Alcohol Treatment-steps of Treatment

Frequent intake of alcohol leads to alcoholism. In alcoholism, the individual has an irresistible urge for alcohol. Further, the continuation of consuming alcohol leads to physical and mental conditions. Alcoholism is a progressive and chronic disease, wherein individuals consume alcohol until the alcohol starts hurting their life.

Generally, individuals who have problems with their life, with their work or school start consuming alcohol. If you avoided any treatment while suffering from alcoholism, then it will destroy your physical as well as mental health, which may result in death. Alcoholism mostly affects pancreas, digestive systems, heart and nervous system.

Grapes are the most natural source of alcohol, as it contains the purest form of alcohol. Thus, if an individual wish to quit consuming alcohol, then the individual must include grapes in their meals for a period of one month.

Dates are also included in alcohol treatment. Dates are one of the beneficial natural remedies in alcohol treatment. The individual suffering from alcoholism has to consume a glass of water mixed with the extract of Dates and needs to continue daily for at least one month.


The Bitter gourd leaves extract are very beneficial for intoxication. Generally, three teaspoons of bitter gourd leaves extract mixed with buttermilk is highly beneficial, as it helps in treating the damaged liver.

In alcohol treatment, you may take celery juice diluted with water for 2 times in a day, as it helps in removing toxic materials from stomach and reduces the damage due to alcohol.

The best method in alcohol treatment is addition of wild thyme extract diluted with water in alcohol, as it causes vomiting and nausea while consuming to remove the habit of drinking. In this method, add three tablespoons of wild thyme with a cup of boiling water. It is advisable to have a minimum of one tablespoon of extract of wild thyme for three times a day. If the alcoholic person refuses to consume wild thyme, then you may add the extracts of wild thyme in their alcoholic drink without their notice.

Carrot juice is another beneficial remedy in alcohol treatment. Carrot juice helps in reducing the urge of consuming alcohol. To decrease the temptation, it is advisable to consume a glass of carrot juice daily for a period of three months.

To keep the doctors away, consume apples every day. Apples also help in the alcohol treatment. It helps in removing toxic constituents from the body and helps in repairing the damage due to wines and various toxic liquors.

Not only adults are suffering from alcoholism, teenagers also suffer from the addiction of alcohol. Pressure may play an important role in the alcohol treatment of teenagers.

Alcoholic teenagers are at a greater risk than alcoholic adults suffering from alcoholism, as they may suffer from early serious addiction than adults, which may be difficult to treat. You may use the above-mentioned methods for treating alcoholism in teenagers. In addition, alcohol treatment for teenagers may require them to stay at rehabilitation centre for few months.

You may use many methods in the alcohol treatment. Moreover, various alcohol treatment organizations are present in your locality. However, only an alcoholic’s determination helps in reducing the temptation of consuming alcohol. It is better to stop consuming alcohol before it’s too late.

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