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chocolate soda
Image by rho.doras
late night chocolate soda.

blackcurrant soda! IMG_4174
Image by tlr3automaton
kaela and mike recently sent me a book about brewing soda at home. the most helpful thing about the book so far was the inference that can be drawn from it: that making soda at home is quite easy (people used to do it routinely) and that, basically, all you have to do is add extra sugar to almost anything (within reason), dissolve yeast, and then keep the contents under pressure until the beverage is carbonated.

to test that inference, i just decided to carbonate some blackcurrant juice i had bought (no recipe used, just the sugar/yeast inference). it worked quite well despite the fact that i let it go "too long" (a glass bottle might have exploded; all i had to do was deal with gushing since i used a plastic bottle). very fizzy, very nice.

future plans: root beer (sassafras, wintergreen, anise), and, around christmas time i want to try to develop a gingerbread soda. why not? nobody has to drink it except me. . .

Baking Soda/powder and yeast
Image by FotoosVanRobin
Baking soda, baking powder, cream of tartar, ragi tape (indonesian yeast), instant yeast.

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