Fuengirola is a large municipal town situated on Costa del Sol in Malaga province; this is in the Andalusia autonomous community in the southern part of Spain. It was a small fishing village in the olden days and was called Suel and later on Suhayl. At present this is one of the metropolises that are vibrant in Spain. The town has a number of restaurants and tapas bars. There are a large number of shops and boutiques. Its sandy beaches run to more than eight KM and there is a fortress built during Moorish times. The distance from the International Airport of Malaga to this town is 25 KM. This town is well connected by road and rail.

The main square is quite enchanting and during Christmas it is well decorated with ornaments and lights. During the summer, feria people in the town take part in the street celebrations.

All this put together makes this town one of the most popular tourist holiday resorts.


The civilization of this town can be traced back to Romans, Carthaginians, Phoenicians and Arabs. Historical references exist from 2nd century BC. The sculpture of ‘Fuengirola Venus’ from Roman times has been exhibited in the Museum of Historical monuments. The remains from the Seul and the factory of meat salting were found near the castle.



The average temperatures in a year are as follows:

Maximum – 27 °C in the months of July and August

Minimum – 12 °C in January

Art and Culture

Popular museums and monuments are as under:

1.Sohail Castle – dates back to Moorish times and is the landmark for this city. It is located on the hills. This was renovated in the year 1989.

2.Secretary’s Estate – is a valuable historic site where the marble statue of Venus, a spa area and fish salting factory were found in 1970.

3.Roman Springs – Thermal springs were found at the entrance.

4.Parish Church – has been built in the main square of the town and is in the center of the city.

5.History Museum – houses the artifacts from various civilizations such as Moors, Visigoths and Carthaginians.


There are many restaurants in this city where you can get foods of different nations such as Mexico, China, Spain, etc.

Sports and Entertainment

Andalucia has beautiful horses and horse riding is a popular sport in this place. People trek in the countryside as well as on the dry bed of the river. Golfing, water skiing and fishing are other popular sports.

There are a large number of music bars, discos, clubs and theatres in this town which cater to clubbers and partygoers of varied ages.


This place is a paradise for people who love shopping. Many boutiques and designer clothes shops exist in the main square – popular shops such as Dunnes stores, Benetton, Zara, Pull & Bear, Don Miguel, etc. Miramar shopping center is a popular place.

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