Question by Heather C: How do I word a thesis statement on the proposed tax on sugared beverages?
I’m writing a paper for my English class and I can’t seem to develop a cause and effect thesis on my topic. I am writing about the proposed tax on sugared beverages and attempting to persuade the audience that this tax is unnecessary. I don’t know how to make it cause and effect though, I can only come up with the argument that obesity is not the direct effect of sugared beverages. Please help!

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Answer by becky
Placing a tax on sugared beverages, would cause an uproar from citizens and effect the tax rate by causing inflation of taxes among other things.((you have a cause and effect and where your decision lies is clearly stated))

some key points you could use.
It would be almost as if history is repeating itself,but the repetition would be modified to todays new age,soda and other drinks.(compare it to the boston tea party,revolts on the taxes placed on tea)
wiht taxes going up, but household income not how can americans afford to pay?

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