Hidden Dangers of Energy Drinks

Although there aren’t a great deal of documented cases about the dangers of energy drinks, the stimulants contained within can disrupt the heart’s rhythm and in some rare cases can lead to seizures.


Energy drinks aren’t regulated like sodas and juices as they are classified as supplements and manufacturers aren’t required to list everything in them. But most energy drinks contain at least as much caffeine as a standard cup of coffee as well as excessive amounts of sugar and legal herbal stimulants.


Common energy drinks include controversial ingredients such as guarana seed, taurine, carnitine, ginseng, inositol, citric acid and ginko biloba. Even though these are basically harmless when taken in low dosages, they can do major damage to people who don’t know how to do things in moderation, hence too many people are consuming energy drinks in excess, for the wrong reasons.


It is fairly easy to see that energy drinks are a deceptive combination of soft drink and psuedo-nutritional herbal supplement. The main problem with them is that people tend to abuse them, drinking more than one at a time, or mixing them with alcohol.


Another problem with the use of the herbs is their source. The mass manufacturers of energy drinks are not required by law to list whether or not the herbs they use have been sprayed with toxic pesticides, irradiated or watered with contaminated water supplies, so it is hard to know what other toxins are contained in these drinks and whether or not these herbs will have a negative effect on the body.



Energy drinks manufacturers tend to target high school kids and youth under the age of 30 although they are particularly risky for children and young adults. Those under 18 and anyone with health concerns should not use energy drinks like Spike. Especially those with diabetes and heart complications must avoid them.


You feel stimulated when you drink energy drinks, but it is just that sick feeling that you get when you have a lot of sugar. Experts say all of that caffeine and sugar could be a dangerous combination – especially for young people who may not know where to stop. There have been individuals who either died or had serious medical complications from these beverages.



One os the major dangers of energy drinks is that you may get addicted to them easily due to high sugar and caffeine content. We also know the a lot of sugar can lead to diabetes and other health problems by speeding up the heart rate unnaturally, as well as raising blood pressure, which again could cause problems with people who have issues with their hearts.

The caffeine that is found in energy drinks is dangerous enough on its own. Not only is caffeine addictive, it acts as both a stimulant and a diuretic. As a stimulant, caffeine can make you have anxiety attacks, heart palpitations and insomnia.


When consumed in large or regular quantities, caffeine can also make you jittery or irritable. As a diuretic, caffeine causes your kidneys to remove extra fluid from your body. If you consume energy drinks while sweating, these effects can be particularly dangerous because you can become severely dehydrated quickly.


Many younger people have started mixing energy drinks with alcohol because it makes them feel alert and energetic, even when they are drunk. Because alcohol and caffeine dehydrate your bodies, especially after a night of dancing, there have been many instances where energy drinks mixed with alcohol has caused severe dehydration.


Using energy drinks during or after exercise makes the problem of dehydration worse, and does nothing to provide the body with any necessary nutrients or fluids. Water is and always will be the safest and most effective thirst quencher for adults and children, to avoid the dangers of energy drinks as well. 


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