This is PART 1 of my video PREVIEW of what to expect on T-Mobile’s upcoming Mytouch Slide. For download links watch Part 2 of my video or go here: Binary over on XDA got a hold of the system dump from the Mytouch Slide and Domenuk was able to port it to his Mytouch 3G/G1. I am SO surprised that even in its early state you can see how well this runs on my very limited G1. This may very well be the first SNAPPY 2.1 ROM for the G1 =) The Mytouch Slide (Mytouch 3G but with a physical keyboard) will be T-Mobile’s FIRST phone with Android 2.1 and HTC’s updated Espresso Sense UI and should be released sometime in June. T-Mobile went to great lengths to make Android a little more user friendly to mainstream customers and not just power users like myself. Its also more appealing to currently displaced Sidekick users and I feel like this is who T-Mobile is trying to target with this new version of their Mytouch 3G. T-Mobile had a LOT more influence with this Android phone than any others before it. You can see their apps strewn about this phone and although most are pretty useless, I can see how some Android virgins may find them useful. One I particularly liked was the Mytouch Music app which is essentially a streaming radio station with the top 100 hits and you can even skip ahead to tracks. Nice! Most of the others were apps that overlapped with a lot of other fuctions already found on Android (like Settings). Some even seemed like T-Mobile trying to cash in on some of

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