In China, juice beverages contain fruit & vegetable juice and fruit & vegetable beverage. The fruit & vegetable juice is made directly from fresh or chilled fruits and vegetables. Fruit & vegetable beverages are ready-for-drink beverages by adding water, sugar liquor and sour agent, etc into the juice and concentrated juice of fruits and vegetables. In China, the juice content for fruit & vegetable beverages should be no less than 10%, otherwise they will belong to other kinds of beverages.

China is abundant in fruit resources. In 2009, Chinese fruit yield came up to about 120 million tons (excluding melons), ranking the world Top. Despite the gigantic population, Chinese consumption of juice beverage is quite low. The annual juice beverage consumption per capita was below 10 liters in 2009. According to the market investigation of China Research and Intelligence, in 2009, Chinese juice beverage production amounted to 13.47 million tons, 14.20% increase over 2008; the market scale reached approximately CNY 57.50 billion, rising by 15% YOY.

The market investigation of China Research and Intelligence shows that, in Chinese juice beverage market, the market share of 100% concentration juice is only 5%-6%, while the most shares are held by low-concentration juice beverages (juice content no more than 25%). This is mainly due to the purchase capacity and consumption ideas of consumers.

By the end of 2009, there were already over 1,000 juice processing enterprises in China, but few of them are large ones. Except that the products of several enterprises such as Huiyuan, Coca-Cola and Pepsi can be sold well all over China, most other enterprises can only sell their products in the regional markets. Restricted by the financial capacity and marketing channels etc., those regional enterprises are unable to operate in the national market. In the long run, these regional enterprises are likely to become the acquisition objects of juice beverage giants, who can improve their regional market shares and set up localized production bases through the acquisition.

The outbreak of the international financial crisis in 2008H2 gave a big blow to Chinese juice beverage export. In 2008, Chinas total export volume of juice beverage decreased to 794,000 tons and the export value came up to USD 1.26 billion, dropping by 30.4% YOY and 7% YOY separately. The international financial crisis impacted Chinese juice beverage export market greatly. In 2009, Chinas export volume of juice beverages rose to 897,000 tons. However, due to the declining export price, the export value dropped by 39.40% YOY to USD 762.40 million. In 2010Q1, Chinese juice beverage export continued to decrease.

A large part of Chinese juice beverage market is occupied by cheap low-concentration juice beverages, with small space for high-concentration juice beverages of high prices. Generally, consumers will not cut down the expenses on juice beverages. Therefore, the domestic juice beverage market did not suffer great losses in the global financial crisis.

According to the investigation of China Research and Intelligence in the development course of beverage markets in the world, when the GDP per capita reaches USD 3,000, residents will pay more attention to vitamin supplement beverages. Natural juice beverages are superior to carbonated beverages, tea beverages and mineral spring water, expected to dominate the beverage market in the new round consumption upgrading. In 2009, Chinese GDP per capita exceeded USD 3,000. It is forecast that Chinese juice beverage market will sustain the rapid growth in 2010-2014 and the juice beverage consumption per capita will also rise fast in China. In the following years, Chinese juice beverage market is expected to become the competition focus of domestic and foreign enterprises.

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