How to Ease into Vegan Desserts

How to Ease into Vegan Desserts

Nowadays there are more people who are choosing to become vegan because of the health benefits or after recognizing the cruelty of the egg and dairy industry. Being a vegan means that you choose not to eat meat, poultry, fish, all dairy products, and eggs. This can pose some problems for vegans who want to eat desserts because traditionally many desserts are made with milk, eggs, butter, and/or honey. However, you can still have your cake and eat it too if you follow these steps to gradually change to your new lifestyle.

Step 1: Buy packaged vegan desserts. It can be overwhelming to learn how to cook an entirely new diet overnight. You might also have visions of unappetizing brown blobs that will be smashed once you try an Uncle Eddie or Alternate Baking Company cookie.


Step 2: Try a new vegan dessert every week. You might be surprised that often times the vegan choice tastes better.

Step 3: Replace the milk in your home with rice milk, soy milk, or almond milk if you love to wash down your desserts with a tall cold glass of liquid. There are many different flavors of milk including chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and plain. With all the different choices, you can pick one that you love, maybe even a bit more than you loved cow’s milk.

Step 4: Encourage your family to join your efforts. Even the strongest willed person can be sabotaged by a non-vegan cupcake.

Step 5: Pick a date to go vegan in advance of the time when you plan on actually doing it. Give yourself at least two weeks’ notice and write the date on your calendar.

Step 6: Stop buying desserts with dairy and egg products in them two weeks before you have planned to go vegan.

Step 7: Explore baking your own vegan dessert creations. You might realize that you are opening yourself to more freedom because you will be trying all kinds of desserts that you never thought of trying before.

Step 8: Enjoy!

Check out for yummy vegan recipes, baking tips and, of course, more about vegan desserts!

Amanda is an avid baker of Vegan Desserts. She wants to show the world that Vegan desserts can be better than non-vegan desserts. Don’t believe her? Take the challenge: go to and pick any dessert recipe, make it and you’ll just see how delicious Vegan Desserts can be!

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