Question by ~ Jamie ~: What is the best way to organize recipes?
I have recipes from magazines, cookbooks, email newsletters, recipe cards, etc. It’s crazy! I am leaning towards putting them on the computer since eventually it will all be on computer anyway; however, I don’t have a computer in my kitchen and I like something right in front of me when I am cooking. I could always print it off the computer to take in the kitchen, but I don’t know… Which is best: computer, recipe box, recipe album (3 ring binder) or something else? I want something efficient that will enable me to downsize all of my recipes to save room.
I am not very computer literate and I would want something that is user friendly and appealing – I don’t know if Word or Excel would do that. I would also want to be able to search by ingredients, category (ie. Main Dish), etc.

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Answer by Annie
Some new Microsoft products are very organize-friendly,although I personally like recipe books. They look like scrapbooks when put neatly together and whenever I pull mine out people always comment on all the different colors. Clear a day and take the time to make one!

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