We canâ??t all be adventurous eaters, so thank goodness there is plenty of American food to keep our hunger pangs at bay. But if you are new to American cuisine or youâ??ve just tried to avoid it all of these years for heath reasons, youâ??re really missing out. There are so many deliciously unhealthy delicacies that you must absolutely try before you die. Iâ??ve narrowed my list to the top five foods you should try, but the list is really endless. Check out my list and prepare to salivate.

1. McDonaldâ??s. Yes I said it, McDonaldâ??s. Even though itâ??s gotten a pretty bad rap from both health nuts and animal rights activists, no one can deny that McDonaldâ??s has some pretty delicious, finger licking foods. If youâ??ve never had it before, I suggest easing your way into the explosive flavors. Start out with a classic cheeseburger and fries. Throw in a coke fountain drink or maybe even a McFlurry if youâ??re feeling mighty adventurous.

2. Chicago deep dish pizza. You certainly donâ??t have to go all the way to Chicago to try this delicious crust. Your local Pizza Hut will suffice. Make sure to load your pizza up with tons of sauce, cheese and vegetables. Maybe even throw on some pepperoni or sausage if youâ??re feeling really crazy, and then experience the thick crusty perfection.

3. American cavier. Yes thatâ??s how we spell caviar in America and our stuff is real classy. If youâ??ve never experienced the uniquely bold and fishy flavor of raw fish eggs, then youâ??re truly missing out. Make it an elegant evening for you and all of your friends. Stock up on plenty of cavier, at least an ounce per person. Also make sure youâ??ve got some ice cold vodka. Then spoon out the cavier with a non-metal utensil and wash it down with the vodka.

4. Macaroni and Cheese. This is one of the most wonderful American dishes around. Itâ??s cheesy, buttery and warm. Just one bite and youâ??ll be hooked, but avoid the Kraft variety. It really doesnâ??t do the dish justice. If youâ??re still feeling hungry, throw in a grilled ham and cheese to finish off your appetite.

Yes Americans are a tad overweight, but thatâ??s because we have the best food around. Experience it firsthand and youâ??ll never want any type of food ever again.

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