Using the fruit juice to instead of fruit cannot intake enough minerals and vitamins, because the fruit juices have been lost in the process of manufacture. Less vitamin C may reduce because of the light factors, and most of the juice also added a lot of sugar. So, if you drink a can of fruit juice, high sugar of fruit juice will give make you increase of 12 kg of body weight in a year.

In order to keep a good healthy, you should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Juice drinks is easy to be polluted by the bacterium to produce acid and gas, which results in deterioration of taste. In order to extend its shelf life, manufacturer will add preservatives such as sorbic acid (potassium) or benzoic acid (sodium). Consumers do not mistakenly believe that they are organic acid or sodium, potassium.

In recent years, green tea has been regarded as a health drink and diet recipe, which is very popular among people. Hong Kong Consumer Council test found that part of the calories of bottled green tea drinks is higher than Coke in the market. Nutritionists describe this kind of drinks have the “very serious” excessive sugar content. After drinking, it not only cannot lose weight, but also increase weight if drinking too much. And the sweetness of the green tea is not high, it will make people mistakenly think that containing sugar is not high, this is wrong. If you drank a bottle of green tea a day, after one year, you will gain weight 4-9 kg, and even will be the risk of suffering from diabetes.

Due to the sports drinks can add the salt lost for the body in motion, so water and energy become the first choice of many athletes and laborers. But it also contains a lot of calories, generally speaking half to one-third of the carbonated beverage. Sports drinks are designed for endurance athletes. If you intend to exercise for an hour or more, it can help you improve athletic performance. But if you often drink sports drinks in usually, it is bad for weight loss. This drink provides the nutrients is not much, but has a lot of energy. Caffeine drinks such as Red Bull not only give you a lot of calories, but also make you excise for a period.

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