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Some cool beverage images:

Image by Kup Kup Land
I used felt and cute japanese fabric.

Healthy Beverage Expo
Image by JillWillRun
Las Vegas, NV
June 8, 2013

Check out these espresso images:

Image by raymond_zoller
(????? ???? ???? ???????? ??????…)

Espresso med flødeskum
Image by cyclonebill

Question by Candice B: New and yummy mixed drink?
I’m looking for something new to drink at a bar. Something that most places would have. I’m kinda bored with what I’ve been drinking lately. Beer is good. Hard alcohol is good. I usually get Bloody Marys, Vodka/Redbulls, or just beer. Any suggestions?? (I’m not into any frozen/fruity drinks). Thanks!!

Best answer:

Answer by naj3032
mojitos rock

This is what you need…
Fresh mint leaves
Limes, quartered
White/light rum
Guarapo (sugar cane juice)
Club Soda

This is what you do…
Muddle 5-6 mint leaves, 3 drops bitters, and 3 lime quarters in the bottom of a tall glass.
Fill the glass to the top with ice.
Add 2 ounces light rum.
Fill the remainder of glass with guarapo, leaving ½” at top of glass. Top off with club soda.
Cover the glass and shake vigorously for 4-5 seconds. Serve with straw. Garnish with lime wedge and sugarcane stick.

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A few nice brunch images I found:

Weekend brunch
Image by Thom Watson
One day each weekend Jeff and I try to have a nice sit-down brunch together with eggs and bacon. This afternoon we added some garlic potatoes, oranges and grapes, and a pot of English Breakfast tea, using the cute and handy little teapot my mother gave us for Christmas.

Christmas Brunch
Image by amanky
of course, once again, there was a [smaller] chorus of "why is she taking pictures of food?"

Easter Brunch @ Andalou
Image by

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Question by Answer Girl 2007: Black and Champagne?
I’m planning a June wedding w/ a traditional full Catholic Mass at 4pm in the afternoon w/ cocktail hour starting at 6pm (church is about 1.5 hours long) and dinner at 7pm.

Are champagne and black good colors of a June evening wedding?

Any ideas on wedding colors? I want something formal and classy.

Best answer:

Answer by Christina V
those sound very formal for an evening wedding, it sounds very nice to me. 🙂

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Some cool anime images:

Anime Detour 2008 – 843

Image by P Verrant
"Anime Detour"

Anime Detour 2008 – 842

Image by P Verrant
"Anime Detour"

Free Anime

A few nice energy drink images I found:

NOS High Performance Energy Drink 10
energy drink
Image by TheFoodJunk
Junk food reviews to match the pictures at Food Junk

182/365/1277 (December 10, 2011) – Ann Arbor Dance Classics’ Performance of Clara’s Nutcracker Dream and Holiday Celebration 2011 (Milan High School, Michigan)

Image by cseeman
Photos from the rehearsal of the Ann Arbor Dance Classics Nutcracker on Sunday December 11, 2011 at Milan High School (Milan, Michigan). The performance was a smaller version of the Nutcracker and other dances inspored by holiday music.

Atlanta Braves' Freddie Freeman Is The MVP Of The Dance Floor
Don't sweat the technique. Here he is pulling out another one of his signature dance moves. It was so rad that it actually intimidated his dance partner, causing her to flee the dance floor in shame (or possibly fear). Freddie Freeman: life of the damn …
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Olympic champion Charlie White alternates between blades, dance shoes
White and Davis were first paired in 1997, making them the longest-running ice dancing partnership in the history of U.S. figure skating. During that time they steadily climbed the ranks of the U.S. and international ice dancing world and earned enough …

Some cool scotch images:

Image by Fouquier ?
Another upskirt shot of one of the McRanger guys, this time McDakke.
This shot was actually taken right after the resuscitation shot.

Alexandria Scottish Christmas Walk
Image by lsmadison
Alexandria, VA

Alexandria Scottish Christmas Walk
Image by lsmadison
Alexandria, Virginia