The stories in the past have always fascinated me ever since and one important question constantly remained in my mind, “Why do these people have long life spans?” It’s true that olden days have seen people living up to ages of 130 to 400 years old.  That is so far from the current life spans of people nowadays. Then an interesting group of people who live in Hunza opened my mind about the kind of drinking water they use. Don’t get me wrong, it is not only the drinking water but basically the kind of lifestyle they lead which lead to this interesting find.

The drinking water which typically represents the Hunza water has the amazing colloidal properties. These hexagonal-shaped clusters were believed to be the living water.  These clusters of water were once the melted snow which run its course among the mineral-filled rocks and made its way to the Hunza waters.  People who drink from these waters and live a pollution-free environment have amazing life spans of more than one hundred years!

I can only think of this type of water which has the same properties, alkaline water. This ‘high-energy drinking water’ is known to give so many essential benefits that many scientist believed to have healing effects in our body. Alkaline water has the similar crystal structures found in the Hunza water and this only means that the water is actually alive with many minerals, nutrients and antioxidants. Therefore, it is living water in the truest sense.

You might have experiences when you just drink water and still feel sluggish. This is what dead water can do. It is stripped off with many essential elements due to many technical and chemical processes. The true living water should invigorate one’s body and brings energy.

It’s not surprising why a lot of people have been healed when they use alkaline water as part of their daily drinking water. The scientific processes of hydroxyl ions found in alkaline water already reduce the body’s free radicals.  The cell absorption of the water is faster, hydrating it and flushes toxins the natural way.

I now agree when a theorist once placed in his research paper that many diseases are solved just by drinking enough water everyday. If the drinking water happens to be alkaline water, then no doubt one will have the most satisfying healing process.

One of the things that the people in the past have taught us is the greatness of the earth’s natural resources. This includes the most natural drinking water, the alkaline water.

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