A Mexican Chilli



They arrived at a crossroads stiff from the long hours in the saddle, which road led …to the Mexican Tapas Bar?

“Hey hey, we are finally here Carlos!” Carlos gave Mikos a squinted look.  Why was Mikos happy? Not only did they not get the loot but they had also paid for the whole journey out of their own pockets. Treasure…Bah!

Carlos watched Mikos go over to Gloria, the Mexican waitress and pinch her bottom.

“You rascal!”  Gloria turned round and poured a tankard of chilled beer from her tray, down Mikos pants.

Carlos laughed, the fool deserves it.

“That should cool you down!” She hissed.

Mikos pulled her arm “How about a kiss?”

“Yuck, you lot…you are all the same.”

Gloria sauntered over to Carlos “Now why couldn’t you do something like that Don Carlos, Mi Amigo?”

Her closeness reminded Carlos of his sweet young Maria he had left behind for the trip, and excitement stirred within him. Quick as a flash, Carlos pulled out his machete and held it to Gloria’s throat; she was bad news.

“I’m not like the rest of them, take your skirt away from me or else,” She was used to men and knives, unperturbed she skilfully shifted the knife away from herself  shaking her hips from side to side rubbing herself against Carlos she moved on to the next table.



Carlos had seen enough, he blew on his cigar one last time, picked up his Sombrero hat and got up to go.  “Maria … Maria,” he began singing.

“Oi Mikos, grab some water for the horses then get the bottles of Tequila and the parcel of Taco’s we’ll eat on the way,” Carlos tossed the coins over to Mikos and walked out of the bar into the scorching desert heat heading from the border to Arizona.  They rode for a while towards Sierra Estrellas the Rocky Mountains and the gold mines beckoning them for their find.  Carlos knew he had to get some gold if he wanted to build a home for Maria and him. 

Choosing a shady spot under a huge overgrown cactus they dismounted and let their horses drink and rest whilst sharing the Tequila and the Tacos for lunch between them.  “The desert sun is roasting me.  My nostrils are burning and my eyes are so dry that they feel like sandpaper on my skin.”

“Yeah, let’s splash some water, Carlos, I am baked too,”

 Both Carlos and Mikos doused themselves with water to cool their bodies down.

“Carlos do you think I could have had her?”


“That Gloria from the bar.”

“Nah she is only looking for money and not only that look at the amount of people in there,”


“She is not the woman for you; she’s probably slept with half of that crowd, Mikos.”

“What you need is the love of a good woman who can make you happy and cook for you and look after you and have some bambino,”

“You mean like your Maria?”

“Yes my sweet Maria.”

“She is too simple, I like my women with some fire in them otherwise I will be bored and will start looking elsewhere for that fire – which I call a woman…A Mexican Chilli!”

“But what if you don’t find her?”

“Oh never fear Don Carlos I will…I will… is that not the reason why I am here with you to find the gold then travel back to find my dream woman and with that gold I cannot fail can I Madonna, mother of god?” Mikos lifted his hands up and looked towards the skies.

Spreading a sheet on the ground, which they had brought for their journey both the travellers took a siesta, their Sombreros covering their faces from the sun’s glare.

The gold now looked like a promising reality, than a distant dream.



I am loving this.  Took me a while to get into the habit.  Praying to God that I keep on writing and entertaining the visitors to this site and looking for the key words. Enjoy!

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