750 Famous Restaurant Recipes means 2 year of never wondering what to make for dinner

to the exact recipes used in the big restaurant chains. With my 12 plus years as a cook for a few big restaurants in New York City I can pretty quickly tell America’s most wanted recipes is indeed the real deal. Eating out can be pretty expensive so these restaurant recipes let you eat restaurant dishes at home a lot less expensively.

If your concerned about the level of culinary expertise needed to make these dishes if you have the most basic cooking knowledge you will have no problems at all.


There are , all of them very famous and well known.  There are fancy restaurants like:

Olive Garden,
PF Chang,
Red Lobster,

As well as some fast food restaurants too like:

Burger King,
Kentucky Fried Chicken,

Mostly fancier restaurants though.

America is restaurant recipe at the time of this writing was for the entire package of about seven or eight recipe books, 2 of them being the Americas top-secret restaurant recipes. If you want to get an idea of what the recipes are like in this restaurant recipes cookbook go to my website the Boston Market Recipes website.  The recipes there are are all from the Americas most wanted recipes book volume 1.

I have lots of recipe books and personal these restaurant recipes are my most prized collection. I am pretty sure you will feel the same.

I have been a top chef at a major restaurant on Pell st in New York City for the last 7 years.  I also have my own business where I teach people cooking secrets and give basic culinary lessons.  I love to cook and I am always being creative in trying to prepare new and exotic dishes.  Here is a great in depth article about Americas Restaurant Recipes

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