Check out these drinks images:

Drinking basin 32 near Stanage End
Image by Earthwatcher
This is one of many numbered grouse drinking basins dating from the early 20th century carved into gritstone slabs on the northern part of Stanage Edge in the Peak District. Most are beautifully carved with strategically designed feeder grooves to channel rainwater into the basin.

More information here: historical notes.htm

"They are a product of local grouse-moor management, and were carved all over nearby Hallam Moors from 1907 onwards at the request of the owner, William Wilson, with the purpose of providing drinking troughs for the grouse. There are 108 in total, and the first ones carved are near Stanage Pole."

See where this picture was taken. [?]

the devil’s in the drink
Image by deepwarren
the changeling has lead me astray, (again…) into the world of beautiful drinks.

drunk eskimo pirate
Image by dontexplode
so i find myself at this shack in the middle of nowheresville…drinking with this strange man recently come ashore for a few days for some R&R.

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