La Pavoni has been launched in 1905 by Mr. Pavoni in a little workshop in Milan, Italy. His first creation was copyrighted by Luigi Bezzera in 1902 and gave life to the quite 1st espresso coffee machine. It had a vertical boiler kept at pressure by a gas ring, which it rested on, and supplied, from 1 to 4 side brewing groups.

In 1961, acting on an idea by a Milanese artisan, the 1st electrical machine for residence use was developed. This machine could brew espresso coffee and hot drinks, the exact same as in espresso bars and was called “Europiccola”.

In 1974, the “Professional” has been incorporated, having a larger 16-cup boiler and furnished having a pressure gauge. In 2005 la Pavoni presented the classy Stradivari, a product which sets new standards for discerning espresso aficionados.

The Europiccola & Professional lever espresso makers represents timeless elegance, high quality and reliability. These kinds of machines will certainly never be out of style; the Professional is presented in the Art gallery of Modern Art in New York.
My own wife loved it the second it went out of the package. Why? It is more compact than the commercial looking Rancilio Silvia and provides a much smaller foot print. It also appears cool and has induced several “ooh’s and ahh’s” from guests to the Espresso Crew test kitchen.

Seeking for an Europiccola espresso machine at a good value? These remarkable machines are a premium product, but it’s just common sense to get the best deal possible.

Much larger online business sites get greater buying capability, more sources of supply, along with more effective delivery policies. Your greatest bet will be generally to go with one of the most significant online stores, such as

The distinctive design of this classic piston-lever espresso machine adds visible curiosity to your home or your enterprise office space. Developed with forged bronze, this is a tough, long lasting, and functional object. The particular stunning look that it provides captures people’s awareness.

Based in Milan since 1905, La Pavoni provides a proud tradition of craftsmanship, and many years of experience helping the needs of professional clients. Their espresso makers assisted create the routine of drinking coffee in public venues, initially in Italy, then around Europe and around the globe.

La Pavoni equipment are constructed to stand up to continuous use. This kind of approach is actually shown in their manufacturing, and in their continuous reputation. The Europiccola has been in constant development and use around the world since 1961.

Security is an fundamental thing to consider for any kind of merchandise using pressurized steam and hot liquid. The Europiccola offers an “ETL Listed Mark” accreditation, showing compliance with UL, ANSI, CSA, ASTM, and NFPA specifications.

With a 1000 watt heating system and a 0.80 liter brass furnace, you can supply up to eight mugs of coffee for your visitors or your customers. The handbook lever technique offers supplemental detail in making each and every espresso to personal preference.

Equipped with an automatic milk foamer, you can also utilize this appliance to create cappuccinos, lattes, and other coffee beverages.

Several internet sites promote this model, but where is your ideal choice for charges, shipping and return guidelines? View below to find the correct source, and to learn more about this as well as various other espresso equipment.

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