Hangzhou Central Asia has become a dairy beverage packaging equipment manufacturing export base of R & D
Hangzhou DASB in Central Asia developed their own automated liquid aseptic flexible packaging production line, fully automatic plastic cup forming filling and sealing machine posted Cup series equipment has become Mengniu, Yili, Bright, Sanyuan, Sanlu, Wanda, Dairy giant Wahaha other major equipment, completely changed the domestic large-scale dairy producers rely heavily on imports of packaging equipment situation, to break the foreign dairy packaging giant dairy packaging machinery market in China’s monopoly of technology and equipment to fill the milk in China product packaging equipment, industrial technology gap for the large amount of foreign exchange savings for the dairy enterprise “to create profits, for higher efficiency,” a solid market base. Moreover, the years close to the mark “Made in China”, manufactured by the Hangzhou Central Asia, the various filling machine, molding machine, labeling sealing machine has been continuously exported to Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Saudi Arabia and other countries , a record amount of foreign exchange for the country, for our packaging machinery to go abroad, the courage to compete with world-class brand has won a good reputation. Implementation of China’s dairy packaging industry from scratch, from weak to strong historical transformation.

In Central Asia Machinery Co., Ltd. that covers an area of 110 acres of modern international standard factory stands in trees surrounded by flowers. In the assembly workshop, all machine tools, and precision machine tools were from the U.S., Japan, Germany and other world famous brands of machine tools, technical specialists and production line workers is in full swing for the final assembly wiring necessary equipment at home and abroad customers. Which, by the dairy packaging giant Hangzhou Central Asia – Sweden Tetra Pak processing equipment were particularly noticeable.
The company through continuous technology innovation, development of new products have independent intellectual property rights, so that the “generation of production, reserve generation, research and development generation” products to adapt quickly to rapidly changing market. Hangzhou Central Asia currently have effective fewer than 30 patents. The company’s flagship product – DASB automatic liquid aseptic flexible packaging machine in its national “15” plan research projects, National Torch Program, the National High-tech SMEs technology innovation fund project, and also won a science and technology in Hangzhou prize. Adhering to the “technology first, customer first” set up factories in purpose and “save your foreign exchange, create higher efficiency,” the service concept, Hangzhou Central Asia Machinery Co., Ltd. in the competitive dairy market dominates the eight inter- Third step, the output value increased from 30 million yuan to more than 300 million yuan.

Industry experts stressed that the dairy packaging industry is an industry with special requirements, from a technical level, the manufacturer should have chemical and biological pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment, dairy processing division of the experience, ability to automate integration of technology and total quality comprehensive quality control means. In order to break through key technology, in addition to the need for adequate funding and strong R & D strength of enterprises, but also the need for bold innovation, the courage to practice the spirit of enterprise.

It is understood that more than 500 people in Central Asia, the company’s staff team, with senior professional titles of senior engineers, senior technicians and other technical personnel professional titles account for more than a third. “Hangzhou Central Asia,” It is because of have a creative ability with technical integration and high-quality versatile personnel, it enables enterprises to in a short period of time, more quickly digested and absorbed abroad advanced technology related to breakthrough innovation and integration Blending means to make products and enterprise scale business quickly take off.

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