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A few nice free pictures images I found:

light – texture
free pictures

Image by AlicePopkorn
enjoy this beautiful sound and the delightful pictures – an interesting experience :-) sound of stars

~ free texture ~ creative commons license ~ by attribution ~ AlicePopkorn
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Beautiful Blonde Horse Stud
free pictures

Image by
Free picture of a beautiful blonde horse showing grace.Riding this brown animal would be a great pleasure that only a mammal of blond hair color would understand.

This picture was created by my sporty friend and can be used for free, if you link as the original author of the image.

This stud is not for sale, because it is too used to the owner already.

Thank you for sharing this picture with your friends !

ClipArt Video

Question by pattyh: my cams built in but wont work?
my cam is builtt in to my laptop but wont work

Best answer:

Answer by daddybear
To test your Cam Hardware
Hit this link and hit “enter” on the top flashplayer panel. If the cam comes on in the left hand window it means your camera is ok. If you cannot get it to work outside of Yahoo you will have to reload the software in the device manager.
To find out what the requirements are for messenger webcams, check out the following.…

Once you have your webcam working outside of Yahoo Messenger you have to configure it to messenger

Open messenger – on top toolbar. Left click (>) messenger > preferences > connection – select ‘no proxies’ or ‘connect direct to the internet’ depending on the version of messenger you have
make sure your internet connection and country are correct in bottom boxes > apply > ok

> messenger > my webcam – warning panel will come on click ‘ok’ and your webcam will launch.

With webcam still running > Messenger > Preferences > Webcam > Camera Source – set your webcam as default using dropbox. > Camera Settings – adjust settings to suit. > Apply > OK

>messenger > preferences > webcam – make your selections about who you will allow to view you

When you are both on line and wish to show your webcam > actions > ‘invite to view my webcam’ this will launch an invitation on your contacts screen when they ‘accept’ – they will see you ( can check status on bottom left of webcam panel
there is a shortcut ( cam picture ) in toolbar and one down by your pic as well but these do not always work
your contacts needs to configure their connection the same as above or they may get a “webcam not connected” message

Any problems, feel free to contact me

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internet hindi online radio.
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FM Washington

Question by Jd: Any Anime Sad Love Story recommendations?
I’m looking for an anime that has a story of a guy courting a girl and the girl keeps ignoring him. Until finally the guy gives up and lets go. The girl realizes later on that she already had feelings for the guy but he was already gone.

Best answer:

Answer by ?
Don’t know any that match that description but I know a few sad Romance.
-Angel Beats-8.9- About a boy who dies and goes to an afterworld to later find he has joined a new team.
-Anohana-9.1- Childhood friends get back together after the death of one of the friends…Sorta hard to explain
-Clannad-9.1- Boy meets girl in first season. Second season is where the drama happens

Good luck

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Free Anime

A few nice texas images I found:

Texas Garden Clubs’ Convention

Image by National Garden Clubs
Texas Garden Clubs’ 84th Spring Convention hosted by the Grapevine Garden Clubs at Grapevine, Texas

Texas Garden Clubs’ Convention

Image by National Garden Clubs
Texas Garden Clubs’ 84th Spring Convention hosted by the Grapevine Garden Clubs at Grapevine, Texas

Texas Garden Clubs’ Convention

Image by National Garden Clubs
Texas Garden Clubs’ 84th Spring Convention hosted by the Grapevine Garden Clubs at Grapevine, Texas

FM Dallas

Orange Juice - The Esteemed: The Very Best Of (Full Album)

THE VERY BEST OF ORANGE JUICE Band Edwyn Collins — guitar, vocals James Kirk — guitar, vocals David McClymont — bass guitar Zeke Manyika — drums, vocals,…

Orange Juice (Oreynds Juz)

Orange Juice is a story of Petra Mahalimuyak (Ashley Rivera) & her evil sister Josephina who tried to steal Petra’s boyfriend, Brando by putting poison into …
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Spectacular costumes that have left customers awestruck with their amazing varieties

 Human civilization has been obsessed with fashion and style in modern times. There has been a huge increase in purchase of Cocktail Dresses which provide great benefits to the women folks. Due to amazing varieties above costume has created a huge fan following among people. It is a well known fact that Prom Dresses quite famous and are worn by people in great numbers. They have elegant styles which are known to attract consumers in an effective manner. Prom nights are memorable because it helps you to celebrate this occasion with your friend whom you would rarely see in your future life. Prom Dresses can prove to be a great harbinger of change because it introduces new styles and substances that are unique to the dress and would go a long way in making you feel comfortable. You can use Cocktail Dresses to spice up the occasion so that you can become the center of attraction for people attending parties and other events.

Accessories along with dress would pack a killer punch:

 From above information you can deduce that costumes have a great role to play in life of an individual because they provide comfort and confidence to the person. It is a well known fact that Evening Dresses could be a great stimulant for visiting party venues and participate in humungous celebrations. There are different types of brands available according to your size and body structure. You would be mesmerized by the Evening Dresses which are attractive and sensuous. You can be more innovative and opt for costumes which have laces and deep hemlines. Although above choices could be strictly based on preferences but if you are not comfortable you can opt  for plus size which would prove to be a perfect fit for your body. Pageant Dresses are very crucial when you are attending pageant tournament but you need to make sure that they are within the budget because you might have to purchase other items that would complement your looks. You can also use bag made of python skin which is very famous because it is combined with Swarovski crystal that will enhance Pageant Dresses in a more explicit manner.

Costumes are indispensable for party and office going women:

 Party Dresses are in great demand due to amazing varieties which have captured imagination of people. They are quite awestruck by the style and brands which are offered to them in current scenario. Party Dresses are said to impress women because they use designs created from beads which would help people in an effective way. Similarly when you are attending a conference you can prefer Formal Dresses which are known to have great effect on consumers due to their long and aristocratic style. It is important for you to undertake a research on them so that you are able to have a deeper insight in to their design including shape and size. It would help a great deal to have a good quality product with specifications based on your requirements. Above attributes suggest that with clever thinking you can enrich your ward robe to a great deal.

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