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Question by cheyene m: the question is……….COKE or PEPSI?

Best answer:

Answer by dm234127
der coke!!!! hmmm dr pepper? what ever as long as its not pepsi

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Question by Maria: Need advice on juice?
So i am planning to start a juice diet but i’m not sure which juice to drink? Apple Juice? Cranberry Juice? Which is good?

Best answer:

Answer by endofserenity
Lol thought u meant steroids.

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The season of goodwill once more is here with us. It is characterized by the gentle fall of white snow all over the grounds, laughter and lots of magical lights especially during the night. It is during Christmas time that families really get to spend some time together as they ponder over the real meaning of living and life in general. Despite this being the case, most of us will definitely have some sort of party that will involve numerous alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. It might be raining heavily since the seasons changed and the lucky ones will be those whose glimpse of snow is not on a Christmas card only. The fact seasons in Britain changed years ago and that they do not get it right at any single moment shouldn’t be a bother to you. What you should be looking forward to is the simple fact that you will be with your closest family members as you get to enjoy a glass or two of your favorite Christmas wine.

 Nowadays, some ingenious wine distillers have come up with the personalised wine bottles that have personalised labels bearing any message that you deem fit for your gift recipient. Some of these gifts make for ideal Christmas gifts for him. There are softer wines which also make for great gifts for her. The front of the bottle is usually embossed with a merry Christmas message while the back of the bottle spots a personalized message label instead of the usual message that gives a vivid description of the place where the vineyards used in making the wine are grown. You have the option of having the message embossed into the bottle at the back for that extra smooth, unique and classy effect.

The personalised bottle of wine comes complete with an exquisite gift box that is sure to wow the most hardened of fellows. It is definitely a gift that you should consider for your Christmas tipple this year.

Despite the fact that you know someone inside out, there are always some tight spots to maneuver in terms of getting Christmas gifts for him or gifts for her. Never ever get her an iron box or blender for Christmas just because she had hinted that that is what she wants. As for him, always avoid the generic pair of slippers or tie. If indeed you want to wow the lady in your life, why don’t you get her a spa pampering session? These are gifts that are quite popular with women as they offer them some of the best opportunities to just let go and unwind. If you really know her well, you can get her a pampering package that includes all her favorite treatments. If you have some young cousins or nieces, you will never go wrong with one of those packs of lip gloss. These lip gloss packs some in form of a six pack and are extremely delicious on the lips. They are definitely a must have for any lady out there who wants to sweeten up her day.   

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A few nice brunch images I found:

Saturday brunch – the mixed platter

Image by miss_yasmina
A lovely catchup with my German twin and then the handsome-and-talented husband joined us after his arrival in Berlin :)

2006-12-28 At my company’s fridge [HDR]

Image by [ henning ]
This is my second most viewed pic ever, unbelievabe!
I nearly forgot this terrific delicacy: They found this at my company’s fridge.
I think, such a THING you can only find at a company’s fridge…
This one took everyone’s breath for several reasons. The whole package of yogurt-based sandwich-spread called "Brunch" has become a multicoloured mould fungus on a brown slime from outer space.
It’s smell easyly filled the whole conference room while I take the HDR-shots at the conference table.

At you can have a closer look : "So creamy, that you forget everything" – brrr!

Have also a view into Zwergie‘s company fridge! – Be there or be sane!

Special thanks to Felix K., who found this treasure and his first thought was: Henning has to take a photo!

Question by roxy: Is booster juice healthy?
Is booster juice healthy?? And if it yes which one is the healthiest juice and which one had the most protein and calcium that help u grow faster

Best answer:

Answer by Nora
Booster juice is healthy if you use it as a substitute for a brunch or lunch but a large booster juice is usually around 600-700 calories…

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Van Coke Kartel - Môregloed (Official)

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Some cool milk images:

Bab’s Milk

Image by Thomas Hawk

Strawberry Splash with Milk

Image by L.A. Scowen
The same experiment as on 14th June. But with milk instead. See: Strawberry Splash :…

Harvey Milk in the Navy, between 1953 and 1954

Image by San Francisco Public Library
Harvey Milk in the Navy
circa 1950s
"Ready for action."

Click here for further information or a high resolution copy of this image.

Rights: Permission to use this image commercially must be obtained from the San Francisco History Center, San Francisco Public Library. When using this image please credit HARVEY MILK ARCHIVES-SCOTT SMITH COLLECTION, HORMEL GAY & LESBIAN CENTER, SAN FRANCISCO PUBLIC LIBRARY.