Delicious Mouth Watering Desserts

Cakes, sweets, or glazed fruit are, at the end of a meal a shared pleasure. The dessert has psychical and affective values more or less conscious, partly related to our childhood and in general when we enjoy a dessert we live a unique moment of pleasure. Desserts are certainly an important part of a satisfactory meal.

How to Choose and Prepare a Dessert

Since time immemorial people have enjoyed finishing their meal with a delicious dessert. Romans and later on Galician people used to cover with honey biscuits made of flour, decorated with fresh or dry fruit and then they sprinkled aromas on them.

Thanks to crusaders, who discovered in the East sugar cane, this delicate cane that is mentioned in the Bible, sugar trade started to develop, and it used to be considered a rare and expensive product sold in drug stores.

At the end of the middle Ages, the guild of the pastry cooks, experts in meat, fish and cheese pie-cooking were specialized in pear dough cooking, cream cakes, and French biscuits. The term dessert was not introduced yet. A disposition in 1563 defines three kinds of dishes: hors-d’oeuvre, meat or fish and then dessert. New types of cakes have appeared thanks to Catalina de Medici and her pastry men in Florence: cakes based on choux dough, macaroni and ice cream. People adored these desserts. Brillat-Savarin informed that since the 18th century the spirit of harmony and wellbeing spread to all the social categories.

A banquet always finished with a dessert made of fruit, cakes, jams or cheese. Chocolate was not used in France until the 19th century. Great confectioners of the time created delicious desserts that afterwards became classical.

About Sweets

Later on, more and more types of sweets have been created, and many of them can be prepared at home following instructions in recipes. These recipes are used as they are, or they are improved using personal creativity. Thus sweets texture and taste have become more and more diversified.

Some good confectioners have kept pastry secrets. One of them is Pierre Herme. For this master of desserts, sugar must not play the essential role, but it must be an ingredient just like the others, especially for aroma. Changed through heating and associated with other ingredients sugar offer consistence to tarts, makes ice creams buttery, it makes macaroni soft and waters crunchy. Besides, it can highlight the bitter taste of the chocolate, the acidity of fruit and the aroma of spices. Now it is important to know the ideal amount of sugar necessary, as too much sugar affects the aroma and less sugar makes the products tasteless.

Rules for Correct Baking

In order to prepare a high quality dessert you do not have to be an artist in the area. On the other hand, before deciding to start it is necessary to have imagination in order to harmonize colors and decorative elements. To continue with, you must know very well the preparation technique required for a specific dessert. Ingredients must be chosen carefully and temperature and baking time must be kept carefully.

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