasite Plasmodium falciparum,[7] and with anti-cancer potential as it causes apoptosis of murine lung-cancer cells


Barbigerone is one of a few pyranoisoflavones among several groups of isoflavones. It was first isolated from the seed of a leguminous plant Tephrosia barbigera; hence the name "barbigerone".[1] Members of the genus Millettia are now known to be rich in barbigerone, including M. dielsiena,[2] M. ferruginea,[3] M. usaramensis,[4] and M. pachycarpa.[5] It has also been isolated from the medicinal plant Sarcolobus globosus.[6] Barbigerone from S. globosus is validated to have significant antioxidant property.[7] Barbigerone exhibits profound antiplasmodial activity against the malarial parasite Plasmodium falciparum.[8] It is also demonstrated that it has anti-cancer potential as it causes apoptosis of murine lung-cancer cells.[9]


Planta Med. 2005 Aug;71(8):754-8.
Rotenoids and isoflavones from Sarcolobus globosus.
Wangensteen H, Alamgir M, Rajia S, Samuelsen AB, Malterud KE.
Department of Pharmacognosy, School of Pharmacy, University of Oslo, Blindern, Oslo, Norway.
Sarcolobus globosus is a medicinal plant growing in mangrove forests in Asia. No constituents from this plant have been reported previously. From the diethyl ether extract of S. globosus a new rotenoid sarcolobin and a new isoflavone sarcolobone, as well as the previously known rotenoids tephrosin, 12aalpha-hydroxydeguelin, 11-hydroxytephrosin, 12a-hydroxyrotenone, 12aalpha-hydroxyrotenone, 6aalpha,12aalpha-12a-hydroxyelliptone, 6a,12a-dehydrodeguelin, 13- homo-13-oxa-6a,12a-dehydrodeguelin, the isoflavone barbigerone and a chromone 6,7-dimethoxy-2,3-dihydrochromone were identified. 6,7-Dimethoxy-2,3-dihydrochromone has not previously been reported as a natural product.


Lighting a cigar and enjoying a clean cocktail is a good way to unwind after an extended day at work. When you’ve got simply found the pleasure of lighting up a Gurkha Cigar, then you may be intimidated with the extensive alternative of those and different cigars obtainable within the market. In the event you stroll right into a tobacconist’s retailer stacked with rows upon rows of cigars, you may be bewildered as to where to start. For those moving into smoking cigars for the primary time, choosing a light, cigar, with a light tan coloration is the very best choice. The darker cigars are considered full-bodied cigars and have a spicier flavor and very robust for a beginner. If you’re buying on the internet at on-line cigar shops, find out if there are good mild Gurkha Cigars available. However, for the first time, chances are you’ll choose to go to a cigar retailer to purchase a very good gentle cigar. Inspect the cigars and go in for a fresh field that will give you one of the best taste, taste and aroma. Dryer cigars will burn too sizzling and irritate the style buds. Find a cigar that’s rolled out evenly with no arduous spots. Inspect the cigar for any discolorations or cracks. Be certain the tobacco is rolled tightly which is at all times the signal of an excellent cigar. The filler tobacco shouldn’t have too many variations in color. Most cigar connoisseurs will take a whiff of the cigar to test its aroma which to them is crucial factor. If you’re uncertain as to what model to pick up, ask the tobacconist who will at all times be pleased to suggest some good brands. In case you purchase Gurkha Cigars or some other model, be sure you retailer them properly in a humidor so they are going to last longer.

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There are three primary colors loved across the globe, red, black and brown. The varying trends that differ year after year appear to have no impact on it. Red is the color of fire and passion and all that is wild.

Red will be the most captivating with the colors and that is true when dealing with hair dyes as well. Among all the colors however, red hair dye is the hardest to implement. And we will see why as we go along. The molecules of hair dye need to stay in the cuticle for the color to stay but red hair molecules are very small.

Washing your hair will also cause these molecules to come out due to their size. So don’t anticipate your hair to remain red for extremely lengthy regardless of the type of dye utilized. When customers hear this nevertheless, they don’t seem to care. The art can trace its roots thousands of years to Egypt.

You will find four commercial varieties of hair dye sold on the markets these days. These are dyes which are permanent, semi-permanent, demi permanent and temporary. Unfortunately, they are able to all harm the hair to varying degrees. Colors which are very light like blonde or cherry reds generally entail probably the most damage for your hair.

While permanent hair dyes last the longest, they are also probably the most damaging. This is due to the lightening agents utilized. Lightening is essential for extremely light colors. They’re permanent, which indicates you’ll need to color within the roots as your hair grows.

Semi permanent dyes are regarded as by some to be the most popular. Dyes are not allowed to penetrate the cuticle fully with this type. The colors will slowly come out the much more your wash your hair. Anticipate this type of dye to last anywhere from nine to twenty washes at most. On the upside, this form of coloring does small harm to the hair. And the least damaging of all dyes are temporary hair dyes.

With this dye, your hair has a low possibility of harm as the dye never penetrates the inner cuticle. As it is temporary, expect the colors to last only for three or so washes. It’s great for those searching for a temporary alter in hair color.

Looking for red hair dyes online in the UK? We have all the popular hues such as Dark Red Hair Dye and cherry red dyes.

Red Bull Flugtag HK 2014 ??? ???? ? 20140511

?????? ?????Red Bull Flugtag??????????????????????????????6?????????????????????????? Flugtag???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????: ??…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Check out these games images:

yard bird line up: Mr. Titmouse

Image by Vicki’s Nature
Georgia yard

Tufted Titmice are one of our most common yard birds and are resident year-round. They often hang out with chickadees.

Winner, Beautiful World Challenge Group 10, Something Gray, 1-11
Winner, You Rock! challenge group, First chooses – Cute critters, 1-11
Winner, Big Momma Award, The Mother of All Challenge Groups, Anything with a medal, 1-11
Winner (Sweep), Pre-game challenges, Birds, 7-11
Winner, You Rock, Unanimous challenge, 7-11
Winner, Game, Medal won in last 24 hrs, 7-11
Winner, You Rock! challenges, Rock On!, 9-11
Winner, 15 Challenges, Bird, 10-11
Winner, Grandmother award, The Mother of All Challenge Groups, 11-11
Winner, Pre-game, Sweep Duel, 4-12
Winner, Thumbs Up, Two Thumbs Up, Bird, 9-12
Winner, Friendly, Garden bird, 1-13
Winner (Sweep), Storybook, Birds, 1-13
Winner, Storybook, Through the Woods, 2-13
Winner, Thumbs Up, Wrestling Match Winner, 4-13
Winner, Challenge Group, Perched bird, 5-13
Winner, Challenge Factory, Bird, 5-13
Winner, Faves, 30-49 faves, 1-14

African Stonechat (Saxicola torquatus) Hluhluwe-iMfolozi game reserve

Image by Kleinz1
African Stonechat (Saxicola torquatus) seen perched on a thorn branch in the Hluhluwe-iMfolozi game reserve.

Free Anime

A few nice vodka images I found:

Blue Lagoon with Whistle Swizzle Stick
Image by Experiment 33
1 shot Gin
1 shot Vodka
1 shot Blue Curacao
1 shot fresh lime juice
1 shot simple syrup

Mix in tall glass filled with ice. Very good for a blue drink, though still a little sweet for my taste.

From Diffords Guide Volume 5

And, when your glasss is empty blow the whistle to get your bartenders attention.

Chili Pepper Vodka
Image by WxMom
The hubby is trying some vodka infusions this year. This is a Serreno Vodka, he added a few Chinese 5 Color as well, just because they look so cool. All peppers were from our backyard.