Question by leaheb1984: What are some good wine and or beer based cocktails?
I am helping my uncle open his new restaurant, he wont have a full liquor license only a beer and wine license. I was wondering if anyone had some drink recipes where the only alcohol in the drinks are either beer or wine.I’m looking for some creative recipes, I’m well aware of Sangria, Mimosa and the other main stream wine and beer cocktails. What I want are martinis and other kinda mock cocktails made with wine, champagne or beer.

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Answer by Alex K
There are many.

You can get a free app that will show you based on what you have or what you plan to buy.

The 2 free apps I use are “Mixology” and “DrinksFree”.

A signature drink I make uses both… better in warm weather I think. But hey, if you like it – Anytime.

In a Glass of Non-Dark/Non-Stout/Non-Porter beer. Save room for about an ounce of Red Wine. I call this “Rocket fuel”. When you add the wine in front of whom you pour it for. It looks like “flames”. Kinda a beer cooler, if you will.


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