Everyone enjoys a drink every now and then. In fact, a large part of our modern society involves the apparent release of stress by going out for drinks, having people over for drinks and simply even incorporating alcohol into most recreational activities. It can seem harmless enough, although it would be difficult to find even one person who has not had a bad experience on alcohol. This usually involves drinking a bit too much, being sick or making a complete fool of themselves, including doing something which they regret.

Most people will say that they know their limit, and you will often come across those who say they know how to handle their liquor. But just how dangerous is this hugely popular pastime?

Well the first thing we can look at is the dangers of drinking and driving. The vast majority of road deaths and car accidents are attributed to drunken driving, or driving under the influence (DUI). People just cannot seem to grasp, or do not realize the dangers of DUI. The problem is that alcohol consumption goes hand in hand with falsified courage, where the driver believes that they are straight laced and completely able and competent enough to operate a vehicle.

This being said, alcohol in itself can have some very dangerous effects on the human brain. Some seemingly calm and placid people, under the influence of alcohol, can become dangerously aggressive and violent. There have been studies proving that seemingly normal people can be pushed to theft, rape and even murder under the influence of alcohol. This is due to the effect that alcohol has on the brain, and it can trigger dormant problems. Another big danger is the loss of inhibitions. Lots of people, especially women, may find themselves in dangerous situations that could have alarming consequences.

As you can see, this is just a brief summary of the dangers of alcohol consumption. As mentioned previously, most people will say that they know their limit. Unfortunately, sometimes even one is too much.

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