France is the finest wine making land, and no other country has gained the prominence which it enjoys amongst connoisseurs. For France, especially for the Hugel Et Fils winery, 1998 was an excellent year, with several vintages being produced, much to the joy of enthusiasts.

Throughout the world, every reputed wine retailer stocks his cellar with the elegant dessert wines that were produced in that wonderful year of French vintages. Indeed, three grapes that flourished in this glorious year are Gewrztraminer, Riesling and Tokay Pinot Gris, both of which are well known among the wine connoisseurs for their suppleness and scrumptiousness.

The Hugel et Fils Gewurztraminer Selection de Grains Nobles 750ml 1998 is a fine beverage that is a favorite of people who buy wine online regularly. It is an elegant still, dessert wine produced in Alsace, France from Gewurztraminer grapes, and possesses 12% alcohol by volume. It is a white wine that has hues of gold and a concentrated bouquet of oriental spices, honey, orange blossoms, currant and marshmallows.

This wine is well known for its luscious, smooth, luxurious texture that reminds the drinkers of fine liqueurs. Those who frequent a particular wine store would know that its price falls somewhere in upper-middle range, but bulk orders make it a great buy for all.

Another awesome offering of the land of France is the Hugel et Fils Tokay Pinot Gris Selection de Grains Nobles 750ml 1998. It is also an Alsatian still, dessert wine that is made from the succulent Pinot Gris grapes that grew in 1998. Those who wish to buy wine are mesmerized by the concentrated yellow-gold color of this beverage, along with the bouquet of ripe fruits, particularly the grapes.

It possesses vibrant aromas of figs, honey, toffees, apricots, licorice, hazelnuts, quince, grapes, zan and dates, all of which enchant the nose. People who write reviews of this wine online praise its property of being an excellent accompaniment to blue cheeses as well as pan-fried and roasted foie gras.

This list rounds up with a description of Hugel et Fils Riesling Selection de Grains Nobles 750ml 1998, which is also produced by Hugel Et Fils winery. It is another Alsatian still, dessert wine that is produced from Riesling grapes in the Alsace valley of France, and stocked by each and every wine retailer.

The white wine has hints of green color, intensity of deep colors, but eventually turns out to be crystal clear. Its bouquet boasts of pink grapefruit, melisse, pineapple & lemon grass, and the palate comprises ripeness & acidity. Indeed, it is a preferred choice of wine enthusiasts based in New York.

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