British & Nepalese Military Antique Firearm

Atlanta Cutlery announces the artifacts from the lost arsenal of British & Nepalese military antique firearm collection in as-is condition. These weapons, spanning from 1816-1945, were discovered in the royal palace of Lagan Silekhana in Nepal, showed the most important developments in firearms history. This line includes Snider Enfield rifles, Martini Henry rifles, MK III bayonets, Brunswick Rifle with Sword Bayonet, traditional Bhojpuri Kukri’s and many WWII British military related accessories. These British & Nepalese military antique collectibles, many available for the first time, are in their original condition as they laid untouched for over 150 years in the Old Palace of Lagan Silekhana in Katmandu, Nepal. These relics should be likened to an archaeological dig. These weapons usually show rust & pitting and be covered in dirt as originally stored and are purposefully left that way so the collector can fully appreciate the real thing. ACC takes pride in offering you the chance to own a true piece of military history.

Based on an 1869 Westley Richards patented design, this unique and extremely rare early breechloading “Military Rifle” in .450/.577 Martini Henry calibre was produced under the direction of General Gahendra Rana in the 1880’s to provide Gurkha regiments with what appeared to be the latest British Military Rifle. An ingenious design, it really surpassed the standard Martini in that its entire action was removeable as one unit for ease of servicing or exchange. Production, however, caused massive logistic problems and by 1894 the Gurkhas were dangerously short of viable .450 cal. breechloaders to face evergrowing threats from the east. Finally the British came to the rescue with a delivery of several thousand Martini short lever rifles in late 1894 and even more long lever Martini Rifles in 1908. The over complicated Gahendra Rifle was thereafter basically shelved, the void in up-to-date arms having been met. Always considered the rarest Martini variety of all, the Gahendra Rifle has a characteristic loading lever but in all other respects closely resembles the standard Martini externally. A chance to obtain an extremely rare historical antique rifle that was a close relative to one of the most successful rifle systems of all time.

Atlanta Cutlery Corporation provide various kinds of historical swords and sabers which include US army nco swords and officer’s cavalry sabers beside these antique militaria which include antique guns and rifles.

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