Internet Guru Claims Ownership of Paris Hilton Cocaine Online

Repeated criminal acts committed by the heiress Paris Hilton has recently required an internet guru to fight back online against a clear and present danger to the peace and dignity of our precious television sets, computers, and mobile phones. As is his style he is fighting back with an online automated publishing service that lets anyone sign up for free and publish whatever they want. is the best in anti-Paris Hilton services where users can publish anything they want about the heiress knowing that they will not be censored because he has more important thing to do than babysit people on the internet.

Not a week goes by that the guru has been forced to watch the face of this disgrace to America. An unladylike young lady who will stop at nothing to hold her ground at the center of the universe. How better to fight such a beast than with a gripe site backed by an unrestricted forum where the annoyed can take their screens back. A site that required just the re-copying of pre-built code already deployed elsewhere and just a couple weeks of working on it occasionally to create a public service to last a lifetime.

Clearly this guru has his head on strait and wants to do what is best for himself, you, and everyone except for Paris Hilton and her coke problem of course. In my opinion Paris Hilton should be stripped of her citizenship, declared an illegal alien, and deported to Kazakhstan



George O’Brien is an American web developer and online service provider as well as an international immigration control and border security enthusiast. He is the owner of Illegal Alien Report Immigration Control and Border Security Services.

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