Finding Plus Size Cocktail Dresses That Look Good-plus size cocktail dresses

plus size cocktail dresses
Finding Plus Size Cocktail Dresses That Look Good-plus size cocktail dresses

A lot of plus size women avoid going to functions that require them to get dressed up in a cocktail dress. They don’t like to wear them because they are afraid that they won’t look good in them. This really isn’t necessary since you can definitely find plus size cocktail dresses that will make you look your best. The key to looking great in a plus size cocktail dress is to make sure that you take into account the way that color and pattern affect the way the dress looks. The right choice will draw people’s eyes to areas that accentuate the positives.

In order to look your best when wearing plus size cocktail dresses there are a few general guidelines that you will want to follow. As long as you follow these rules you can go to any black tie affair and look your best. What you want to do is choose your dress and the things that you wear with is so that they make you look thinner. The easiest way to do this is to make yourself look taller.


Making yourself look taller is actually a fairly simple process but it will really make you look better when you are wearing plus size cocktail dresses. If you look short you will also look wide which is why this is something that you want to avoid. It is often advised that plus size women avoid wearing horizontal stripes, this is why, they make you look short and fat. Vertical stripes will have the opposite effect, unfortunately it is hard to find plus size cocktail dresses that have vertical stripes. Therefore the best option is usually to go with a solid colour. If you can find vertical stripes great go for it if not stay away from any kind of pattern, few of them will make you look good.

A short cocktail dress that shows off your legs is another great way to make you look taller than you are. The shorter the dress is the longer your legs will look and this will make you look taller and therefore thinner. Unfortunately most large women don’t want to show off their legs because they are covered with cellulite. Wearing darkish colored stockings will allow you to cover this up. High heels are also a great option since they will make you look taller as well.

Choosing plus size cocktail dresses that are a solid color is usually the best way to make yourself look thin. Unfortunately it is a little bit dull. However you can use your accessories to add some color to your outfit. A belt with some color will enhance your waist so that is a good idea. So is a scarf since it will cause people to focus on your face. This gives the impression that you are taller. You can really take advantage of your accessories to make your plus size cocktail dress look great.

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