Making yucca flour to make a cracker like bread made out of yucca, using a grinding stone and rock mano to make flour the old Native American way, And using a Native American earth bowl made for clay and using a flint knife scraper to cut with. boiling water with hot rocks out of my camp fire, using yucca roots to make flour,Using selenite crystals or salt to make the yucca bread taste a little better, Using a clay skillet , surviving in the wild. wilderness survival bushmaster bush craft great salt plains for salt, Near Jet Oklahoma , Yucca plants have served indigenous people for centuries for a variety of uses, Including fiber for rope, Sandals, and cloth and the roots have been used in soap. Traditional uses also include boiling and baking the fruits, eating the blossoms, chewing the raw leaves, and fermenting the fruits to produce a beverage for rituals. More recently, Yucca has been used in soaps, shampoos, And food supplements. Yuccas contain saponins that have a longlasting soaping action. The plant has been purported to be beneficial for treating hypertension, Arthritis, Migraine headaches, And colitis, As well as a variety of other disorders. A solid extract is derived from the leaves the Mohave yucca is the most common commercially used plant. Yucca extracts are currently used commercially as foaming agents in carbonated beverages, As flavorings, And in drug synthesis research. The Native Americans call it “Ee-Wah-Kee” meaning

More at Awesome Dawg Experiment involving a chilled liquid beer, When the bottle is tapped against the counter top it disturbs the molecules and causes an ice crystal to form. This causes a chain reaction to occur hence the freezing of the whole beer. Have but have you seen it in HD yet? Check it More at Awesome Dawg http Try It Yourself: 1. Get a bottled beverage, glass or plastic, preferably glass. (non-diet/diet soda, Martinelli’s, Beer, etc.) 2. Put it vertical standing inside a freezer for three hours. (Making sure that the freezer does not shake because this could disturb the process!) 3. Take the beverage out and tap it against a hard surface. 4. Watch the magic happen before your eyes and don’t worry about wasting your precious liquid, it’s still good to drink, frozen or not.

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