Happiness is a Habit and Way of Life

With the depression atmosphere, we should ask ourselves if our moods are influenced? One people had a singular experience as follows:

This people who wanted to join business training jumped into a taxi in an early morning. As the peak hours, his taxi stopped in traffic. The driver at this time began to sigh impatiently. Then he chatted with him:”How is your business recently?” The face in the driving-mirror changed and the voice came back to him:”What is good? What do you think about our taxies with the recession period? We work hours could not earn enough money!”

It seemed that this is not a good topic and he changed to another topic, he thought. So he said: “Fortunately, your car is very spacious, even the traffic jam, it also makes people feel very comfortable.” He interrupted this man and said emotionally: “Will you feel comfortable when you sit here for 12 hours?” Then his chatterbox opened and complained. This man could only quietly listen and no chance to interrupt.


The next day at the same time, he once again jumped into a taxi and went to rural areas to do training for a company. But this time, it started a very different experience. A smiling face turned over with the light and pleasant voice when he entered into the taxi: “Hi, may I ask where to go?” It was a rarely kind attitude that he had surprised, then told the driver his destination. This driver smiled and said:”Well, no problem!” But he also didn’t drive so long, and they were stuck in traffic together. Driver seated front holding the steering wheel, began to hum, apparently a good mood today. So I asked: “It seems that today you feel fine!”

“I feel fine every day” he answered, “Why? People always said economy is poor, long working hours and income is not good? “I asked. The driver said:” Yes, I have a home with children to feed, so the drive time was extended to 12 hours. However, the time is still very happy, and I have a secret … “He paused, “You should not laugh at me after I tell you okay?”

He said: “I always want things from another perspective. For example, I think driving a taxi, in fact, likes guests pay me to travel. Like this morning, I come across like you, and you pay me to play rural. Is it interesting? You can run your business when arrive at destination and I can take the opportunity to appreciate outside scenery, and then back!” he continued to say” Like few days ago I picked a couple to Lake to see the sunset. When they got out, I drank a bowl of fish soup and also saw the sunset”.

This man suddenly realized how lucky he was to travel with this high EQ driver this morning. Economic depression, people should adjust mood. Psychologists have found that happiness is a habit, no matter how the environment changes, EQ master’s happiness will not change. When we can change a state of mind to work and face take face work with game-like happy mood, you will find your own inner powerful energy.

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