Company (Hamburg, Germany), to reduce weight has become a hot topic. The company has developed a suitable preform molding and blow molding design, 12gPET bottles used for water purification equipment, 17gPET bottles used for loading Carbonated beverages These two methods can reduce their weight, than the standard bottle of at least 2g.

Over the years, the development of stretch blow molding machine has been focused on improving the speed and output. Currently manufacturers are a very small package for smaller machines and design efforts.

Marketing Manager MatthiasDamm predictions, designed to help the company attract new customers. He said: “PET is the price of 1.2 euros / kg, produced 100 million bottles a year, each bottle saves 1g, manufacturers can save 20,000 per year.” Kebolasi recently from Z Corporation (Burlington) purchased a 3D printing machine, it within a few hours by the data structure in the physical model. SBM

Swiss manufacturer Mai Fu – Plastics Machinery (Maf-PlasticMachinery) (Wu Frey) is from North America to seek business opportunities, according to sales director Jean-MarcMoriggia said: “The U.S. customers love our characteristics,” including the bottle can make big mouth diameter up to 88mm and special shape packaging components, and 40ml non-small-neck bottle blow molding system, you can save materials. He said the company has seen so far is still a step stretch blow molding system of control of cosmetics and pharmaceutical packaging market, huge demand. Italian machinery manufacturers Cipa Corporation (Vittorio? Veneto) of the new product is SFL4, this little machine can 1800 bottles per hour per cavity 4 cavity operation, or 1600 bottles per cavity per hour running 6 cavities. Marketing Manager RobertaGualtieri said the machine to process more flexible, you can easily 6 chamber volume of 3 liter bottles and 3 chamber volume is 20 liter bottles of conversion between.

Cipa (Sipa) with Kebailasi companies, more and more as a consultant and preform / bottle designer, (the company has strong strength in these two areas). Gualtieri said: “We have developed a resistance to the transparency of PP bottles of cooking, dedicated equipment Milk White PET bottles, PP bottles for loading powder and other products. “She predicted PET market will grow.” PET market growing steadily, will scale new heights. “In the SBM market competition, the Sidel France (Sidel) company, with its high-capacity rotary stretch blow molding equipment is known, was launched late last year linear SBM series. This is called SBOCompact four-cavity machine, is Selangor by the factory in Malanxiya production.

MicolasRicollet new machine project manager, said that the linear Blowing machine Include systems such as heating and blast some “key elements” Cipa companies be used in the rotating model, using sophisticated technology to provide users with a set of spare parts network. By a camshaft and four cam cam to control the composition of the rotation model of movement.

SBOCompact components can blow the biggest 3.1-liter bottle, and apply to SIPA SBO series of similar exhaust injection device. Rivollet said Cipa that need low-cost, low production equipment is affecting its leadership from a new manufacturer products to regain market share in SBM.

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