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The simple thought of having their own espresso maker at home is a very appealing thought for many coffee drinkers. However, it’s important to take the time to read some of the espresso machine reviews out there prior to making a choice. This can help even the novice espresso drinker choose between the cheap and the inexpensive, or the high-end to the truly ridiculously priced espresso machine.

The majority of first-time espresso machine buyers want something at the lower end of the budget spectrum. You will frequently find this budget somewhere in the range of -0. This surely won’t get you any of the top-notch models, but it can get you started with a pretty decent home espresso maker that produces a good cup of espresso.

At the lowest end of the pricing spectrum, in the range of -0 you will find the cheapest machines, and we don’t just mean they don’t cost much. The types found in this range are normally steam-driven, with their construction made of plastic. These models aren’t notorious for great espresso, and also break easily. As a result, the manufacturers of these models offer very little in terms of a warranty. These models hit the shelves to catch the compulsive buyer on a whim, as these are the ones who have less knowledge of what to look for in a good espresso machine, and probably haven’t read any espresso machine reviews at all. The low prices become a beacon to those who like to buy things on impulse.


Going through a range of prices that varies from -0+, we have provided reviews for three of the best-noted espresso machines for you to consider. These are just to give you an idea of what to look for in your own espresso machine. Please note these prices are subject to change, and are estimates for this article only.

– While many experts are in agreement that the majority of higher-prices espresso machines are longer lasting and provide more bang for your buck, users of this model say it makes a great first machine. With the production of 15 bars of pump-driven pressure, it ranks higher than most machines in this price range. Reviewers commented that this was enough to provide them with a great espresso with thick crema to match.

– This model includes double stainless-steel basket filters that can be used for single shots of ground coffee or pods on one side,  and double shots of grounds on the other. Reviewers say this machine makes some of the best espresso for its price range, and you cannot get better features for the money you spend.

– Serious espresso lovers, this is the machine for you. Everything you ever wanted in an espresso maker is here; ease of use, great features and a quality build. The brass boiler is more durable than other types. The only downfall – a pod adapter kit is required for the use of coffee pods. With a little practice, you can also get the perfect froth on your milk as well.


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