Cocktail Theme Party Ideas

The cocktail theme party has always traditionally been the earlier part of a full dinner party where guests would congregate in a separate room and chat over some fancy drinks.

Over the years though however, the cocktail theme party has become a party theme in its own right. Take a look at the following cocktail theme party ideas to help you plan and prepare for your big event.

1. You should cut the invitations out into cocktail glass shapes and request that everybody wear formal attire. Black tie for the men and the ladies should wear their best black or red dress.

2. Consider hiring a professional cocktail maker. You could approach one at your local bar and offer to hire him on a private basis for very little money! Watching cocktails being made up will be a highlight of the party. Failing this though, you could provide instructions for people to make up their own exotic cocktails. This means stocking up with plenty of martini.

3. It is very important to over stock on all consumables. You do not want to run out of anything so get in plenty of cups, straws, glasses and ice. Ice runs out very quickly especially if you are using it to cool champagne. Get in plenty of fruit and of course alcohol. Do not forget soft drinks choices for the designated drivers.

4. You should play jazz music or even classical, which would bring a sophisticated feeling to your cocktail theme party. Depending on your budget, you could perhaps hire in a string quartet!

5. As for the food, I would suggest finger buffets which are traditional. Consider hiring a waiter to prepare and serve the food.

6. Finally, budget dependent or if you are charging the cocktail party to your company you should consider hiring a butler. He could also double up as the waiter.

I hope the above Cocktail Theme Party ideas will help you plan for an incredible party. I also suggest you take a look at more Cocktail Theme Party ideas to enable you to throw the best party possible.

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