1. Unity: Orange Multi More unified Orange created a new class, but unfortunately can not be registered as trade marks, otherwise the market would not have so many no-name orange over there. After the reunification launched more than grapes, apples and more so, are all the rage. But in a mixed Juice On the lost unity of farmers. At that time, unified the mixed juice called “dynamic orchard”, the price you, the feeling was hard to drink, do not insist on two or three years, gave up promoting unified mixed fruit juice.

2. Master Kong : Orange juice and fresh daily C
Master Kong’s fresh orange juice, but the taste is much better than on the uniform, you are also from the capacity can be seen. Reunification is 450 ml, Master Kong is 500 ml, but the Master Kong too strong channel distribution capabilities. Created fresh daily C crystal grapes this category, only Package The pity. If we now bring a new bottle of green tea to the crystal grapes used, the effect will be better.

C Master Kang’s fresh orange juice daily for a fresh start away bar line, slightly bitter taste, good ideas, but markets do not accept, in the end more than imitate the taste of orange uniform, it has been unable to surpass competitors.

3. Coca-Cola : Berry orange and Queer
Orange fruit is sold in many parts of the first. Product differentiation contents (with fruit), and good taste is one of the factors of success. Queer is by the success of market segmentation and positioning. On the introduction of two new products, there are many articles, the author was not superfluous.

4. PepsiCo : Fruit colorful Mixed fruit juice colorful chosen to hit the market, the palate but also avoid the farmer’s thick, and lessened the price, the market performance also.

5. Huiyuan : Family Pack and installation of high concentration
Huiyuan juice have many advantages, but ultimately only the family business over channels installed equipment and high concentrations should reflect the strength and market share.

Huiyuan just turn with the Master Kong. Channels of distribution by Master Kang juice is to win, the product itself (overall) lackluster, Huiyuan is the channel control ability, but the products often push Shen new, such as the king of fruits for two years pushed the singular.

6. Season: guava and sun fruit Pa
Fifth season of that year, the best selling is guava and tropical fruit punch. Both can create a new class, but the group’s instant success, and not to focus on leadership, wasted this great opportunity. Now, the sun Season pushing the New Age Pa (mixed fruit juice), but also take fresh route, but price a little high, faces an uncertain future.

7. Wahaha : Very fruit juice, fruit C Series
Very juice over the fire some years ago a time, but now South China and West China market is not what to see, not knowing fate.

Can be seen from its website the following description – Wahaha series of juice, Brazil imported the finest natural fruit juice as the main Raw material Using ultra high temperature sterilizer (UHT) process, to retain the nutritional ingredients and natural fruit flavors, rich in -carotene, vitamin C, and a variety of minerals, natural nutrients.

The package look better than before, but compared to other competitors or some rustic estimated market performance in the first line not be good.

8. Farmer: Nongfuguoyuan

Nongfuguoyuan segments of mixed juice is definitely the market leader, now has new packaging. Its product planning, market promotion, taste tests, have done well. If when the fifth season of pushing the sun fruit Pa , the price and packaging are to fight against Nongfuguoyuan, this competition was a bit mean, and now the sun’s strategy Pa fruit, a bit highbrow, not for long.

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