Question by fluffysoftkitten: Any great recipes that you are willing to share?
I just moved in with my boyfriend and I have excellent cooking skills, but I don’t have that many sure-fire recipes yet because I am so young. I was hoping that some of you dear users can help me with recipes that you have tried and like and are easy enough to make on a weekday for diner. Any and all will help. I want to impress him with my extensive cooking. Thanks!

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Answer by macho_bob
This is not a meal type recipe, but everyone loves my peanut butter cookies (the only thing I can actually make).

Take the recipe on the back of the yellow back of chocolate chips. Replace chocolate chips with peanut butter. Replace butter with crisco (spelling?). You will have the best peanut butter cookies ever, I swear. 😀

Dinner recipe: tuna and noodle casserole that even I can do. You need like 4 cans of tuna, those wavy noodes, ritz crackers, and milk. Cook the noodles and drain them, then mix with tuna and then put in a cake pan and in the oven and pour some milk so it doesn’t get dry. Right before it is finished, sprinkle with Ritz crackers. OH, leave in oven for 20 minutes I think- you may want to test that though.

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