Any dessert will definitely become more luscious and sumptuous when topped with a light, puffy, and creamy whipped cream. The good news is that you can treat yourself to any of the satisfying delights that you want topped with a real whipped cream by getting yourself a convenient dispenser using nitrous oxide cartridges.

Nitrous oxide cartridges are being used in many food applications such as whipped cream, espuma, sauces, and many others. If you are one of those people who have sweet tooth, having a whipped cream dispenser is necessary. You can add a personal touch to any of the sweets that you will serve your guests. You can even create your own whipped cream recipe.

It is easy to make whipped cream with nitrous oxide chargers. Just fill the dispenser with heavy whipping cream along with your desired flavoring. Once filled, place the charger into its holder, screw it in place until gas is released. Shake the dispenser vigorously a few times. The nitrous oxide cartridge is now ready to whip the cream! If you have not seen any of these chargers before, you can easily find these cylinders online using any of the popular web search engines.

Normally, nitrous oxide cylinder consists of high quality steel cylinders that are filled with nitrous oxide (N2O). The cream is magically whipped on top of a chocolate cake because of the N2O, which actually does the whipping magic. This N2O makes its way into the whipping cream, breaks down the fat content in the cream, and forms a coating around it. Then, the cream is puffed up by the gas when the fluffy texture is accomplished. This coating formed around the cream holds the air in for a short period, allowing you to enjoy the nice and puffy cream on top of your dessert. In order to achieve a nice puff, regular or heavy whipping cream is recommended by expert bakers. Accordingly, the regular type produces better yield. Meanwhile, in order to assure that all of the gas in the cartridges is released, ensure that the N2O charger is punctured.

Kitchen owners prefer buying this device over a canned cream because of the maximum savings that it offers since you only need to refill the device with a whipping cream each time that you are craving for a luscious treat. You can create fresh whipped cream for almost half the price charged for aerosol whipped cream cans. In addition, N2O cartridges only whip the cream that you need at the time. The rest of the cream in the cartridge remains untouched until you need to whip another cream. In addition, whipping a cream is a lot easier since you need not have to use a mixer or your hand to make whipped cream.

Gas cylinders, such as nitrous oxide cartridges and carbon dioxide cylinders, are portable, economic, lightweight, and compact cylinders that have easily gained popularity in the food and beverage industry. Other applications of these products in the industry include soda siphons, wine preservation, beer, and other systems of carbonation and beverage dispensing.

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